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(This site is still being remodelled and improved.  Please make allowances for all the large spaces and uneven text!)


What you will find here

 PICTURES of guys sitting  on toilets, with appropriate  but VERY graphic captions!

 LINKS to other websites that have toilet themes, and are likely to be of interest to those who enjoy this site! Also some personal; assessments of such sites. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee these links will always be up-to-date. Some sites are constantly closing and resurrecting with new URLs, and one link is quite temperamental.

 Some HEALTH advice for when going to the toilet may be less than enjoyable! Constipation, discomfort, change of routine, etc. Don't suffer! Get medical help, or change your diet.

 SOUND Files that can be  downloaded!  Hear a guy  "downloading" in the toilet!  I  hope to add some more sound files, but bear in mind a shit of several minutes will take even longer time to download to your computer.

 Invitation to sign or view the  GUESTBOOK. You can do so  anonymously, or include your e mail address as you might want others to contact you.

 A PERSONAL HISTORY of my interest in using the toilet. Also thoughts and observations.

 As well as hearing men on  the toilet relieving themselves -  some LIGHT RELIEF!

 Some of the text might seem as though it's stating the obvious about toilet habits, public convenience design etc. but for those of us who are from different cultures, or who have limited knowledge of other men using the toilet, this could be very interesting, reassuring, or fascinating to read!

This is for men who are interested, fascinated or turned on by either themselves or by other guys sitting on the toilet and having a good satisfying shit! The whole process of preparing to sit on the toilet, the sounds a guy makes as he sits there doing it until he's finished and does the "paperwork", pulls up his pants and flushes the toilet may feature here where the subject can be shared with others who enjoy the activity!  Shitting with other men can be a great form of male bonding for those otherwise missing out on male intimacy.

 However, this is not about sexual activities between men in toilets. Nor is it a place to be coy about graphic descriptions of defecation. This is for men who believe that sitting on the toilet and letting go can be a mutual pleasure, so feel free to contact us about this all-too private activity! Here we can share and celebrate toilet experiences.  Whether you're gay or straight, you may wish to enjoy and relish the companionship of shitting with other men.  For some there may be a strong homoerotic fascination, for others a competitive element, or even a spiritual one. If you think the subject distasteful, read no further, as this is not for you, even though you probably go to the toilet yourselves!

But, if you like graphic details of guys pulling down their jeans or trousers, and underpants, sitting on toilets, farting, dropping turds with some masculine grunting as it plops in the toilet with water splashing up etc, and satisfied sighs as they enjoy all the sensations; This is the place for it!





















Some people refer to toilets as lavatories, although it's a word mostly used by elderly or "posh" people.  Slang words are crapper, bog, shithouse, lav or lavvy, with netty being used in the north east.  Loo is mostly used by women.

Words for having a shit, not taking a shit are; having a crap, a dump, a biz (in the north west), seldom poop, and the word poo is mostly confined to children.

Many people have a variety of euphemisms to avoid actually saying toilet, and if asking the way to the nearest public toilet, most men will ask for the "Gents'".

 Healthy Shitting

 Inevitably there will be times  when going to the toilet is not as enjoyable and healthy as normal.  Some people are sensitive to a change of drinking water when going away, or changes in routine, or state of mind might affect the gastro-intestinal tract.  The main factor concerning the  gut is, of course, diet, and the  most common advice given for healthy shitting is to eat enough  fibre.

 The problem with this advice is how much fibre?  It is possible to overdo fibre intake, which can result in the stools being too soft to propel, so that much effort is needed to shit, and this can cause haemorrhoids, although for most people, too little fibre can cause this problem. This is a complaint of varying discomfort.  There might be slight tenderness or pain when evacuating, or you look down in the toilet afterwards and see you've passed blood. This can look much worse than it is, and it's quite possible your next visit to the toilet will be no worse, slightly better, or there may be no  problems at all!  Another way that haemorrhoids can affect you is to leave you feeling  uncomfortable after having  strained to go.  You might feel  better after sitting on a chair for a while, or it could persist several hours.  There may be absolutely no soreness, but the feeling of something sticking out.  This is known as a prolapsed  thrombo-haemorrhoid, and  makes walking unpleasant.

 It is also possible for 'roids to  prolapse from sitting on the toilet for a long time, even without trying to go, or as once happened to me, after having a very sudden shit that virtually  whooshed out within seconds, a feeling of discomfort that  lasted two days.

 We all have them; if we  have  blood vessels, then  we have haemorrhoids.  We only know about them when they cause trouble.  Creams and suppositories are available to shrink them and reduce soreness, but if you have any unpleasant symptoms when going to the toilet, DO SEE A  DOCTOR.  Don't worry about  what he (or she) will think!  They have chosen a profession of medical care, and it is important to seek advice regarding any unusual ailments of the rectum.

