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corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption/manipulation/corruption



Exposing Corruption Manipulation Signs Symbols And Secret Societies

Lets Get One Thing Strait I Have No Intention Of Bagging Anyone Or Calling Them Ridiculas
Names But I Do Intend To Point Out The Obvious And Make The Most Of My Common Sense As
It Is God Given I Do Intend To Pass On Other's Work For The Benefit Of Beings And To Help
Certain Peoples Out Of The Hole Dug Around Them And The Greed And Vanity That Rules Our
Babylonian Society Ever Feel Manipulated By The Press Well That's There Intention What About
Corrupted By The Government Its There Intention Too Have You Ever Seen A Symbol/Sign That
Changed Or Tamed Your Very Mood Well That's Playing With Your Subconscious There Intention
Too What's The Point Well There's To Many Snakes In The World And Were There Pray So Next
Time You Get Told To Be Enlightened Say Id Rather Be Awakened Than Blinded By Light As For
The Templars/Secret Societies All I Can Say Is How Can You Be Free If You Keep Secrets Half
The Matured World Think Most Of Us Are Merely Beasts Of Burden And No Better Than Cattle
Well I Say To You That Subconscious Youse Like Playing With Was Programmed By One And You
All Play With The Other Ok Heres A Sirius One I've Got No Problem With The Police Except 2 Things
They Woke Me Up Early One Morning A Hole Bunch Of Them 3 With Guns Pointed To My Head Well
1 Had The Decency To Say Sorry As For The Other 5 They Must Of Wore Skirts And The Fact The
Australian Police Still Have Un Upside Down Pentagram As There Logo
(Guess Hitler Would Be Pleased) Doesn't That Stand For The Devil You Will Find It Does Didn't
There Horse Instructors Ever Teach Them Which Way To Place A Horse Shoe Aren't Superstitious
You'll Find Every Ones Superstitious To A Point But That Is The Point Lets Face It Help Is On
The Way But Until Then We Must Not Be Slithered On Because Its All In The Scriptures That Is
Prophecy's And If You Will Only Retreat The Rat Race For A Few Days To See Some Startling Views
Until Then The Curse Of Above Will Reign Ok Heres Something More Sirius Churches Most Think
Joining Is Key To Eternal Life Once Jesus Returns Well The 144000 Of Gods Chosen Will Not Be
Defiled By Wemen Or Proper Translation The 144000 Of Gods Chosen Will Not Be Corrupted By
Churches Isn't That A Relief Considering Some Of The Corruption Im Sure You Have All
Seen/Witnessed The Only Good Point Of Churches That's Lasted Is The Unconditional Love From
Some Not All Of The Disciples/Followers Of The Many Sects Through The Millennia As For The
Translations Of Prophecy Well God Gets Credit For That Through His Vessels/Apostles We All Have
The Answers But That's Exactly What The Above Would Like Us Not To Think But Fact Rests We Are
All Alike Just As Animals Know What To Do We Know What To Do Its Built In Part Of The Creator
But Were The Above Gets Of Is We Are All Gods Since Eve Ate The Fruit Of Knowledge We Have Been
Knowledge Full But Knowledge Is Opposite Too Know To Know You Have Witnessed Knowledge Is
Someone Else's Word There For Knowledge Is Corruption To Know Is Too See Its Common Sense To Me
So The Above Know Our Purpose Was To Be As Cattle To God There For Manipulate What's Built In
(Subconscious) For Them Self's That Is For The Ruling Elite That Is For The Peak Of The Pyramid
For Below Lies Corruption Manipulation And Deceit Pretty No Full On Yes Well Nothings Changed
Since Jesus Was Here But That's The Point To All That Shrugged Listen Carefully What Do You
Know Of Your Prince That He Was All Loving And Only Did Right Yes All This But More He Hated
The State Of The World All Was Wrong He's Purpose Was To Make A Stand For Common Man/Woman
/God For The Sake Of The Coming Kingdom Of God From Heaven On Earth For Heaven Is Our Outer
Sphere/Cosmos And Earth Is In Heaven But The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Coming To Earth See The
Reality Signs And Symbols Aren't Bad Things Its Just When There Manipulated Or Corrupted When
Gone Wrong Cause You'll Find The Bible Full Of Them But Follow Your Soul Not Someone Else's
Role To Succeed So Listen To Jesus When He Says Corruption Manipulation Secrets And Lies Cause
You'll Find There All The Wrong Ways In Life So Lets Get On With The Good Stuff
Try These Out For Starts

