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Overprint on French Colonial Commerce types of Annam & Tongking issued on 21 January 1888.
The stamps also carried a surcharge of 1 or 5 centimes.

Refer:		Annam & Tongking

* Abu Dhabi

Dates:		1964 - 1972
Capital:		Abu Dhabi City
Currency:	(1964) 100 naye paise = 1 rupee
		(1966) 1000 fils = 1 dinar

See also:		British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia;
		Trucial States;
		United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Refer:		Ethiopia


Refer:		Azerbaijan


ACORES (Portuguese spelling) is the inscription on all Azores stamps.

Refer:		Azores


Dates:		1937 - 1963
Capital:		Aden Town
Currency:	(1937) 16 annas = 1 rupee
		(1951) 100 cents = 1 shilling

Album:		Aden Protectorate States

* Aden Protectorate States

Collective name for various states in the Hadhramaut region of southern Arabia.

Includes:		Aden;
		Kathiri State of Seiyun;
		Mahra Sultanate of Qishn & Socotra;
		Qu'Aiti State in Hadhramaut;
		Qu'Aiti State of Shihr & Mukalla;
		South Arabian Federation;
		Upper Yafa

See also:		Southern Yemen

Adelie Land

French territory (Terre Adelie) on the Antarctic mainland.

Refer:		French Southern & Antarctic Territories

Adrianople (Edirne)

The Treaty of Sevres (1920) gave Greece a mandate for Eastern Thrace, including Adrianople.
Turkish stamps in Adrianople were overprinted High Commission of Thrace and surcharged.
Adrianople was returned to Turkey by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1922 and is now called Edirne.

Dates:		1920 - 1922
Currency:	100 lepta = 1 drachma (Greek)

Album:		Thrace

See also:		Eastern Thrace;
		Greek Occupation Issues


AEF = Afrique Equatoriale Franšaise

Refer:		French Equatorial Africa

* Aegean Islands (Dodecanese)

Dates:		1912 - 1945
Capital:		Rodhos (Rhodes Town)
Currency:	100 centesimi = 1 lira (Italian)

Includes:		Astypalaea;
		Castelrosso (Kastellorizon);

See also:		Dodecanese Islands (Greek Occupation);
		Greek Occupation Issues;
		Middle East Forces (MEF)

Afars and Issas

Refer:		French Territory of Afars & Issas

* Afghanistan

Dates:		1870 -
Capital:		Kabul
Currency:	(1870) 3 abasi = 1 rupee
		(1920) 60 paisa = 1 rupee
		(1926) 100 pouls = 1 afghani

* Africa (Portuguese Colonies)

A general issue for all Portuguese colonies in Africa and the Atlantic.

Dates:		1898 only
Currency:	1000 reis = 1 milreis

See also:		Angola;
		Cape Verde Islands;
		Portuguese Congo;
		Portuguese Guinea;
		Sao Tome e Principe

Africa Occidental Espanola

Refer:		Spanish West Africa

Africa Orientale Italiane

Refer:		Italian East Africa

Afrique Equatoriale Franšaise

Refer:		French Equatorial Africa

Afrique Occidentale Franšaise

Refer:		French West Africa

* Aitutaki

The 1903-1932 issues were New Zealand stamps with an overprint of AITUTAKI.  Stamps of
the Cook Islands were used 1932-1972 without overprint.  Local issues began in 1972.

Dates:		1972 -
Capital:		Arutunga
Currency:	100 cents = 1 dollar

Includes:		Aitutaki (New Zealand Administration)

See also:		Cook Islands;
		New Zealand

Aitutaki (New Zealand Administration)

Aitutaki is part of the Cook Islands, and lies about 140 miles north of Rarotonga.  It consists
of many volcanic and coral islets around a lagoon.  The total land area is only 7 square miles.
Access by sea is via an offshore anchorage with boat passage to Arutunga.  There is also an
airstrip which was built in WW2 by American forces.  The population, less than 2500, is mainly

Dates:		1903 - 1932
Capital:		Arutunga
Currency:	12 pence = 1 shilling; 20 shillings = 1 pound

Album:		Aitutaki


One of the Trucial States which became the United Arab Emirates in 1972.

