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BG DISTRANS 11.30.99

Written by Ilkka Holm

The Sisterhood

I looked my cards through, keeping Sisterhood heavily on my mind. I also did a sisterhood deck which I will post to the Chapterhouse Times.

I came into the conclusion that you can make four diffrent basic Sisterhood decks. I will go through them next.

1) Normally quite obvious, the disfavor deck. Two critical cards are Thruthsayer and Thruth Saying (was it that?) and both of them are rares which is not nice. You can also add some duel favor reducing cards because Sisterhood can have quite good duel. When doing a favor deck you have to think about the final blow, you get the favor to 0, what then? Opponent may still have 7 cards in his hand, he can buy favor when it is his turn. Two options what comes to mind; that declaration tactic which raises the maximum hand size, that way he doesn't have full and he has to draw, another is that event which discards card from all players (I don't remember the name). Winning for disfavor deck is usually through buying.

2) Duel deck. Sisterhood has cards which increase duel force, they also have duel cohorts! (from TaT). They can also ally with Atreides so they can take Duncan and Paul if they like. Duel decks can be disfavor decks, favor decks or discard persona decks. Because Sisterhood is already good getting favor (their homeworld) it doesn't make that much sense to do a favor deck except if you use lot's of duration events and use the favor for advantage in many other ways (I'll explain how later). Discard deck is also nice, but it works better for intrigue though (because War of Assassin). 

3) Engage everybody deck. This was the one I did. There are Renegade Sister which rotate another personas, very nasty. Then there are Sister of the Azhar's which have 2 Weirding and ability to disangage natives. Combo works like this; put 4 of both of those and 4 of Manual of Friendly Desert which makes personas Native. Then you put 3-4 The Voice which you can put to those Sister of the Azhar's. You engage or subdue all the personas in the game. But this isn't enough alone, so it's good to add 4 Security Sweeps and 4 Production Setbacks to engage charters and fiefs as well and make the life difficult for opponents. Buying spice is the way to win of course.

4) Intrigue deck. Sisterhood can make an okay intrigue deck as well, they have one good intrigue ally Lady Margot which captures nobles vanquished in intrigue rites. Nothing special here.

I don't say that these are all the diffrent Sisterhood deck types there can be, they are just the most basic.

Sisterhood get's a lot of favor easily (homeworld), so it's good make it for good use. Two ways to do this, either take an advantage of you going usually first in initiative, by playing lot's of events. This can be really irritating, it really makes your opponents life very difficult. There a lot's of strong events!

Another is to use your favor as currency. Political Oppression, use your holdings multiple times, in TaT the Harkonnen got 2 of these kind of cards as well (Rabban and one holding) so if you want to include Harkonnen Allies. Siridar Governorship is also great card, use your homeworld to get 3 favor, discard your favor for 6 solaris! Also remember put Siridar Tithes in your deck as well! You have to exploit your advantages well so remember the favor for Sisterhood!

Sisterhood doesn't have that good allies at least not for them. One arbitrator, one intrigue, one favor reducer and one which makes deferment tokens to Dune events (Sister Ramallo, my favorite), but she ain't that good for Sisterhood either. But you can make them for better use when you are using Revered Mothers (Ramallo, Mohiam and Full Revered Mother) and Emperor's Thruthsayer (re-target rites).

Sisterhood have also some prescience, but not in same amounts than Guild. I really didn't thought this as that big advantage. You should use weirding because that's is what they are good at and leave the prescience for guild.

I think the only viable way to get spice for Sisterhood is buying. Means Choam Restructuring, perhaps desert or two to make spice to guild hoard. Perhaps exhange violation to lower the cost, cards which makes more spice to guild hoard and makes the buying easier and faster. Playing Dune is pointless, Sister Ramallon in Sisterhood faction ain't that good for Spice Blows. Only way to go is buying. 

Sisterhood is usually much about persona manipulation, so I suggest you make use of it. (there are lot's of other cards than Voice and Renegade Sister which does persona manipulation, like Maneuver Pawn etc.(TaT)) Disfavor maybe fun, but it's not that effective in multiplayer games, in two player games it's a killer though. 

That's it, now I will post my Sisterhood deck to Chapterhouse Times.


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