Chapterhouse Archives '99
The Time is Near - BG DISTRANS 12.30.99
Sook! Sook!

Keane R. Peterson lends a hand to Ilkka and adds a strategy guide for the Water Sellers. This guide as well as the others can be found in the Archive section.

This will probably be the last update of the standard year. Stay safe. Y2k will be Ok.
BG DISTRANS 12.18.99
Program of Extermination gets Deprogrammed by Mentat Carey

The Mentat Bashar Paul Carey is at it again with his Mostly Useless Card column, this time with an entry for a Thunder at Twilight Event known as Program of Extermination. Read all about from our Sisterhood's well-kept Archives.

The Sisterhood Get Festive

My Bene Gesserit imprinting partner, Laurbella, decides to get into the holiday mood and pulls this poem from her Other Memories. It was an ancient folk song from life on Terra and I think she changed the words a little to reflect modern times. I hope you all enjoy it.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
A stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Five golden crysknives, four Revered Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Six hunter-seekers, five golden crysknives, four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Seven balisets, six hunter-seekers, five golden crysknives, four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Eight shiny las-guns, seven balisets, six hunter-seekers, five golden crysknives, four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Nine thumpers thumping, eight shiny las-guns, seven balisets, six hunter-seekers, five golden crysknives, four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune.

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Ten Fremen fighters, nine thumpers thumping, eight shiny las-guns, seven balisets, six hunter-seekers, five golden crysknives, four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Eleven gom jobbars, ten Fremen fighters, nine thumpers thumping, eight shiny las-guns, seven balisets, six hunter-seekers, five golden crysknives, four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune

On the twelth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Twelve angry sandworms, eleven gom jobbars, ten Fremen fighters, nine thumpers thumping, eight shiny las-guns, seven balisets, six hunter-seekers, five golden crysknives, four Reverend Mothers, three solaris, two ornithopters, and a stillsuit to use on Planet Dune!

BG DISTRANS 11.30.99
Sisterhood Receive Coverage

Continuing with the success for the Fremen write up, Ilkka adds to his massive strategy guide by introducing a Sisterhood section.

The rest of Ilkka's strategy guide can be found in the Archive section. To compliment the entry, Ilkka submits a Sisterhood deck to the Deck Library

Anyone wishing for immortality should submit their successful decks to be added to the Deck Library so that everyone may share in the knowledge.
BG DISTRANS 11.24.99
Strategy Guide Initiated

Ilkka Holm has started work on a Dune CCG strategy guide and he kicks it off with chapter one, the Fremen. His articles can be found in the Archive section.

It's about time someone wrote one. 

There's also a new Kevin's Absurdly Good Expansion Cards entry.
BG DISTRANS 11.16.99
Fremen Strategists Needed

Ilkka Holm is putting together a massive strategy guide for our beloved game, and he's doing it one faction at a time. First up is the Fremen. Anyone who wants to be published, email your thoughts to him.

So I'm starting to collect strategy guides for each house one by one, starting with my first Dune house, the Fremens. After this these following subjects have to be covered:
   -Deck building
   -Initiative (favor)
   -Winning (Spice)
   -Deck concepts
   -What else?

Dune Columnist Joins the Club

Russell Keenan, a writer who submits a Dune CCG column for Wizards of the Coast's newest magazine, Top Deck (replaces Duelist), has joined our Dune Community. He will share his ideas and listen to others in the Dune CCG Club. His club handle is DuneTCG.

Fourth Play by Email Created

Eric Poolman (club handle azegzao) extends the popular series of Dune CCG play by emails by starting one that he will GM. This one is titled "A Pillar by Fire"

See his announcement on the club.
BG DISTRANS 11.08.99
Happy Birthday Dune

Something I forgot to mention. Dune celebrated it's second anniversiary last week since being released on October 31, 1997. Too bad it didn't live to see it.
BG DISTRANS 11.04.99
G vs. E

The Sisterhood are pleased with the Mentat Bashar's Mostly Useless Card writings, however this is a small faction of shall we say, rogue sisters who are not pleased with the way they are being represented as complaining, whining witches. So they have recruited their own Dune critic to publish Absurdly Good Expansion Cards in response to the Mentat Bashar's gloomy column.

