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BG DISTRANS 11.24.99

Written by Ilkka Holm

Okay here it goes:

Fremens after JoC seemed to lost their unique ability to not have to subdue their own homeworld when deploying Dune. There were Water Sellers, Spice Miners and Smugglers which all had this ability and more, they had these cool abilities in their homeworld in addition to that. I felt this way before I really started doing good Fremen decks. Actually I still think that Fremens are a very good faction and very interesting one they haven't got much new with JoC and TaT (except few really cool cards), but they orginally had enough diffrent kind of  cards to build multiple diffrent decks.

Okay what is so good about Fremens? Well one of the strongest abilities of Fremens are few of their allies, Oytheim and Sister Ramallo (who becomes Fremen when deployed to Fremen faction). With Oytheym you can initiate Battle rites which cannot be countered, cost of 2 makes it fairly easy to petition or using Informal Induction, also low cost makes it cheap to deploy if subdued. Character which should be in every even little bit battle oriented Fremen Deck. Sister Ramallo is also one of the best allies in the game, in Fremen faction she can put two deferment tokens per turn to Dune Event, and events are very powerful cards like we all know. Also with cost of 2 very very easy to bring play.

Some of the Fremen allies have little bit too high cost, like Stilgar and the others, but not to worry. If you want to do ally oriented deck (I had once a Fremen deck with 9 allies and 4 deserts, that was the whole Imperial deck...) there is always the Maker Hooks, no petition needed to bring allys to play, with little help from House Physicians and that new aide which could subdue itself to deploy a subdued persona it's very easy to deploy those allies. Okay what do to with so many allies? Some think that it's useless to have so many personas in your deck and allies are so expensive and all. But, the Fremens have this great event which let's you engage as many Fremen personas you like to produce solaris equal to their battle rank. With this card, who actully needs that many solaris producing holdings? Also there are cards which let's you capture holdings in Battle rites (there is, right?). 

Other good ways to make money for Fremens is Sandworms and that card which let's you discard a Sandworm event to produce solaris equal to the number of Deferment tokens in your Sandworm Event (I don't remember names of all cards, sorry). Okay, Fremen needs events, but that's for they have that Sister Ramallo and if you think that she is not enough you can also put new Paul Atreides from TaT to your deck, he has the same ability that Sister Ramallo has.

To keep them going, you can use Stillsuits, which makes extra tokens to the assigned personas.

Fremen Naibs are great, cost of 3 and Direct ability with command of 2, wow! What about personel then? There are two kinds of Fremen personel for Battle, the Fremen Band (from TaT) and Fremen Batallion. Fremen Batallion is VERY expensive (5), and with battle ability of 3 not very good for attacking, but with Resistace of 4 it makes it the best defensive card for your deserts and especially for your homeworld+Dune (which is very important you to have usually). Fremen Band in the other hand is cheap, cost of 2 and battle ability of 3, the perfect personel for attacking. Okay Fremens don't have that much solaris to spend, but that problem can always be fixed with putting
few Guild Shuttle to your deck. With one of them you can deploy one aide or personel from your hand for free per turn!

Fremens ain't that big favor machines with usually no charters at all and low solaris production. But they are very good in Duels and Battle which both gives favor, with few extra favor giving cards in those rites and you don't have a problem. (like Famous Battle Account etc.) Initiative? No problem, Grumman Fiat is always the solution for faction with low favor (reverses the initiative order...).

Like I mentioned, Fremens are good in Duel and Battle, both same type of rites. This sometimes might be a problem, that's for you have to have cards which let's you do more same type of rites if your deck is rite oriented.

Or, you might do a Fremen deck with very few characters or no characters at all, but I really don't see how you can but the best abilities of Fremens to use then. I believe that there is better houses for that purpose (like the new Harkonnes with homeworld in Dune).

OKay this is the start of the Fremend strategy article, I really don't remember all the Fremen cards so that I can't cover everything and I don't even want to. I don't have my cards with me now (I have borrowed them to my friend) so I can't check what I forgot. If you have something to add, please do so! If I come up with something I didn't remember now, I will post it.

Oh yeah, remember to use Name of the Great Mother if you need to use lot's of events! (you can play multiples with it) Also another choice might be that fremen aide which has ability to play extra Dune event a turn (cost of 4 makes it rather expensive though...).


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