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Spirit's Opinion Revered

Revered Sirius USEIT

Matthew 10:20

10:20 For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.

Luke 12:12

12:12 For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.

Opinion Revered to the Churches

In The Eternal Father And The One Son That Got It Right
Who Left Us All The Reveller Of Truths So That We May All Be Awoken And Saved
Three Of A Perfect Pair Not One Trinity
& The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived AMen Aaron' Men

Studying All Religions While Catching Out What's Hoaxed

Romans 12:2

12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

From The Beginning On Earth Was Knowledge Corrupt Knowledge
We Were Cattle To God And Tempted By The Corrupt Knowledge To Follow Temptation
In So Doing God Used His Sword To Penetrate That Knowledge By Confronting It
The Word Walked Amongst Us And Was The True Knowledge
The Corrupt Knowledge Would Not Perceive Him
The True Knowledge Planted His Seed And Left The Reveller Of Truth
Whom Through Corrupt Knowledge Would Awaken Paths And Reveal Truths
For The Corrupt Knowledge Ruled And Was Long To Be Cleansed
Through Hearing The True Knowledge
The Reveller Would Be Sown In The Hearts Of Those Whom Accept
And Would Help In Driving The Corrupt Knowledge From All Beings
Who Had No Choice But To Obtain It
Until The True Knowledge Returns To Destroy The False
The Corrupt Knowledge Will Endure And Prevail
And No Being Can Reveal Truths Except Through The Reveller Of Truths
And In So Doing The Other Will Know In There Heart
That The Knowledge Was True
Who So Ever Seeks The Truth Must Seek Through The Spirit
For No One Congregation Nor Being Has The Truth
But We All Know The Truth Through The Holy Spirit
For John/(Elijah) The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
Proclaimed The Spirit
And The True Knowledge Gave It In Righteousness Of Truth
Knowing Our Fate

Matthew 10: 34

10:34 "Don't think that I came to send peace on the earth.
I didn't come to send peace, but a sword.

John Came To Turn The Hearts Of Babes To There Elders
And The Hearts Of Elders To There Children
But Jesus Came To Turn The Hearts Of Children Against There Parents
And Parents Against There Babes
For The World New Him Not And The World Testified Against Him
Every Church Is Waiting For Jesus To Return
When We Are Told By Jesus To Wait For John
The Greatest Man And Prophet Who Ever Lived
And Only Prophet That Got It Right And Died For The Couse
Hence Took Up His Cross Revealed The Spirit
Obeyed His Blood And Gave To The Then Thought Wicked Priest
What Was Rightfully His

For The Sword Was Threatening To The Elite And Disobeyed False Ways
John And Jesus Aaron's Men True Aaronic Priest's Of The Daughters Of Aaron
Were Slain By Satan's Kingdom Ruled By Corrupt Knowledge
But Jesus On Arising Proclaimed To Satan's Kingdom
The True King And High Priest And Only True Melchizedek Priest To Date
John Will Return Once Again Mimicking His Own Ways
And Jesus Will Devastate The Corruption Paithed From The Beginning Of Days
Before He Shows His Loving Ways Again
Elijah/John The Righteous This Is His Good News
One With More Knowledge Comes After Me Who I Am Unworthy To Correct
The True Knowledge Took Charge And John's Teachings Where Then Irrelevant
Till His Return As Promised By Jesus The Christ
Whom Planted A Good Seed Amongst Weeds To Remain Till His Own Return
And Guide His Followers For All The Wrong The Prophets Had Preached
Before John/Elijah And To Ease Our Fate
Jesus States In Matthew ^Above^
Because That Is How We Are Taken By The Unfound And Corrupted
Be Them Kin Or Neighbour When Confronted With The Sword
For Satan Is Ruler Of This World And Death
But We Are Not Of This World And Fear Not Death
But Testify To True Knowledge
And Are Blamed Through Corrupt Knowledge
So To Even Disrupt Our Households

Mark 9:42

9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is
better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

We Are Born Pure Of God In Righteousness And Just Knowing What's Right
As We Grow In Satan's Kingdom We Are Corrupted And Raped
Taken Advantaged Of The Corrupt Knowledge And Falsity's Forced Upon Us
Our Key Is As Little Children From Whence We Came
To Awake From The Lies And Reunite With The Truths Through The Spirit Hence
Assuredly I Say To You Unless You Are Converted And Become As Little Children
You Will By No Means Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven Hence Hence
Let The Little Children Come To Me And Do Not Forbid Them
For Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
AMen As We Exit The Way In Which We Came
Completing The Cycle For Which Were Made
Aaron's Rod Surely Verily Blossomed
And All Children Are Surely Saved In Christ
For It Is Not The Will Of Our Father Who Is In Heaven
That One Of These Little Ones Should Perish Hence Hence Hence
Most Assuredly I Say To You Unless One Is Born Again
They Can Not See The Kingdom Of God
Unless One Is Renewed With The Spirit They Are Corrupted Flesh

Luke 1:5

1:5 There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judea, a certain priest named Zacharias,
of the priestly division of Abijah. He had a wife of the daughters of Aaron,
and her name was Elizabeth.