Both columns can be found in the Archive section.
BG DISTRANS 10.28.99
On Deck

We're looking for a few good play decks. If you have a favorite Dune CCG setup that is victorious for you most of the time, why not publish it and let others benefit from your hard work of setting it up, testing it over and over and editing it until it finally became perfect.

Visit the Deck Library to see a few of the killer decks already on display.

Hotbed of Activity in the Club

Things are hopping on the DuneCCG Club. See the little wormy thing in the left column? Click on it to see the current discussions that is causing quite a buzz.

Dune isn't dead.
BG DISTRANS 10.26.99
Chapterhouse Times Recruits a Critic

The Sisterhood has asked me announce that some elements in the Dune CCG universe seem rather pointless to them. And they want a voice to speak out for them.

Since I am merely the Bene Gesserit's webmaster (and love slave), I apparently lack the skills to be their representative in this matter. So, they have recruited the talent of Paul Carrey, a well known Mentat Bashar to publish their opinions in a Mostly Useless Card column, available in the Archive section.

I just maintain a 14 gagiggabit online database that has a cost of 2.3 billion solaris, all with maximum efficiency. What do I know?

Play by Email Running Strong

A quick note about our play by email. After just a week of getting it initiated, we are still in the first round, but an Intrigue Rite has already broken out between the Atreides and Harkonnens you might want to see.

Just click the PBeM link over in left column.
BG DISTRANS 10.25.99
Card Library 99.9% Completed

It took me a couple of weeks, a lot of typing and cross checking, but the card library is pretty much done. You can find it int he Card Library section of this page.

I just need to double check a few remaining cards, but most of it is there.

Eventually, the different chapters will be incorporated into the whole expansion set, to make finding the cards easier.

Let me know if you see any mistakes (you shouldn't).
BG DISTRANS 10.17.99
Long Distance Dune Game Launched

Try playing Dune against someone 15 timezones away.

I've got four players, 2 U.S., 1 Finland, 1 Australia in what will hopefully be an enjoyable Play be Email (pbem) game of Dune.

All four players have submitted their decks to me (the GM), the cards have been shuffled, dealt, the starting totals calculated and we wait to see what the first Initiative Round beholds for us.

If you'd like to follow along in our little adventure, go to and see how the game unfolds.
BG DISTRANS 10.13.99
Card Library Coming Online

I am slowly building a Card Library for the complete set of Dune cards. So far, only one chapter of one expansion is done (JOTC 1).

I will try to catch most of the mistakes, but you could be a big help by looking up some of the cards you know and comparing it to my list to see if the description is accurate. Email me if you find any discrepancies, no matter how small.

Thanks and enjoy!

Chapterhouse Communinet Compliant

There has been a bit of concern (mostly from the adepts) about whether or not our communication systems on Wallach IX are Y10.2 Compliant. Fear not Sisters, I have ensured that your systems will be fully functional when the big 10,200 rolls over. I'm your slave. It's my job.

House Atreides Released

For those who like to keep up with the Dune Chronicles, the prequel Dune: House Atreides written by Brian Herbert (Frank's son) and Kevin J. Anderson has been on the bookshelves since October 5. Hardcover, retail US$27.50.

Believe it or not, I have a club devoted to the discussion of the trilogy prequels which can be found at
BG DISTRANS 10.12.99
Geocities Undergoing Changes

Over the next couple of days, Geocities is removing the pop up window ads from its webpages. For awhile, you'll get the annoying pop up windows until they fully implement the new feature (nothing ever goes right the first time here). After they get the bugs worked out, the ads will be less instrusive.

For users who have browsers under 4.0 for IE or NS will continue to get pop up ads. Users above 4.0 will see a small window in the upper right corner.
BG DISTRANS 10.11.99
Let's Play by Email

I am making a valid and probably desparate attempt at organizing a Play By Email (pbem) for the Dune card game.

