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This page has dozens of links to both local and national animal rights groups.

Jill Phipps was strongly opposed to many injustices in this world, apart from animal cruelty and exploitation. In line with that, there are many links below to environmental, anti-war and human rights campaign groups.

All the links on this page are categorised below. Click on any section heading to jump to the corresponding links, or scroll down the page.
Animal Rights

Local Midlands animal rights groups

General animal rights, news and information

Anti-vivisection campaigns and groups

Meat industry, veggie and vegan campaigning

Animals in entertainment

Anti-fur groups

Wildlife, animals killed for `sport` etc.

For a more comprehensive list of national animal rights groups and local groups around the country visit Veggies
Animal Contacts Directory
Non Animal Rights

Environmental protest groups

Alternative news and information

Anti-war, anti-nuclear etc

Human rights, anarchist, anti-capitalist etc

For a more comprehensive list of non animal rights links visit the SchNEWS
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Local links
West Midlands Animal Action
Campaigns against all animal cruelty in the West Midlands area and organises coach and minibus transport to national events around the country. The website is regularly updated with news, diary dates etc. 

Coventry Against Greyhound Exploitation
CAGE campaign against greyhound racing at Coventry Greyhound Stadium at Brandon. Weekly demos take place every Saturday.

Midlands Animal Issues
A Yahoo Group email list/message board where local campaigners share info, news, dates etc. Anyone can become a member and all members can post/receive messages.

Worcester and Birmingham Hunt Sabs
Take peaceful direct action out in the countryside to save the lives of wild animals hunted for `sport`.

Redditch Animal Rights
A small group in Redditch who hold street stalls, demos, street collections etc in support of a variety of campaigns and groups.

Stop Sequani Animal Testing
Campaigns against Sequani vivisection lab in Ledbury.

There are many more groups across the Midlands that don`t have websites.
Click here to see a list of these groups
General animal rights, news, information etc
Legal advice for activists
Animal Right Events Calendar
and national contacts list
Anti-vivisection campaigns and groups
Seriously Ill
Against Vivisection
Vivisection Information Network
Meat industry, vegan and veggie campaigning
Vegan product database
Promotes vegetarian/vegan
diet and campaigns against
factory farming
Vegan campaigns
Animals in entertainment
Anti-fur groups
Respect for Animals
Wildlife, animals killed for sport etc
League Against
Cruel Sports
Pigeon Control
Advisory Service
Campaign against the
exotic pet trade
Environmental Protest Groups
Alternative news and information
Ethical Consumer Magazine
Anti-war, anti-nuclear etc
Stop the War
Human rights, anarchist, anti-capitalist etc
Class War
Mayday Carnival
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