 It may possibly be serious, but often it's quite easily cured or eased, and we are all entitled to enjoy sitting on the toilet and feeling better for it, rather than worse!  



Personal Experiences

 At the age of 16, I wanted to visit public toilets and know I was sitting on toilets exclusively used by men, and that sometimes I'd hear the sounds of other men doing it. I had to grow up thinking this interest was unique to me, but occasionally in public toilets, it seemed as though others were either listening or had a secret fascination with the subject.

 Eventually I met others who shared this, and also made a few friends with whom we shared the bathroom while one of us was on the toilet, or we swopped audio tapes and pictures of each other. However, not until surfing the internet were my hopes realised, when I found that there are many guys all over the world who not only are into this subject, but many of whom like myself, and probably many of you reading this; all thought we were alone! Well, we're not! Welcome to just one of many sites that celebrate and support those of us who enjoy being, or thinking about MEN ON TOILETS!

 Part of what I find so attractive about the thought of men on the toilet is the fact it is considered the most private of all man's activities! It's laden with euphemisms, the largest muscle of the human body is used to sit on the seat, one literally lets go and either lets nature take over, or he controls and asserts himself over his excretion, can make lots of noise, and uses a mixture of looking very relaxed and very determined as he sits there doing what only he can do!

 When I've been privileged to be aware of, or in the company of another man on the toilet, it's been on the level of sharing something so intimate and deep, that it transcended our individuality; we were men sharing our physical functions, and surrendering our inhibitions. Do we lock doors out of shame? Embarrassment? Or to keep something sacred from being disturbed?  

 I find it amazing that in the USA there are men who in some  places and situations are quite used to sitting on toilets with  no doors, sometimes without even partitions!  I admire and  respect their lack of inhibition.  Here in Britain I've never  found such openness, but even if we can't see or be seen, at  least many of can share in hearing and being heard on the  toilet!  


(You know the tune!)

Young man, you look healthy and fit

With your pants down as you try for a shit

On the toilet, when you hear every drop

As those big firm turds go PLOP PLOP!

Young man - there's no need to be shy

As you sit there, on the pan for a try,    

Don't be lonely, you can have lots of mates,                     

As we all sit going PLOP PLOP!


It's fun to sit on the W. C.  (Repeat)

You can grunt, you can push,

Feel it drop from your tush,

Hear it splash down the lavatory

It's fun to sit on the W.C.  (Repeat)

You can make lots of noise

With all of the boys,

Just be proud as you sit on the seat!


 Public Toilet Sounds

 Three major factors will determine what you hear if listening to guys on the toilet; the acoustics of the toilets and of the toilet pan itself, the absence of extraneous noises e.g. urinals flushing, toilet doors banging, hand dryers, others  talking etc., and of course, the volume and consistency of the turds as they plop in to the toilet.  I have sometimes heard a heavy plop session loud and clear from four cubicles away, but it only takes someone to make a noisy interruption to blank it out.  It's sometimes possible to hear every sigh and grunt from next door, even the crackling sounds as someone's doing one, and an almighty splash that sounds super-human, or farting so loud the whole place seems to vibrate with its force, but there may be many who just go in to the toilet for a piss, or their own  "amusement" or just to get toilet paper or perhaps to read or write on the walls.

Some men sit on the toilet for as long as it takes to read a newspaper, in which case you might hear the rustling of the pages punctuated by a plop every so often. I've heard men using their mobile  'phones while on the toilet, but have yet to hear someone talking on one while his plops are dropping!  Sometimes a man will sit on the toilet and do some very loud and impressive farting, then realise he doesn't want to shit yet, and that will be it. Occasionally you might hear someone doing a good shit, while his friend is waiting outside, and making jokes or comments about the sounds!

Inevitably, there will be men who enter a toilet with the intention of making contact with the guy in the next cubicle for sexual purposes.  If you don't want to respond to his advances, ignore any straying feet under the partition, or notes passed under, or through any holes in the partition.  I've sometimes found that dropping a big one with a loud plop will usually indicate I'm on for a shit, and  the other guy usually loses interest.  However, sometimes a guy has enjoyed knowing someone's having a shit, and a conversation might  develop, or you might want to ask him if he's got any toilet paper, even if  you've already got some!  Enjoy  yourself!

As for toilet paper, often this could be on a long roll housed in a dispenser that takes a lot of pulling, and tears across the paper and is very thin, there might be a toilet roll on the floor or it might be missing altogether, or there might be a box of strong toilet paper that comes out in leaves.  I like this type of paper as it can sound great as you hear someone wiping his arse, as you can hear the rustling as he wipes!

I recommend having some toilet paper with you at all times just in case; it's reassuring to know you'll never be without when you might need some.  I've heard lots of men muttering about there being none left in the cubicle, but rarely do they ask anyone for any!  Too shy!





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