A Personal Tribute To Jill Phipps
15 January 1964 - 1 February 1995
It is with great sadness and heaviness of heart that I come to write this tribute. I only knew Jill for a few years and yet in that time I came to respect her determination and especially her compassion. Jill was a beautiful young woman at the height of her powers who loved and cared for all life, at 31 she was much too young to die and I am sure she will always be remembered with love by everyone who had the privilege of meeting her.
Jill was part of a close and loving family, she shared her home with her son Luke(pictured above), her much loved partner Justin, Spider and Lucy(two rescued dogs) and over the years many rats, cats and other animals. Jill loved her family but she didn`t turn her back on the millions of other humans and animals that needed her help. Over the years she campaigned actively against vivisection, environmental destruction, hunting, zoos, circuses, homelessness, the meat and dairy industries, infact anything that caused needless suffering and misery.
Jill`s peaceful protests took many forms, from providing a home to a stray dog, to handing out leaflets, to sabbing a hunt, to standing in front of a lorry load of young calves destined for a short hellish life in veal crates. When Jill stood in front of the lorry that killed her, she understood the risks but typically for her she assumed that the police and the lorry driver would respect life as much as she did, unfortunately this was not true and in the end Jill gave her life for her beliefs and for others who could not defend themselves - this is the greatest act of bravery that is possible by a human being. Jill is not a martyr, she is a hero and her actions will inspire and give courage to everyone who knew her and to many thousands of people who never met her. Jill`s bravery and compassion will go down in history and she will never be forgotten.
As i`ve already said I only knew Jill for a short time but in that time she showed me only kindness whether helping me move into my new flat when she had only met me the day before or watching my back on a hunt sab. Meeting Jill has enriched and changed my life, I can`t express how much I wish she was still alive but nothing will bring her back. Now it is up to all of us to make sure her death has not been in vain, the only fitting tribute for Jill will be an end to the evil live export trade and to all animal abuse - together we can make Jill`s bravery into a turning point in history, it`s in our hands now.
Examine your heart and conscience, if you eat meat - stop! If you care for the veal calves - think about where they come from(the by-products of the dairy industry) and act accordingly, don`t use products that were tested on animals, don`t go hunting or fishing, don`t support zoos or circuses - in fact look at every aspect of your life and think about how it effects other people, animals and the environment - live a compassionate life in tribute to Jill and because it is the right thing to do. Jill`s death has begun to wake people up to the reality of the suffering our society is based on.

When the earth has been ravaged and the animals are dying, a tribe of people from all races, creeds and colours will put their faith in deeds not words to make the land green again. They shall be known as The Warriors of the Rainbow, Protectors of the Environment.

Jill was one of those people
Jill pictured here with her mum Nancy
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