Read my announcement on the DuneCCG Club board.
BG DISTRANS 10.08.99
Thunder at Twilight Rarity List

The Chapterhouse Times finally puts up a collector/rarity card list for the last Dune expansion that was released, Thunder at Twilight. Hey, it only took me a year.

Thanks goes to Pauli Vinni for coming up with the list.

Go to the files section to find the belated file.

Quick Note: I renamed the section Card Library to Deck Library to describe it more accurately. There may be a Card Library section someday.

Weekly Tournaments Held in Seattle 

Subject: Making progress in Seattle
From: "Viktor Lawryniuk" <[email protected]>

Our turnout for the Wednesday Night Desert Fights has been such that we were told this last Wednesday we could have tournaments weekly.  So we shall...

Yesterday's constructed tournament drew 7 players, so we broke into two groups and played two games, the second of which pooled the top 4 point getters in the first game...Yours truly didn't have much to brag on for this evening, but, this being the end of the three-match "Landsraad Period", after the points were tallied I ended up on top! A fine birthday present for me (congrat me today if you like...) and proof that there is justice in this world...    ;-)

Final Landsraad Period point totals:
1)  House Vikbob (Corrino/Guild/Corrino)    394
2)  House Lapdog (Water Sellers/Harkonnen/Water Sellers)    385
3)  House Arkanum (Atreides)    368
4)  House Bigboote (Smugglers/Harkonnen/Water Sellers)     348
5)  House Maciavelli (Spice Miners)    258
6)  House Lihalan    (Guild)    174
7)  House Genemon (Corrino)    124
It should be noted that Houses Maciavelli & Genemon played in only two of three matches and that House Lihalan played in just the last (you gotta watch out for those playtesters!)

Next week we start a new Landsraad Period of, I assume, 3 matches. Play starts at 7PM; be there early to register and BS et al...WOTC Game Center, U District, Seattle
Viktor <vikbob> Lawryniuk
BG DISTRANS 10.04.99
Dune Display Boxes For Sale

From Sean Mackaay:

Hi Sherlock,

I have two unopened boxes of Dune boosters and an unopened combo JotC box that I need to sell, any chance you could help me out by posting on your site? The boxes are $50 (US) each, and in an auction state until the end of October. People can contact me at [email protected]

Happy Birthday Chapterhouse Times

October 1, 1997 was this site's official opening date TWO years ago. The site is still going strong despite the cancellation of the game. Something to celebrate.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this page. Over 20,000 views with no end in sight.

the sherlock
BG DISTRANS 09.29.99
Deck Construction Tips

Ilkka Holm has taken the time to post his suggestions on Dune CCG deck construction. It is a two parter covered in messages 110 and 111. 

He has also scheduled an interactive Chat conference on the Club page for next Monday, October 4 in the afternoon for US people. Please see messages 119 and 121 for more information and times for your area.

The links here are provided through DuneCCG Club on Yahoo. It doesn't cost anything to join.

Easier URL for the Chapterhouse Times

I'm glad to see a new spark of interest for the game from the Dune community. This is quite evident from the recent news updates and the multiple posts on the DuneCCG Club on Yahoo. 

If I could just interrupt your brainstorming for a second and tell you that the Chapterhouse Times was assigned an alias URL. The old one will always work, but the new one is slightly easier to remember.

The Chapterhouse Times can now be accessed using:
BG DISTRANS 09.27.99
Results of One Tournament, Announcement of Another

The results of the 09.22.99 tournament at the WOTC Center in Seattle have been posted to Club DuneCCG

It also contains the announcement of another Dune tournament held in the same location for 09.29.99. 

Here is the excerpt of that announcement:

Next Wednesday, Sept. 29th, there will be a constructed deck tournament at the WOTC U District Game Center. $15 entry fee for a  starter and some boosters of your choice...and prizes. We plan to be there and ready by 6:30 PM. All Dune players who can get there are welcome! (We'll break into groups of three or more if six or more show...)

We're doing our part to keep this, the Kwisatz Haderach of TCGs, alive and well! (And having big fun doing it...)

