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Refer:		Dedeagatz (French Post Offices);
		Dedeagatz (Greek Occupation)

* Algeria

Former French colony which used stamps of France 1849-1924 and 1958-62.

Dates:		1962 -
Capital:		Algiers
Currency:	100 centimes = 1 dinar

Includes:		Algeria (French Colony)

Algeria (French Colony)

Used French stamps 1849-1924 and 1958-1962.  Independent republic with own issues from 1962.

Dates:		1924 - 1958
Capital:		Algiers
Currency:	100 centimes = 1 franc

Album:		Algeria

Allemagne Duitschland

Refer:		Germany (Belgian Occupation)


A region of East Prussia (German territory) that was disputed at the end of the First World
War.  A plebiscite was held to decide if it should be in Germany or Poland.  German stamps were
issued during the period of the plebiscite with an overprint of PLEBISCITE OLSZTYN
ALLENSTEIN.  The vote was in favour of Germany but the region was incorporated within
Poland after the Second World War and is now called Olsztyn.

Dates:		1920 only
Currency:	100 pfennige = 1 mark

Album:		Plebiscite Issues

Allied Military Government for Trieste (AMG-FTT)

Refer:		Trieste

Allied Military Government for Venezia Giulia (AMG-VG)

Refer:		Venezia Giulia & Istria

Allied Occupation Issues

Refer:		Germany (Allied Occupation);
		Thrace (Allied Occupation);
		Togo (Anglo-French Occupation)

Alsace (German Occupation)

During the German occupation of 1940-41, the authorities issued German stamps overprinted

Dates:		1940 - 1941
Currency:	100 pfennige = 1 mark

Album:		German Occupation Issues (WW2)

* Alsace-Lorraine

Area of eastern France taken over by Germany in the Franco-Prussian War.  During 1870-71,
there was a single issue for the whole territory.  Stamps of Germany replaced this and were
used 1872-1918.  The area was returned to France after WW1.  French stamps have been used
since 1918 except for the German occupation in WW2 (1940-1944) when separate issues were
made for Alsace and Lorraine.

Dates:		1870 - 1871
Capital:		Strasbourg
Currency:	100 centimes = 1 franc

See also:		Alsace (German Occupation);
		Lorraine (German Occupation)


Alwar was a feudatory state in Rajputana, northern India.

Dates:		1877 only
Currency:	12 pies = 1 anna; 16 annas = 1 rupee

Album:		Indian Native States

AM Post

Refer:		Anglo-American Zones (Military Government)


Refer:		United States of America (USA)

American, British & Russian Zones (General Issues)

These issues were introduced in February 1946 to replace the joint British and American
military issue and the various Russian provincial issues.  The French Zone continued to issue
separately.  When currency reform took place in June 1948, the Russian Zone again began
separate issues.  The British and American Zones continued to use the same stamps until
foundation of the German Federal Republic in September 1949.

Dates:		1946 - 1948
Currency:	100 pfennige = 1 Reichsmark

Album:		Germany (Allied Occupation)

See also:		Anglo-American Zones (Civil Government);
		Anglo-American Zones (Military Government);
		Russian Zone (General Issues)

American Samoa

No issues.  USA stamps have been in use since the territory was taken over in 1900.

Refer:		Samoa

American Zone

No separate issues.  From 1945-1949, always used the same stamps as the British Zone.

Refer:		American, British & Russian Zones (General Issues);
		Anglo-American Zones (Civil Government);
		Anglo-American Zones (Military Government)


Refer:		Trieste


Refer:		Venezia Giulia & Istria


A group of islands in the Indian Ocean, lying south west of the Seychelles.

Refer:		British Indian Ocean Territory;
		Zil Elwannyen Sesel

Amur Province

Amur is an inland province of eastern Siberia, lying due north of Manchuria.  In February 1920,
a communist regime was set up.  There was one issue of stamps with five values: 2, 3, 5, 15 and
30 roubles.  The inscription (translated) reads Amur Province Postage Stamp.  In April
1920, Amur was incorporated into the Far Eastern Republic.

Dates:		1920 only
Capital:		Blagoveschchensk
Currency:	100 kopecks = 1 rouble

Album:		Russian Civil War Issues

See also:		Far Eastern Republic

* Andorra

Operates a dual postal system with both Spanish and French offices issuing their own stamps.
Capital:		Andorra La Vella

Includes:		Andorra (French Post Offices);
		Andorra (Spanish Post Offices)

Andorra (French Offices)

Dates:		1931 -
Currency:	100 centimes = 1 franc
		(2002) 100 cents = 1 euro (€)

Album:		Andorra

Andorra (Spanish Offices)

Dates:		1928 -
Currency:	100 centimos = 1 peseta
		(2002) 100 cents = 1 euro (€)

Album:		Andorra

Anglo-American Zones (Civil Government)

Various issues common to these zones from the reform of currency in June 1948 until the
foundation of the Federal Republic in September 1949.

Dates:		1948 - 1949
Currency:	100 pfennige = 1 DM

Album:		Germany (Allied Occupation)

See also:		American, British & Russian Zones (General Issues)

Anglo-American Zones (Military Government)

A single issue with 35 values was used in both zones until the General Issues types (also used
in the Russian Zone) appeared in February 1946.  The Military Government issue was inscribed
AM POST DEUTSCHLAND (AM = Allied Military).