The Queen Bout England With A Stick

Blue Blood Comes With Eating With Silver

You Own Nothing Its All Owned By The State ie (Queen & Brothers of Secrets)

Convicts Were Sent To Australia To Tame A Land

September 11 Was Government Planed

Herd Of Diocletian's Problem Reaction Solution Create A Problem See The Reaction Give A
Solution Well It Happens Every Day Just Watch The News Shifty Pricks But That's Life And Were
In It So Wake Up Awaken See Through It How About Going To A Gathering And Every Ones Talking
About The Same Event Well That Was The Plan Total Manipulation On Demand But Most Are So Vain
That Alls The Same In There Manipulated Mind Frame What About The New World Order There's Only
One Person Allowed To Permit It And You Guessed It The Christ Well Nebukadnezar Tried It Cesar
Tried It Alexander Tried It Hitler Tried It I Could Go On But Now The Bush's Are Trying It
Through There Brothers Whom Pull There Strings To Start Of With There A Bunch Of Bootleggers
ie Drug Runners Plus More (See Gangs of New York) Relevant & True Plus Skull and Bones Should
Ring A Bell Talking About A Manipulative Spell Well You Have A Brain You Can Correct Me And I
Will Refrain But To Much Fact Overrides Persuasion And That's Our Gain If You Ask Me We Should
Have Clothes House & Food Provided And All Else We Work Provided Good Pay Short Hours Or
Legitimate Hard Work Of What We Feel Our Path Is In This Life Waiting For Our Saviour But Not
All Would Agree Take JFK For Example Some One Couldn't Handel The Just In Action Otherwise The
Driver Of The Car Wouldn't Of Been Paid To Shoot The Final Bullet For His Brothers Sake And The
New World Order But As We Move Forward To Tyranny Most Will Be Delusioned Except A Few Who In
Most Cases Will Zip There Mouth For There Sake And The Coming Concentration Camps But The Others
Who For Good Gods Sake Will Awaken Those Enlightened For The Purpose Of Being And Expose The
Corruption That Certain Peoples Would Kill To Cover Tracks Well Me Im Not The Killing Sort But I
Will Be Judging You On Your Killing Floor In The End Days By Your Ways Once On Display But Until
Then Im Your New sense By My Sense Of Ways Until You Pay So Here We Go Again Open Your Mind
Frame How Many People Tell You Sad Wings Of Destiny Not Much Well Its The Truth Isn't It As For
Above But For All In The End You Cant Really Learn Except Through Hard Ships Life's Trials And
Tribulations Through Your Life There For You Have Done And You Know So Listen To Others Rebuking
There Life's But When It Comes To Knowledge To Think To Know Without Doing Disregard The
Conversation For Knowledge Is Corruption Vanity And Greed To Know Is Life's Love Exposure And Seed
Take Einstein And Tesla For Example Tesla Knew There For He Did Einstein Was Full Of Knowledge
There For He Tried But Most Of Einstein's Inventions Were Based On Others Theory's Including Tesla
But No One Could Make Money Of Teslas Theory's They Were All Free He Knew But Einstein's Theory's
You Had To Generate Certain Things To Proceed There For Make M o n e y Money He Was Based On
Knowledge To Mix And Match A Equation There For In The End Not Knowing But Guessing Tesla On The
Other Hand (right) Knew Therefore Did Knowing It Would Work Completing Patents Without Trial Or
Error With Complete Conclusion That His Product Was Right But Tell That To The Pricks Who
Destroyed His Life Fact In Progress Life Is Simple They (Elite) Make It Hard All We Got To Do Is
Follow Our Hearts As Animals Do A Lion Knows To Care For Babes But To Eat When Hunger Tames But
The Next Day Repeats Again A Calf Knows To Stand Once Born Lest Mourn The Lions Scorn And Realize
Its Place To Walk So We Should Do To Renew Our Place Of Home But That's For The Meek To Know So
The True Peek Of The Triangle Is The Creator And The Elite Are Merely Pulling Strings To Manipulate
What's Been And Seen To Override Our True Beliefs And Conquer What's Been Deceased But As Once
Shown By The Christ Well Known Move A Mountain With Belief Shown And Speak Your Mind For In Time
Manipulation Will Chime And All Will Refrain In There Mind Frame Till Our Saviour Stands Again On
This Earth In Part He Made As He Desolates All Pain And Former Things Are Passed Away But How Many
Church's Tell You That There All In It For The M O N E Y Money But They Don't Want You To Know
Freely Comes Freely Goes As The True Disciples Showed Life's A Wheel It Comes Back To You Don't
Get Brainwashed With The Other Crew We Live And Learn Not Read And Burn And Our True Beings
Displayed By Spirit Our True Intentions Are Our Key To Eternal Life Not Someone Else's Hype So Our
True Church Is As We Steep Out Side The Door In Which We Came Completing The Cycle For Which Were
Made Not Following The Footsteps Of Others Games For Example

