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 This guy spends upto half an hour on the W.C. reading the paper as he shits. He says it's good to sit and relax as his arse drops a turd every so often, reminding him what he's doing there!  If he was reading a tabloid, we'd see his thigh muscles flex as he tries to do one!   He's probably got the imprint of the toilet seat on his buttocks by now that will show when he wipes his crack!  No doubt he'll look down the pan at what he dropped before he wipes.  Perhaps certain items he's been reading will now be associated with the sensations he felt when he was trying to drop one!

 Another Fantasy!

I was in a department store one afternoon and having eaten, had the feeling I needed to go and use the toilet. The Gent's was on the top floor, and so I went up the escalators, went through two doors and was in this large silent room. There were three cubicles and I chose the middle one and found an old style toilet with a deep pan and black plastic toilet seat.  I closed the formica door, but the lock was missing , so I pulled down my jeans and pants and sat on the toilet and noticed a large hole in the formica partition that gave a perfect view of the toilet on my left. I knew I was going to make good use of the toilet, the sensations of a good load that needed doing, and I felt I was cut off from the rest of the world, it was so quiet, without even the sounds of water so often heard in public toilets.  I started to push down to get my arse into gear for a shit, when I heard the outer door open and close, then the inner door, as footsteps entered the room. The doors of all three cubicles were closed even though I was the only one in any of them, then my door was opened by the visitor!  A young guy wearing tight jeans stood there and seeing me sitting there with my pants down, legs on show, apologised and smiled, and knocking on the cubicle to my left to make sure it was empty, opened the door and went in. Through the hole in the wall I couldn't help giving in to my curiosity as I saw him peel down his jeans, then pull his underpants down to his knees, and sit on the toilet, his well-developed legs with thick wiry hair on view.  The intensity of the situation was quite powerful. No sounds of anything else apart from the sounds of him getting ready to sit on the toilet; we would both hear EVERYTHING we had to do!  Just the intimate sounds of two men sitting with their bare bottoms on toilets no more than two feet away from each other, totally aware of each other's presence and progress in an act of mutual defecation. After a few seconds during which I was pushing down on my arse, he blasted out a fart that inside the toilet under him, and around the room; it was so extrovert!  He would have no doubt that I could hear him, and probably took a pride in blowing off his anal trombone. I wanted to respond in the same way, but I'd got no farts to do, just turds, then he let off again; another resonant fanfare of what he wanted to do.  I realised he too would be involved in all the sounds I had to make, and it was as though each of us was waiting for a cue from the other.  I began to grunt as I tried to shit, and thought how loud I sounded.  I felt awkward at first about my audible efforts and yet wished I too could fart!  Then he too started to try. He was definitely not inhibited about being heard trying to shit, and being on show at the same time!  He knew I'd hear his turds drop in the toilet and that I was trying to do one as well.  Thus the two of us was sitting side by side on our toilets as we tried to do our stuff, when I felt the end of a turd sticking out of me.  It felt big and heavy, as I pulled it back in briefy, then let it stick out a bit more, then with heavier breathing let it plunge in the toilet with a loud splash!  He said something, but I couldn't hear what, but it must have been a reaction to my plop, then he grunted louder and more forcefully, then held his breath a few second before expelling a big breath, immediately followed by expelling what sounded like a huge log!  A slow and contented sigh followed, and I took the initiative of congratulating him and said "Sounds like a good one!"  He laughed slightly and said mine was quite impressive too!  Things could hardly get better than this!  We were now communicating with each other from both ends!  We resumed our grunting, each getting louder as though we were competing for the "Least Inhibited Shitter of the Year" title, and we sat there dropping more loud plops, almost like we were proving ourselves as men rejoicing in the prowess of their bodily functions.  We continued to comment on the plops we both made, and with "Ooh!  I'm really working on a stiff turd!" and "Shit! What a splash!" until we'd both done.  We both sat there, and I wondered how he'd wipe his bum, then I found out as he he lifted his right thigh off the toilet seat and showing his big muscular hairy thigh, proceded to wipe his crack with the strong noisy toilet paper, checking each wipe in full view of me, at one point saying he needed to use lots as he had a very hairy arsehole and that his turds must have to fight their way past all that "steel wool" !!  I stood up to wipe mine and made sure he could see me doing it and then I pulled up my jeans and pants and flushed, but waited until he did the same before coming out.  I went to the washbasins and so did he, and he said it was good shitting with me!  I suggested we did it again, and he said he'd try tomorrow during his lunchbreak if I was going to be around. I said I could as I worked nearby, and so we left it at that and said our goodbyes.  The next day, at 1PM I went into the toilets, and true to his word, there he was already on the toilet!  He knew it was me and called out; "Hi!  I really want to do my toilet!"  I told him I did, and sat on the next toilet as we farted and plopped.