Dates:		1945 - 1946
Currency:	100 pfennige = 1 RM

Album:		Germany (Allied Occupation)

See also:		American, British & Russian Zones (General Issues)

Anglo-French Occupation of Togo

Refer:		Togo (Anglo-French Occupation)

* Angola

Former Portuguese colony, now an independent republic.

Dates:		1870 -
Capital:		Luanda
Currency:	(1870) 1000 reis = 1 milreis
		(1913) 100 centavos = 1 escudo
		(1932) 100 centavos = 1 angolar
		(1954) 100 centavos = 1 escudo
		(1977) 100 lweis = 1 kwanza

See also:		Africa (Portuguese Colonies)

Angora (Ankara)

Sited in Anatolia, Angora (now Ankara) is the present capital city of Turkey.  The European
part of Turkey, including the then capital of Constantinople, was under Allied occupation
1918-1923 following the defeat of Turkey in WW1.  A provisional nationalist government was
established by Kemal Ataturk at Angora, which he declared to be the new capital.

Having expelled the Greek invaders of Asia Minor (1921-1922) and averted a war with Britain
(1923), Ataturk was able to proclaim the new republic of Turkey on 28 October 1923 with himself
as president.  Ankara was confirmed as the capital despite the reinstatement of Constantinople
(now Istanbul) as Turkish territory.

During the period of the provisional government (1920-1923), various overprints were issued at
Angora.  In 1922, two sets of definitives were issued (cat. nos A79-A90 and A119-A124).  These
were replaced by the general Turkish issue (cat. nos 974-1012) of November 1923.

Dates:		1920 - 1923
Currency:	40 paras = 1 piastre

Album:		Turkey


Angra is one of the three administrative districts of the Azores, the others being Horta and
Ponta Delgada.  All are Portuguese territory.

Portuguese stamps have always been used in Angra (i.e., since 1853).  From 1868 to 1931, and
since 1980, stamps of Azores have also been in use.  The Angra stamps were two issues based on
Portuguese definitives but with an inscription of ANGRA.  Similar types were used in other
Portuguese colonies.

Dates:		1892 - 1905
Currency:	1000 reis = 1 milreis

Album:		Azores Territories

* Anguilla

Previously used stamps of: Great Britain 1858-60; Nevis 1861-70; St Christopher 1870-90;
Leeward Islands 1890-1956; St Kitts-Nevis 1903-52; and St Christopher Nevis Anguilla 1953-69.

The most northerly of the Leeward Islands, Anguilla was first colonised by English settlers in
1650.  During Britain's wars with France in the 18th century, it was attacked twice by French
forces (1745 and 1796) but they were repelled on both occasions.  Anguilla was administered as
part of the St Kitts-Nevis group but this was strongly resisted and Britain had to quell an
independence movement in 1967.

Anguilla finally became a separate entity on 19 December 1980, though it remains a British

Dates:		1967 -
Capital:		The Valley
Currency:	100 cents = 1 dollar

See also:		St Christopher Nevis & Anguilla;
		Leeward Islands


One of the larger Comoro Islands along with Great Comoro, Mayotte and Moheli.  Became a French
protectorate in 1866, since when its history has been shared by the other islands in the
Comoros group.  Anjouan is now part of the Comoros Republic.

Anjouan had three issues with 30 stamps in all.  The inscription used was SULTANAT D'ANJOUAN.
All stamps were the French Colonies "Tablet" types.

Dates:		1892 - 1914
Currency:	100 centimes = 1 franc

Album:		Madagascar & Dependencies

See also:		Comoro Islands


Refer:		Angora

Annam (Indo-China)

Annam was the central province of Vietnam, lying between Tongking and Cochin China.  One
regional issue with 11 values was produced when the province was part of French Indo-China.
At the same time, there was a regional issue for Cambodia.

Dates:		1936 only
Capital:		Binh Dinh
Currency:	100 cents = 1 piastre

Album:		Indo-China Territories

See also:		Cambodia (Indo-China)

Annam & Tongking (A&T)

Dates:		1888 - 1892
Capital:		Hanoi
Currency:	100 centimes = 1 franc

Album:		Indo-China Territories


Dates:		1862 -
Capital:		St John's
Currency:	(1862) 12 pence = 1 shilling; 20 shillings = 1 pound
		(1951) 100 cents = 1 dollar

Album:		Antigua & Barbuda

* Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda is the official name of an island group in the Leewards which comprises
Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda.  It was first colonised by English settlers in 1632.  During the
18th century, African slaves were imported to work on the sugar plantation and, as in other
Caribbean islands, this created a predominantly black population.  Slavery was ended in 1834.
The country became independent of Britain on 1 November 1981.

Dates:		1981 -
Capital:		St John's (Antigua)
Currency:	100 cents = 1 dollar

Includes:		Antigua;

See also:		Leeward Islands


Dates:		1868 - 1906
Capital:		Medellin
Currency:	100 centavos = 1 peso

Album:		Colombian Territories


Belgian Congo overprint which means "Allemand Occupation".

Refer:		German East Africa (Belgian Occupation)


AOF = Afrique Occidentale Française

Refer:		French West Africa

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