War You Cant Have It Without The Funding

Hate You Cant Have It Without Dispute

Most Intentions Are Misleading

And How Many Hearts Tell The Truth

Ok How Much Solving Do You See In Parliament Debates To Me Its Like The Old Saying Pist As Parrots
There All Up Them Self's And Intermingled In There Secret Sects Providing Nothing But Hatred For
Each Other And Manipulation/Corruption For The Public You'd Think As We Are All Humans We Would
All Want The Same Thing The Basics The Rest Ok Well We'll Kneel For But Come On Food Water Shelter
Clothes Is All That's Asked And Why Not Lay Down Your Arms And Work Together For Years Till Ya Get
It Right But Know Babylon We Go Ecclesiastes Got It Right Vanity Of Vanities In This Life Most Will
Fall Too Idols Of Mourn Manipulated Into Thinking There Wrong Convinced To The Brink Of Giving Up
All Strength Well They May Get There Strength Through There Deviate Ways But As We All Know Pay
And We Don't All Have To Be Sheep But Follow Our Hearts And Complete Our Trials At Hand For The
Lyric Of Life On Demand And Be As Lambs To Wonder On Our Own Path With The Spirit From The Start

Hitler Was Persuaded He Was A Germanic God

Bush Took An Oath To The Order Of Death

All Commotion Is Hatred In Parliament

And Skull And Bones Is Of The Thule Society

Not To Mention Arnold Who Wants To Be Emperor Of The World And Praises Hitler And His Reich
For His Father Was One Of Hitler's Henchmen Some Say His A Clone Of The Reich I Say His A Over
Paid *^?+ Head But That's My Opinion As For Americas Constitution Its Slowly Morphing Into Some
Tyrannical Stuff Up That We Should All Be Aware Of But Manipulation/Corruption Prevails And
Most Aren't Take It From A Neighbour Or Someone From The Same State Alex Jones Have You Herd Of
Him Do You Know Of Him Well Him And His Hole Network Of Thousands Of Peoples Enough Proof From
America What About Britain David Icke He Has A Confusing Point Of View But Still More Than
Enough Proof/Evidence From His Thousands Of People So Awaken Be Saved As Jesus Once Restrained
For The Worst Is Yet To Be Displayed Hope And Act In Loves Name And Over Power Evils Gain If
Searching For Religion True Take A Look In Side Of You Don't Search For Others Minds Acquire A
Bible For Own Study Time Only Listen To Your Heart And Gather Emotions When Deciphered The Task
Think And Take It In And Then You Will Begin In The Church Of The Lord Unconditional Life's Reward
Ok By Now You Have Noticed Links All Over This Page Well That's For Your Benefit Of Not Taking One
Persons Word But Exploring For Your Self If You Look The Proof Is Every Ware Its Just A Matter Of
Seek And You Will Find But Keep An Open Mind And Only Grasp What Touch's Heart For There's The