Viktor <vikbob> Lawryniuk 

Thanks to Keane R Peterson for submitting this info.
BG DISTRANS 09.24.99
New Dune Forum Opens

A new forum is available for fans of the Dune CCG to post messages and share ideas. The message board can be found at The Gaming Outpost.

Thanks Aaron Powell.
BG DISTRANS 09.20.99
Publish your Dune Decks

Ilkka Holm provided me with their Fremen Deck accompanied by some comments on the strategy of the deck. This prompted a new section for the Chapterhouse Times that will list any Dune Deck that anyone wants published.

Please take a look at the new Card Library and email me your entries.
BG DISTRANS 09.09.99
Hasbro Tries Some Practical Magic 
     By Dave Marino-Nachison (TMF Braden)

Reprinted from

     Toymaker Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) added a few interesting cards to its deck today, announcing plans to buy privately held fantasy games and literature company Wizards of the Coast for $325 million. 
     Renton, Washington-based Wizards of the Coast -- founded in 1990 by a systems analyst who grew tired of analyzing systems -- is probably best known for its Magic: The Gathering card game. It has grown from a grassroots phenomenon into a worldwide business empire. 
     The success of Magic spurred founder and CEO Peter Adkison to branch out. The company now has several other enviable lines of business, including the "Gotta Catch 'em All" Pokémon card game and TSR Inc.'s famous "Dungeons & Dragons" franchise, bought in 1997. Wisely, Hasbro plans to keep Adkison and his management team on board and in Renton. 
     "Wizards of the Coast will enable us to significantly expand in the fast-growing games arena, which is a cornerstone of our growth strategy for the new millennium," said Hasbro CEO and Chairman Alan
     Hassenfeld. "This acquisition brings us not only incredibly popular content and exciting future gaming initiatives, but also a visionary senior management team and creative talent, expanded distribution channels and an opportunity to participate in location-based entertainment."
BG DISTRANS 09.03.99
Dune Decks used in Tournaments

I found an interesting link today. It listed three Dune decks that were used in tournaments according to a past issue of Scrye magazine (March 1999).

You will also see the webmaster's comments on each of the decks as well.

Take a look at Dune Decks by  [email protected]

Rules Link Restored

I also found a copy of the Collected Rulings File. This is a document that the Rules link over in my sidebar used to point to a long time ago. Well, it's back! It covers all of the play elements for the Dune CCG game and is basically just an online rules booklet.
BG DISTRANS 09.02.99
A Bit of Dune TV News...

Thanks to Keane R Peterson for submitting this info.

Dune Miniseries Gets The Go Ahead 

The SCI FI Channel has given the green light to a six-hour Dune miniseries being developed by ABC Pictures. The project is being executive produced by Richard Rubinstein (The Stand, The Langoliers) from a script by John Harrison.

Casting for Dune is underway now and is expected to be completed by the end of September. The series will be shooting on location in Prague and Tunisia later this year and will likely air on SCI FI in the second half of 2001. 

Casting details are expected shortly.
BG DISTRANS 08.26.99
The Chapterhouse Times Opens Shop

Good news for all of those patrons who can't find Dune CCG cards at their local retailer or just can't seem to find the cards anywhere. The Chapterhouse Times has been approached by Universal Cards and offered a centralized location to anything you need.

I was offered a commission on each sale but I refused it to keep the prices as low as possible. You pay enough in shipping already.

Please take a look at the The Chapterhouse Times Dune CCG Shop.

Let me know what you think.
BG DISTRANS 08.19.99
Dune Tournament, Lafayette, IN

From David Allen:

Non-Sanctioned- Dune War of Assassins style tournament
Saturday August 28th 12:00 pm
Castle Comics and Cards - 2133 S. 4th street, Lafayette IN.
(765) 474-1110. Registration $3.00

Please contact me for more information:
David Allen
[email protected]
BG DISTRANS 08.19.99
Dune Tournament Announcement, Seattle

It's nice to see the game is still being played. Thanks to Keane R. Peterson for sending this in.

On September 22nd at the U. Dist. Wizards of the Coast game center I will be running a multi-player Dune tournament.  The entrance fee is $5 and there will be prizes for everyone.  If this ends up being a really bad day to run the tournie on let me know and I will change it to a different date.