Ajman was one of the most notorious sources of stamps that had dubious postal connections.
Few, if any, Ajman stamps are of interest and all issues during 1967-72 must be regarded as

Dates:		1964 - 1967
Currency:	(1964) 100 naye paise = 1 rupee
		(1967) 100 dirhams = 1 riyal

Album:		Trucial States

* Aland Islands

Aland is an autonomous province of Finland.  It is a group of islands in the Baltic at the
mouth of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Separate issues began in 1984 although stamps of Finland continued to be valid.  From 1 Jan
1993, Aland began its own postal administration and Finnish stamps ceased to have validity

Dates:		1984 -
Capital:		Mariehamn
Currency:	100 penni = 1 markka

See also:		Finland

* Alaouites

Alaouites (Alawi) is a district of Syria lying on the coast between Hatay and Lebanon.
It was formerly part of the Turkish Empire but was placed under a French mandate in 1920.  It
became an independent republic and was renamed Latakia (after the capital) in 1930.  On 28
February 1937, it was incorporated into Syria.

Stamps of France were issued in 1925 with overprint ALAOUITES.  These were soon
superceded by stamps of Syria bearing the same overprint.  In July 1931, stamps of Syria were
issued with overprint LATTAQUIE.  Since 1 March 1937, stamps of Syria without overprint
have been in constant use.

Dates:		1925 - 1930
Capital:		Latakia
Currency:	100 centimes = 1 piastre

Includes:		Ile Rouad;

See also:		Syria


Largest state of the USA but separated from the rest by Canada.  Discovered by Bering in 1741,
it was first settled by Russia in 1744.  The USA purchased the territory in 1867 for $7.2
million at a penny an acre.  Alaska was admitted to the union on 3 January 1959 as the 49th

There was no postal service under Russian ownership.  Alaska has used stamps of the USA only.

Capital:		Juneau

Refer:		United States of America


Refer:		Alaouites

* Albania

Used stamps of Turkey 1870-1913.

Dates:		1913 -
Capital:		Tirana
Currency:	(1913) 40 paras = 1 piastre (or grosch)
		(1913) 100 qint = 1 franc
		(1947) 100 qint = 1 lek
		(1965) 100 quindarka = 10 old leks = 1 new lek

See also:		Durazzo (Italian Post Office);
		German Occupation Issues (WW2);
		Greek Occupation Issues;
		Italian Occupation Issues;
		Italian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire;
		Korce (Koritza);
		Scutari (Italian Post Office);
		Valona (Italian Post Office)

Albania (German Occupation)

Relevant stamps are catalogue nos 389-408 of Albania.

Dates:		1943 - 1944
Currency:	100 qint = 1 franc

Album:		German Occupation Issues (WW2)

Albania (Greek Occupation)

Greek stamps with overprint were issued.

Dates:		1940 - 1941
Currency:	100 lepta = 1 drachma

Album:		Greek Occupation Issues

Albania (Italian Occupation)

Relevant stamps are catalogue nos 337-388 of Albania.

Dates:		1939 - 1943
Currency:	100 qint = 1 franc

Album:		Italian Occupation Issues


Refer:		British Indian Ocean Territory;
		Zil Elwannyen Sesel

* Alderney

Dates:		1983 -
Capital:		St Anne
Currency:	(British) 100 pence = 1 pound

See also:		Guernsey

Aleutian Islands

A chain of islands, sparsely populated, which stretch westward across the North Pacific from
Alaska.  Politically they are part of Alaska.  Have used stamps of the USA only.

Capital:		Dutch Harbor

Refer:		United States of America (USA)


Refer:		Hatay

Alexandria (French Post Office)

A French Post Office was opened at Alexandria in 1830.  It issued French stamps without
overprint or surcharge 1857-1899.  In 1899, it began issues of French stamps with an overprint
of ALEXANDRIE.  Issues from 1921 were surcharged in Egyptian currency.  The office
closed in 1931.

Dates:		1899 - 1931
Currency:	(1899) 100 centimes = 1 franc
		(1921) 1000 milliemes = 1 pound (Egyptian)

Album:		Egypt (French Post Offices)

Alexandria (Italian Post Office)

This office used Italian stamps only (no overprint or surcharge).

Refer:		Italian Post Offices Abroad


Refer:		Alexandria (French Post Office)

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