Spirit Awakening Paths Ok Heaven & Hell Well The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Coming To Earth And Hell Is
The Grave Sheol A Body Pit Eternal Punishment Is Just That No Fire And Brimstone Or Horned Beast
With Pitch Fork But Death And No More Life Its Just There Fear Trying To Override Our Fragile Minds
Into Falling For There Scams For As Jesus Said You Don't Need Me And The Church Will Be Scattered
But The Holy Spirit Will Lead You Home And As For Ghosts Well Most Church's Would Tell You No Such
Thing Demons Probly But Remember Jesus And Mary Do Not Touch Me I Have Not Ascended To My Father
Yet And Then After In A Locked House He Appeared To Them In The Flesh Fully Ascended Well Now Tell
Me There's No Such Thing As Ghosts And All They Are Are Demons What About The Resurrection Will A
Bunch Of Demons Be Resurrected Instead Of Just Souls For Common Sense Is Souls Ghosts What's The
Difference There Dead And There Waiting For His Return And What About The Book Of Hebrews He Being
Dead But Speaketh Well Stop Listening To Other Peoples Knowledge And Start Knowing For
Yourself/Self's All I Can Say Is Most Think The Second Coming Is Going To Be All Loving And Full
Of Mirth Well Do You Think His Standards Have Changed Since Cesar And His Beast No I Didn't Think
So So He Will Be Here And He Will Be Pist Off And He Will Make His Pets Troubled So They Learn For
His Return For He New Sad Wings Of Destiny Was The Fruit Of Knowledge And Knowledge Will Destroy Us
All So What's Changed Since Eden Our Own Punishments Begun To Drag Our Self's Down By What Was
Warned At The Beginning Of Man But Vanity Of Vanities Were All Vain Think Of Our Self's For Our Own
Gain Nothings Changed As Led Zeppelin States The Song Remains The Same Well So Does Life's True
Pleasures And Pains Every Thing Else Has Changed Around Us But The Principle/Law Of Nature Hasn't
We Cant Look After Our Self's We Need Life's/Creator's Help So Grab The Rope And Be Towed They Say
Making One Think In God There Made When Clearly Taken Advantage Of What's Paved Remember We Are
All Gods We Ate The Fruit Of Knowledge And That is Why Ignorance To The Law Isn't Tolerated In Court
But Then Again They Make You Swear/Take An Oath On The One Book That Tells You Not To Proves
Corruption Rules This Point In Earths Life And Greed And Vanity Is More Rife Than Ever But Its
All In The Scriptures And We Should Be Aware Of It As It Has A Purpose We Must Learn From And Be
Awakened By And Stop Following History's Paths And Lies So Think Of This

The 144000 Will Not Be Corrupted By Church's

Daniel And Most Others Were All Deep Into The Occult (Spiritualism)

The Bible Is Not Only The Word Of God But Also The Devil (Based On Knowledge)

All Of Gods Chosen Have All Hated The State Of The World (Nothings Changed)