 -Daniel Tibbles
BG DISTRANS 08.02.99
Spice Hoard found on eBay

Here are some ebay auctions that deserve some attention.

Dune CCG Preview Cards

Dune card set (this may be the movie trading cards and not CCG, it's unclear)

Dune CCG-Judge of Change-starter,7 boosters

DUNE CCG: Lot of 200+ Singles

Most of these auctions end today and new ones are always added.
BG DISTRANS 07.29.99
Dune Goes RPG

From David Bloomberg


You might want to check out Last Unicorn's website.  They are now promoting the Dune RPG with adventure modules and source book material. Publishing dates are approximately August-September.  They are hoping for renewed interest in the license due to Brian Herbert's Dune prequel, House Atreides. 

David Bloomberg

Go to the Last Unicorn game site to see what David is talking about.
BG DISTRANS 07.28.99

Gamers Guild Summer Con

From Robert Baker:

Hi All,

The winner of the Dune Section of the above was Chris O'Toole, well done Chris!!

Thanks again to WoTC (UK) for the Dune Starter and Boosters Prizes, and indeed the MTG prize support which was much better then usual.
BG DISTRANS 07.12.99
Been a Long Time...

In the old days, I would never let 2 solar months go by without an update, but the cancellation of Last Unicorn's Dune CCG, things have been a little slow. I did want to add a couple of updates today to let everyone know that I'm still living and still serving the Bene Gesserit's. I've been in training with the Sisterhood for a specific talent which I won't bother mentioning here. We'll just call it a love-in and leave it at that.

Tournament Announcement
Robert Baker is holding a tournament. Here are the details.

Hi All,

Just a note to say I am holding the above on Sunday 25th of July.
Entrance Fee
A31 if FRPG/DCI member 
10:30 am start. 
Multiplayer Format.
Optional rules in effect.

1st Prize 1 x TAT Starter, 4 x TAT Boosters.
2nd Prize 1 x TAT Starter, 2 x TAT Boosters
3rd Prize  1 x TAT Starter.
4th Prize                          2 x TAT Boosters.
5th Prize                          1 x TAT Booster.

These replace the normal prize of a DUNE T Shirt, (you have to win 5 L5R/Deadlands Tourneys to get enough points to claim a T shirt).

Thanks to Carl Crook, Keith Anderson and Gideon at Wizards UK for the changed Prize support.

Email: [email protected] for more details.

Web Writer's Needed

If you have a killer Dune deck that you know is unbeatable, now's your change to be published. Here's the information.

Azrael-Online( is looking for writers!  We need writers to create deck design and basic strategy articles for our support of card games.

Azrael-Online is a web-based gaming magazine.  We are located at  We update on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, bringing brand new gaming content to our readers.  We cover a large variety of games, including card games, role-playing games and video games.  We also feature a Price-Guide with prices for some of the latest sets of your favorite games.

So, if you have a favorite game, and want to write for a major magazine, send us a sample of your writing.  We are asking for a Deck Design of your favorite game.  A Deck Design article is the simplest form of strategy article to write.  Please include a complete Deck List and a full strategy  isting, as well as your full name and email contact address.   end this article to [email protected]  Writing for us will bring your work to a large group of  eaders(over 10,000 unique visitors in our first month!)  Examples of Deck Designs can be  ound at our site,  We are looking for good deck strategy articles ranging from 500 to 1000 words.

Towards the end of the year, we will be choosing a group of part-time staff writers.  This is a paying position, with compensation for any articles you write.  Also, as a staff writer, you will have the opportunity to receive product for review.  To fill these positions, we are looking for good writers with a wide variety of gaming knowledge.  We will also be paying freelance writers for their work, so even if you specialize in only one game, you can still benefit by writing for us!

If you have any further questions, you can contact our editor at [email protected]



Ohio Dune Tourney Results

From the collected sayings of Saundra B.