 "When it's hard to do one, I sit like this, leaning forward and trying to push it out, and doing some loud grunts to go with it!  Then it starts poking out, so I sit up a bit, enjoying the feeling as it expands like a typical young guy's big solid toilet-turd, then Plop! It's out and there's a big log under me!  It's not the time the shit's lying in the water that makes it smell; it's when it's sticking out of my bum, exposed to the air before splashdown!  I spend lots of happy moments on here!"  

 This is something I look forward to every day!  I'm almost guaranteed a good long session on the toilet as I try to do my reluctant logs, but what a thrill when after pushing, and doing some really masculine grunting, the end of the shit starts poking out!  That last lap of the journey of a big firm toiletlog as it finally succombs to my will, and drops with an almighty splash that instantly arouses me with its force and the sound!  Makes me proud to be a man, and one who really does some impressive shitting!  Wish I could let you see it, but it's still pushing its way out between my big strong hairy buttocks!

 "Don't be fooled, I'm not in pain, just working hard on a big one!  I can't wait to stand up and look at this whopper when it's dropped in the shitter!  Must be all this hard work on the toilet that's given me big strong legs as I sit here putting everything I've got into doing it!  I wonder how many other guys I see every day enjoy sitting on the toilet doing turds like this!  I hope they all do, and that they all drop as much as I do!  The time to start worrying is when it's sore, or too difficult to do, but if it takes some effort, drops out and leaves you feeling relieved, empty, and satisfied, then that must be what having a good shit's all about!"   

 This guy's been sitting on the toilet for about ten minutes and told me it's cool to know he's being watched during his efforts!  As long as his face doesn't show, he's happy to be seen covering the toilet, and he's done six very loud plops while he's been on!  At one point he stood up briefly to let me see what he'd done, and he really drops some dirty great turds! He says he should win competitions for effort, productivity and plopping noises!


  He's been on the toilet so long his mate was worried and came to see how he was doing, but when he said he was working on a huge turd, he was persuaded to stand up so his visitor could see it sticking out!  He told him that was really personal and he wouldn't let him see, but he'd let him if he wiped his bum for him when it finally got shit!  Unfortunately, he would only do this if he put some germicidal cream on his hands first, but chose the wrong tin, and sprayed some and set our friend on the toilet off on a sneezing fit!  The result was that all that convulsing relaxed his arse, and a big brown nutty toilet-bomb plopped into the toilet! What a relief, and what a beauty it felt as it splashed out!  His eyes are still streaming, but he's looking forward to having his bum wiped for him and his friend is glad it was such a dry shit, but expects the toilet paper to disintegrate with the huge amount of water that splashed up!

 Sometimes when you try to shit, it seems to help to press down with your arms on something, but there's nothing either side of him, and his big beefy legs are completely covering the toilet seat, so he's just tensing his arms as the whopper gets pushed out of his expanded shithole.  A real show of strength as man and turd battle it out, and the inevitable winner is going to be the man who's experienced in doing tough shits like this, but always enjoys the final moments when the shit gets done and announces with a huge splash, its defeat as it drowns in the water under the man's bottom!  Triumph, and with a victory fart, the young man's efforts are finished, as he stands up and sees what he's successfully dispatched, then wipes his muscular bum and throws his shitty toilet paper on to his shitbomb.


 "When I've got time, and my shit's going to be a bit reluctant to come out, I like to sit on the toilet and concentrate on pictures of guys who looks as though they might be trying hard to do one like I am!  If they're sitting like I'm sitting now, I can just imagine them grunting away trying to push it out, and hope they're enjoying it!  It would be great to think some of those guys trying to do their shits might in turn be looking at pictures of me on the toilet to get inspiration!  Thousands of guys can now see what I look like so think of me when your turds drop like I'm showing you how it's done!"



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