So Hows The Boiler Not Boiling Over I Hope All The Above Is Common Sense And I Feel Sorry For All
Those Brainwashed Into Thinking Anything Else And Those Already Given Away There Lives And
Belongings To Nim wits Who Preach Babel And Wast Preaches Time What About All Those Who Think
There Job Is Helping Others Find Christ Well Pull Ya Heads Out That's For The Spirit To Do Through
The One Himself Your All Wasting Your Time Hear And Helping Manipulate And Corrupt The Minds Of
Those Doing The Right Thing You Should Be Ashamed If Any Thing You Should Be Telling The People To
Hear With There Feelings And Do With There Hearts But No You'd All Prefer To Come Along Chew Them
Up And Spit Them Out Thinking Your All Knowing Through Others Knowledge Well Knowledge And Knowing
Are To Different Things Which Is Why The Bible Holds Satan Too If It Wernt For Him It Wouldn't
Exist But We Would All Just Know So The Creator Yoused It Against Him As He Did The Creator To
Correct A Jagged Path Back To The Start That's Why Were Born To Live And We Live To Learn You
Don't Learn If Ya Don't Do And If Ya Don't Do Its Merely Knowledge Worthless Corruption Of The
Mind Until Felt Or Done In Time So Know Your Better Than Those Who Oppose True Being And Thank In
God That You Can Understand When Lived It On Demand And There Is Such Thing As White Magic Not
Only Black As There's Illuminati(sun worship) And Illuminari(moon worship) So Next Time A Church Says
The Occult Is Evil Ask Which One For You Will Find Every Thing The Prophets Did Evolved Around It
Reading The Heavens Interpreting Dreams Seeing Into The Future Speaking With Guides And
Documenting Miracles Or Spiritual Occurrences Not To Mention Numerology So Why Take Someone's Word
When The Facts Are Left For Us To Know Through Common Sense Logic Subconscious And The Spirit Or
The True Word Of God Touching Heart As For The State Of The World Mandatory Mundicide Will Change
That That Is When The Second Coming Starts For We Are All Inferior To The True New World Order But
Slaves To The Novus Ordo Seclerum That Is Man's New World Order Of Corruption Manipulation And
Deceit Under The Peak Of The Pyramid That Is The Elite And Trusting In Church's To Protect You
Would Be A Fools Act For There Once It Started As Was One Of Jesus' Message's Well By Now You
Either Think I Speak The Truth Am A Crack Pot Or Seriously Mislead Maybe Even Nearly There But Fact
State's That's Exactly Were We All Are Somewhere Between All Of Them And Unless We All Speak Our
Minds I Cant See Us Getting Any Thing Right Because Every Church Thinks It Has The Answers But The
Answers Are With Us All Planted Raw And Unless We Speak Our Minds We Will Be Trodden On By Those
Who Like To Think They Are Somehow Better Than Us And Find Comfort Pitying Us Come On We Are All
Equal But That's Something Greed Cant Fathom For Instance

Capt James Cook Did Not Found Australia

What About The Gold Bullion Under The Trade Centre?

M O N E Y Money Is Merely Debt To England (gold's power)

Cops Serve And Collect Not Serve And Protect

And What You Think Is Yours Is Someone Elsa's

The Best Thing To Have In This Life Is Nothing Then They Cant Take Any Thing From Ya And Your
Debt Free That Is Until They Own Every Thing Including The Air We Breath And The Atoms That Make
Us And Every Strand Of DNA That's Living Then We Will Not Have A Choice And It Is Coming But Hope
The Seconds First But Really Come On A Cancer Of The Earth We Have Become And We Can Put It All
Down To Knowledge And We Can Stay Clear Of Their Ways And Watch As The Gospel's Displayed For If
Not There's Nothing We Will Destroy Ourselves The Proofs All Around So Awaken Awake Be
Yourselves Don't Promote The Beast With Others Help We Were Born With The Facts And Fear
Changed Our Hidden Tracks There's One Thing All Can Agree With There God Is Coming Down From
Heaven/Coming Down From The Sky Well That Says A lot For This Day And Age Not To Mention Past
Tense Cultures For Vast Is The Multiverse And All Planets Look To Their Stars I Wont Go Any
Further But You Should Get The Drift Think Of All The Ancient Remains All Over Our Continents
The Uncanny Things That Still Surface And All That Awaits? For Life Is To Short And Really Were
Brainwashed Slaves So Use Your Brain And Think Like Were Made Otherwise Power Slaves Will Be
The Course As Before But Through All Love Prevails And Only Heart Tells True Tails So Find Out For
Your Self's With The Spirits Help Because All This Is Nothing Compared If You Dare But Its Best
To Be Aware I Am For All The Silent And Just Worshipers Who Do It In Their Own Time And Don't
Exploit It Like Trying To Make Someone Notice Your New Hair Cut Wile Babbling Crap For All Those
Walked On Wile The Other Thinks Right And For All Beings Manipulated Of Your Just Well Think On
Your Own Accord And Speak As Well Expose What's Known And Destroy The Spell Show Nothing But
Love Of Just Course Rebuking All Of Your Spirituality's Rewards Thanks For Reading If You Got
Thus Far For All Below Must Be Shared And Felt And Im Just Like You Another Dealt So Open Minds
And Just Hearts To Take In The Following Masks

There Were Such Things As Giants And Little Peoples

Ufos Have Been Known For Centuries (ie visitors)

