Mickey Mouse 60th Birthday Mickey's

Starting June 1988 the world celebrated Mickeys 60th Birthday. Disneyland celebrated with a balloon of Mickey in the parking lot, a hot air balloon called "Skyears".

Each day a show would begin at the hub similiar to the "Blast To The Past" Hop. Everyone was dressed as Mouseketters.

What would Disneyland be without a parade to celebrate "how it all began". This storyline of Mickey's 60th Parade had Mickeys relatives arriving from all over the world to celebrate. It was quite a cheesy scene. It was one of the first parades where Disney characters were out numbered. For me, what makes a good Disneyland parade, is seeing many of the characters. Disneyland has had some wonderful and spectalular parades, but they lack a special spark in everyones heart.

Balloon in Parking Lot

Mice on Bikes Mice on Planes

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Over Space Mountain

60th Logo Globe at Hub

At the hub where Walt's statue stands today, a globe of the world was placed with Mickey Sorcerer on top.

Circus Fantasy 1986 at Disneyland Totally Minnie Parade Summer 1986
Opening Of Star Tours State Fair at Disneyland
Opening Captain EO Snow White - 50th Anniversary
Mickey Mouse - 60th Birthday Original Displays in The Disney Gallery
Blast To The Past Parade The Hop on Main Street U.S.A.
Black & White pic's - 1987 - various Lands More Black & White pic's - 1987
And more Black & White pic's - 1987 Things Acquired at The Park
Future Construction From The Past

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