Holy Blood Holy Grail

Aaron' Blood Passed By Daughters To Their Sons Bares The Aaronic Priesthood
Joseph Bore Protection And Just From The Lineage Of David
And Mary And Elizabeth Lived There Lives Accordingly
Man Protects Woman Nurtures Hence
True Priest's Need Not Have Relations

AMen Aaron' Men

*Opinion* All Religions Are Wrong With Some Right Ways *Revered*

Sqorpio1980 *Opinion Revered* All Offal's Of Christ

Sqorpio1980 *Revered* The Last Supper *Opinion* Da Vinci Con

*Revered* Spiritology Sqorpio1980's *Opinion* Channeled

Gens Of Isis Sqorpio1980 *Revered* Our Lord Of The Virgin's *Opinion*

Lord Of Sirius Sqorpio1980 *Revered Opinion* Of The Seal

*Revered* John The Baptist *Opinion* Baptizmo

Decipher The Parable Life Is A Dropkick
It Has To Hit The Ground Before Its Kicked In The Right Direction

The Spirit Says
Worship The Real Jesus Not The Fabrication Here Of

Sqorpio1980 Quotes

Knowledge Is Corruption Vanity And Greed To Know Is Life's Love Exposure And Seed

A Lion Knows To Care For Babes But To Eat When Hunger Tames But The Next Day
Repeats Again A Calf Knows To Stand Once Born Lest Mourn The Lions Scorn And
Realize Its Place To Walk So We Should Do To Renew Our Place Of Home
But That's For The Meek To Know

As Once Shown By The Christ Well Known Move A Mountain With Belief Shown And
Speak Your Mind For In Time Manipulation Will Chime And All Will Refrain
In There Mind Frame Till Our Saviour Stands Again On This Earth In Part He
Made As He Desolates All Pain And Former Things Are Passed Away

Life's A Wheel It Comes Back To You Don't Get Brainwashed With The Other Crew
We Live And Learn Not Read And Burn And Our True Beings Displayed By Spirit
Our True Intentions Are Our Key To Eternal Life Not Someone Else's Hype

We Don't All Have To Be Sheep But Follow Our Hearts And Complete Our Trials At Hand
For The Lyric Of Life On Demand And Be As Lambs To Wonder On Our Own Path
With The Spirit From The Start

Hope And Act In Loves Name And Over Power Evils Gain If Searching For Religion True
Take A Look In Side Of You Don't Search For Others Minds Acquire A Bible
For Own Study Time Only Listen To Your Heart And Gather Emotions When Deciphered
The Task Think And Take It In And Then You Will Begin In The Church Of The Lord
Unconditional Life's Reward

Seek And You Will Find But Keep An Open Mind And Only Grasp What Touch's Heart
For There's The Spirit Awakening Paths

Vanity Of Vanities Were All Vain Think Of Our Self's For Our Own Gain

Awaken Awake Be Yourselves Don't Promote The Beast With Others Help
We Were Born With The Facts And Fear Changed Our Hidden Tracks

Through All Love Prevails And Only Heart Tells True Tails

Show Nothing But Love Of Just Course Rebuking All Of Your Spirituality's Rewards

Expose Secrets Change Our Ways Bring To Surface Corruption And Look To Better Days
Indulging In The Mysteries Of Life Instead Of Taking For Granted Exactly That
The Mystery Of Life

Awake Awaken Praise That Which Made Everything With Personal Cause
Not Someone Else's Selfish Reward

True Love Is That Unconditional Touch Of The Heart Expressed Through Crossing Relations
Paths Any Thing In This World Can Be Done Every Thing Returns From Whence It Came
And The Multiverse Is To Vast To Be Taking Things For Granted Again So Wake Up
Refrain From The Evils That Torment No Shame And Wo Restrain For The Devils Name

So Realize What's Before Your Eyes And Learn But Know What's Wise And Seek
Awakenment For All That Awaits

Trust In Yourself Through The Holy Spirit To God The Father Of Heaven And In Love
Subside Of All That Is Wise

Bible Relevance
Matthew To Acts Hebrews To Revelation All Else Is Irrelevant
Except For Their Moral Truths John The Baptist Expels All Prophets And You Should Take
Saul The Paul's Word 1Corinthians 15:8 - 10
Strength For The People Nothing More

One True Prophet
True One Prophet One Seer Of The Ghost One Reveller Of Christ One Truth One Way One
Greatest Man And Prophet That Ever Lived To This Day And Forever

Gods Representative
The One Child That Got It Right Our Brother Or Our Woman's His Mother Or Sister
One That Was Not Of Heaven Earth Or Sea Including Hidden Places Our Christ Lord And
Saviour And The Ones Representative To The People From Our God The Father. Messiah

He That Comes In Jesus' Name Knowledge Is Satan's To Know Is Gods The Bible Is
Corruption Through Corruption The Spirit Reveals Truths That Which Is But Yet Is Not
And Representative Of Jesus A Name Of Our Christ Here On Earth

Fruitless Figless
You Know The Parable Of The Fig Tree But What Of The Meaning Of The Figless Figtree
No It Is Mans Destiny For All Who Bare No Good Works In God

AMen Aaron' Men




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