Human Skulls Were Found With Horns

There's Pyramids Every Were Predating Egypt

And What With The Crop Circles

All Mere Proof Of What Apparently Cant Be But Obviously Does And Not To Mention All In The Past
Who Just Couldn't Believe But It Obviously Was There Will Be A Lot More Of Breaking Down
Barriers As Time Permits For As Was Once Said Believe And It Shall Be So And Theirs A lot Of
Believing Done In This World So Their Will Be A Lot Of Sowing But Come On Theirs Things Every
Day That Are Unexplainable And We Take For Granted Or Pass As Luck Or Others That You Feel You
May Be Persecuted By But Its All Relevant And If Happened Its True And Known By You So You
Should Spread The Good News Rebuking Your Experience Or Revealing What Was Found For The Seas
Of Peoples Sake For Life's To Short When

Under Fifteen Families Own/Rule The World

By Folding US Dollar Bills You Clearly See The Twin Towers Fall

Government States They Would Use UFOs Against Us(problem reaction solution)

The Driver Of The Car Turned And Killed Kennedy

And All That's Tort In Schools Is A Charade For The Elite

Life As We Know It Is Upside Down Messed With Thrown About Pushed Around All For The Elites
Purpose Order And Rule Over All Continents Soon There Will Be No Money But Credit With Personal
Details Under The Skin Global Government Will Control The World GPS Controlled Every Thing And
Your Rights As Much As The Cattle We Slaughter Now So May Be Its Good That Life's To Short For
They Say The Dead Will Rise First But We All Have The Right To Know What's Known But I Think We
Can Say There's Not Much Sympathy In That Department Corruption Manipulation Rules The Secret
Societies Of This World And That's That Not Much Can Be Done Unless Your The Son But We Can
Expose Secrets Change Our Ways Bring To Surface Corruption And Look To Better Days Indulging In
The Mysteries Of Life Instead Of Taking For Granted Exactly That The Mystery Of Life So Take
This To Heart

For The Atonement = At One Moment/Meant

Walk Through The Entrance To Be Entranced

Go To The Altar To Be Altered

And Masonic Devine = Hypnotic Design

Can You Recall Being Told Don't Worship Anything Around Us Or Above But Worship Who Created It
There's Why Those Manipulative Ways Of Sucking You In For A Course You Might Never Now How
Many Of You Display A Cross And Praise It What About Some Earthly Image Of A God Like Being
Well Fact Rests Your Sucked In To A Hypnotic Spell And Its Up To You To Brake Down The Walls
For The Only Praise You Should Be Praising Is Personal Between You/Now And Your Soul For The
Creator Because That Idol Was Made By Man Not Gods Hands So Awake Awaken Praise That Which
Made Everything With Personal Couse Not Someone Else's Selfish Reward And Realize What's
Before Your Eye's

Isis & Horus/Mary & Jesus

Nephilim/Aliens Breaded With Man

The Grail Of Life Is Our Bodies Carrying Life's Blood

Israel Isn't The Place But The 12 Bloodlines Of Jacob

Our Governments Have Been Storing Our DNA Since Before The 1980's

Well Says A lot For The Da Vinci Code But Even That's Designed To Wast Your Time And One Of David
Icke's Points Some Of Leonardo Da Vinci's Human Body Art Work Was Found With The Heart On The
Opposite Side Of The Body And Internal Organs Not Present Or In Different Positions In The
Body Well Da Vinci Had Bodies Given To Him Which Inturn He Autopsied And Documented Well Why
Would He Draw These Things If Not Of Witnessed It Bazaar But Real So When Reading These Don't
Forget To Feel

True Love Conquers All

There Aint No Mountain Too Tall

All Water Returns To The Sea

There Aint Nothing Now That Somewhere Has Been

True Love Is That Unconditional Touch Of The Heart Expressed Through Crossing Relations Paths
Any Thing In This World Can Be Done Every Thing Returns From Whence It Came And The Multiverse
Is To Vast To Be Taking Things For Granted Again So Wake Up Refrain From The Evils That Torment
No Shame And Wo Restrain For The Devils Name I Know My Writings Pretty Full On At Times But Its
Strait From The Mind Not Holding Back For Others Thought Crime But Channelling Mind To Form Not
Wasting Time With Right Or Wrong But Common Sense The Hole Way Along Well

Crystals Are Now Hard Drives (the crystal skulls found?)