I was 3rd place winner in the DUNE Tournament constructed deck last Saturday at the Origins '99 in Columbus, Ohio.  Who'd of thought it?  I'm a newbie and very hooked on the game and any other related accoutrements to Frank Herbert's DUNE CHRONICLES.

I met Darryl Viegel and his friends: Gregg ______, Joe ______, Lauren _________, Myron ______.  It was just such fun being involved.   Now I'm looking for other expansion cards, especially WILIGHT cards.  Got any????  I bought the Avalon Hill boardgame DUNE which was written in French for $60. 
This board set included the 2 expansions THE DUELIST and THE SPICE HARVEST.  I paid 3 times as much for 2 out of the 3 board games on   Well, live and learn!!

My sons were playing MAGIC: The Gathering and POKEMON.  We are going to go GEN CON in August in Milwaukee.  Are any of you going there?

BG DISTRANS 05.12.99
Economically Ruined Country Selling Weapon of Mass Destruction on Black Market...well, not quite

Phil Edwards has put up a card from his Dune CCG collection for sale. Participate in the House Atomics auction located on ebay.
BG DISTRANS 04.23.99
Where Two or More Gather...

From Viktor Lawryniuk:

Well, thanks to the marketing geniuses running the WOTC Game Center, the downstairs gaming area was closed last night to all but paid tourney goers.  Of course there was no Dune tourney, just Magic and Xena (?!).  It wasn't for lack of space either.  Apparently they believe they can save money by emptying the place...As for good will, who needs that if you've got a franchise so hot (Magic,  Pokemon) that it will survive whatever idiocy you throw at your customers?

Some of our group never found us where we moved to despite our leaving a note with the  gatekeeper...So here we are building up a dedicated core group of player-evangelists purposefully playing in a public gaming venue to basically demo the game and collect stray and new
players, and the owner of the game tells us to get lost... 

Persistent bastards that we are, we will again meet at the WOTC Game Center next Tuesday at 6PM and if they bar the door again we will regroup at Dalmuti's next door and consider our options.

BTW, as usual, fun and close games were played!  (Though I must admit that if I lose another game for being 2 solaris short I may start losing hair too...)
Viktor <vikbob> Lawryniuk
BG DISTRANS 03.02.99
DUNE Sanctioned Tournament winner

From: HouseDelphin

Congradulations to Robert Barker of House Atreides the winner of the DUNE sanctioned War of Assassins tournament (02/27/99).

And thanks to all those players who participated. 
BG DISTRANS 02.18.99
The End

From: House Chusak

For those of you who aren't on the duneinfo list and haven't heard. 

There will be no more expansions anytime in the near future. Dune has been relegated to graveyard status. 

This probably has more to do with the general ill health of the CCG market than anything else, but in my opinion, LUG and FRPG and even the designers of the game have done their share of damage, mainly through horrible mismanagement and neglect. All we can hope for at this point is that we will see second moon rising at some point in the future. As far as I can tell from the scanty information that is filtered down to me from on high, the thing has been designed and could easily be printed if FRPG was convinced that there would be profit in it. There might be some point to pushing FRPG in that direction. I don't really know if it is worth the effort or not

Paul Carey Bashar - House Chusak 

This does not signal the end of the Chapterhouse Times or any fan support of the game. We will continue to support what library the game has now and encourage new players to get involved.

It still a great CCG.

the sherlock
BG DISTRANS 02.17.99
Player Requests Cardlists of Effective Decks

From Laurent Desprez:


I'm a new french player of Dune Eye of the storm, I Will play Guild and Space mine guild.
Can you send me a list of cards to make good deck for every one guild
Please excuse me for my english Can't you give a french e-mail for trade cards

From the sherlock:

By the way, has anyone seen any Second Moon Rising Cards? I know they exist. I playtested them. 
BG DISTRANS 01.06.99
Online Database of Dune Cards

Here's a request from a fellow in Austria looking to build an image database of cards he will have up for trade. 

I want to build a database of the cards for administrating my Trading Cards and would also like to include pictures of the cards. The best would be, if you had a picture of every  card, but I´ll take what I can get. If the Email is too big, group the pix into smaller parts.

Thanx in advance

Hosted by