Archaeology Is Proving Myth's And Tales Right From Wrong

Life Is Beyond Our Wildest Dreams (not what we think we Know)

And All To Come Will Spoil What's Shown

So Realize What's Before Your Eyes And Learn But Know What's Wise And Seek Awakenment For All
That Awaits

The King Of Beasts T Rex Is Now Considered A Scavenger

Guns In The Constitution Are So The People Can Rise Up If Wronged

Governments Now Are As Corrupt As Then (any government/beast in power)

And This Aint Propaganda Just The Bible Repeating Itself

That's Right The Hole Point And Teaching Of Jesus Christ Was Be Weary Of Your Governments
Because Government Never Meant But To Fight Don't Trust Your Churches Because There
Corrupt With Sin Trust In Yourself Through The Holy Spirit To God The Father Of Heaven
And In Love Subside Of All That Is Wise The More I Repeat This Stuff The Better Chance
You Have Of Remembering Take It From All The Advertising Outlets All Over The World
Luckily In This Case Its A Just Course So What About Something Else

Every Obelisk Represents Osiris's Dick? (14 peaces except)

Every Speaker Is A Microphone (your stereo)

There's Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs In Australia

URU Oldest Civilisation On Earth = Australia

It Aint Chance Every Continent Holds Pyramids

Life As We Know It Is Sense Feeling Trial & Error Not To Mention Praise Of Life It Self Now
Either There Was A Collective Conches Here Back Then Or We Were All Fully Aware Our Purpose
Was To Build Pyramids And High Places To Reach To The Heavens Even To The Gods But That's
Just All Written Off As Chance Well They Fail To Tell The Facts And Fact Is The Truth Is
Every Where Hills Were Even Carved As Platforms Of The Gods And The High Places We Just
Take Our Surroundings For Granted And Are Looking For Golden Arches And Fake Statues Of
Liberty Instead Of What's In Front Of Our Face As For Obelisks Well If Your A Mason You Know
Hiram Abif But Still A Falec Symbol Of Fertility And Fact The Only Missing Piece Of Osiris
After He Was Hacked Into 14 Pieces By Jealousy Still To Bear Son To His Sister As Horus The
All Seeing Eye Well It Makes You Question The Bible As A Form Of Conning The People But If
You Are Wise Then You Would Be Feeling With Your Heart And See Past The Corruption And Looking
To The Time When There Was No Jealousy But Complete Awe And Astonishment For Life All Knowing
In Our Self's That The Fact We Are Being Points To A Creator But Instead They Make Known All
This To Confuse The People Into Submission And Giving In To Their Control Offering Safety
For Our Rights So Again We Go

The Morning Star Represents Satan The Brightest Evening Star Rising Christ

Most Of All Civilisations Worship The Sun (Son)

Bless You Was Said When One Was Thought To Be Dieing From Plague

Australians Own 10% Of Australia (90%'s Foreign)

Australia Has The Oldest Living Aincent Civilisation On Earth

Well Their Getting What They Wont Complete Control Of A Hawed Of Puppets I mean Come On People
Walking Around Saying Bless You And Think There Doing A Good Deed Like Its Wrong To Sneeze
Buying Out Countries And Claiming Destroying Rights Saying Because A Piece Of Paper Says You
Passed Plastic You Own What's Clearly Not Something Anyone Owns Greedily Taking Over Ancient
Civilisations Breading Them Out Or Destroying Them Wile Plundering Preaches Substance And
Claiming Them Evil Or Wrong Because Of There Ways Take The Crusaders For Instance They Wonted
Riches For Starters And The People To Believe In The Son Of God But The Aborigines Leader
Believed He Was A Son Of The Sun For That Came Death Not To Mention Total Destruction Of An
Ancient Heritage Or Library Of Life But As Mother Shipton States The Son Of Man Will Be Of
The Illuminari (moon worship) Not Of The Illuminati (sun worship) So Ask Yourself This Fact
Remains What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg Common Sense Says The Egg/Creator

This Page Wasn't Planned So Maybe More In The Future? Check Back Soon! Free Thought In 3 Sittings

Note Written On 3 Occasions Christmas Eve 2005 three Evenings After And Tuesday The 10th Of January 06
Free Thought Running Writing Head To Screen


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