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Spirit's Opinion Revered

Undying Services Etched In Time
Daniel 9:17

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Now God Of Lords Our Allah Grace Mercy Praise Hear The Cry's Of Your Servants
There Prayers And There Supplications And For Jesus' Sake Cause The Glory Of
Your Face To Shine On Israel Your People Of Jacob Which You Have Made Desolate

Opinion Revered Continued
To The Church's

Awake Awaken Awakenment

John 1:1-3

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
In The Beginning Was God And The Word Was With God And The Word Was Of God
Jesus Was In The Beginning With God All Things Were Made By Jesus And
Without Jesus Nothing Was Made That Was Made

In The Beginning Was God Creator Of All Existence Allah Spoke And Jesus Was Born
First Begotten Son Of The All Knowing God Spirit Of All Reality
Jesus In Turn Was First Angel First Child Of The Creator The God Of Hosts
Creating All Else In Turn As The Word Of Allah The Creator Of All Material
Jesus Spoke And Every Thing Was Made His Our Sound Of Heaven Holder Of Life
Second Hand Creator Of Living And All Truth Out Of Holy Scripture's
As The Infinity Of Space Is So Is Jesus The Sound That Holds It Together
But Without God Jesus Could Not Have Created But Allah Has Mercy On All
That Heed His Call So We Have Our Prince Lord Of The Sky Our Host Of Heaven
Or Key To Remembrance And Ticket To God Lord Of Hosts For Our Lord Is Jesus
But Jesus' Lord Is Our Creator Whom Made The Sword Of Life But In The End
We Are All Gods Children And Hype Of Riotous Cry's And Souls Delight And
Through And Through Kneel Before The True Light Not A Mirror Of What's Right
So Awake Awaken Awakenment Is The Course As Before But That's Beyond Most's Sight
For Vanity's Delight But Hay Be Life May And Hail The Creator & His True Ambassador

Amos 5:8

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Seek After God Whom Made The Seven Sisters And Orion Who Rises The Sun Out Of
The Darkness And The Moon Out Of The Light Worship God Who Rises The Waters Up
With Mist And Pours Them Back Upon The Earth For The Lord Is His Name

Since The Dawn Of Time Man Has Looked To The Heavens For Signs And Wisdom Of The Ages
Seeking The Truth Of The Creator And Following The Ecstasy That Comes With Realization
With Soul Purpose Of Awakenment As Wisdom Grew So Religion Was Moulded
Morel Truths Were Fixed To Tales Myths The Common People Could Understand
Parables Were Recorded As Truths The Truths Cain Stole From Abel Were Regained
By Gods Grace To His Chosen Ones Whom Recorded And Gained Riotous Wisdom From
There Life's Work Un Able To Deny There Hearts But Able In Abel To Correct Cains Path
With All Gods Wisdom Gained The Chosen Incorporated There Riotous Truths
And Through Gods Awakenment Prophesised All Over The Globe The Coming Of The Messiah
The One Man Truth And Word Of God That Could Not Be Argued Or Disagreed With
But That All Whom New God Would Know The Messiahs Perfect Word's As Gods Own Word On Earth
All Over The Globe Is Remanence Of The Prophecy We The People Awaited For Centuries
For It To Be Fulfilled Leading Up To Jesus The Fulfilment Of Our Prophecy
Jesus Came and Renewed Abel's Goodness Released Gods People And Gave The Spirit
Back To All Whom Would Accept

Job 38:31-33

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Can You Bind The Sweet Influences Of The Pleiades Or Loose The Bands Of Orion Can You
Bring Fourth The Zodiac In Its Season And Guide A Constellation And Its Creation
Do You Know The Ordinances Of Heaven Can You Set Dominion Thereof On The Earth

Yes Our Ancestors New The Zodiac And New The Prophecy Of It Played Out On Earth
Thus Gods Way From The Start And The Foretelling Of The Messiah On Earth From Heaven
Many A Story Was Told And Told Again For Remembrance And Many Were Glade To For Fill It
And Its Remembrance In Stone But None Gave It To All Except Messiah Our Christ

John 1:10

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Jesus Was Born In To The World And The World Was Created Through Him
And The World Despised And Ignored Him

Our True Hope And Saviour And His Seal Of Man Jesus Christ Seal Of The Prophets
Word Flesh Son Saviour Christ Or Shall We Say Messiah Speaking Truths None Can Fault
Awakening Souls From A Mind Revolt And Preparing The Just For Others Masks
As Were Lead Through Certain Tasks Come On Soldiers Of Society Know Your Role
Expose Corruption And Bring Home Morel Law Our Liberty Presence And Instinct
Or God Given Right And Expose All You Know Is Strife
But Listen To Your Feelings As Your Heart Crumbles Or Is Moved By Our Creator
And Or Touch By His Word Jesus Messiah Of Messiah's Our Prince
Lord Of Lords King To Be At The End See As All Finely Believe
You Know Your Role Its Etched In Your Soul And Your Told To Forsake It
Well No More Brake The Wall And Step To The Valley And Proceed Death And In God Rest
But Know Always Fellow Souls From Where Our Lives Truly Evolved And Nay Forget
For The Ends Not Yet But Stand Firm By Virtuous Ways As The Spirit Of Prophecy Paiths
So Amen Aaron' Men Ammon God Of The Sun And All Of The Heavens Moon And Dying Days
Let Your Truth Save And Renew What Was Stolen And Retrieve What Was Lost

Job 9:9

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
The Creator Made Arcturus The Great Constellation Of Orion The Pleiades
And The Awesome Chambers Of The South The Chambers Of The Sons Of God
Our Chambers Of The Gods

Ha Ha You Say But Ha Ha Said The Clown Then There Was Led Zeppelin
So Just Think About It Ha Ha I Say Yard Birds Are Smarter Than Ya'll So Crawl
And Realize That What Was Not Before And Rebuke Your Experience And Hail God
Creator Unseen Entity Of All Nothingness Until The End Of Ages Has Come For Us
And If Not Born In Time Well Shine For The Dead Will Be Raised By Jesus First
After The Worlds Rebirth And If Your Conscience Is Clean
Then You Will Be Pleased On Your Side Of The Crevasse Awaiting The Chalice Of Allah
Or The Lamb We Must Follow To Redeem Our Earthly Wrongs That Not One Is Free From
But One Of Heaven That One Right Just And True Faithful To Me And You
But Only Herd By The Hearts His Lead Too

Servants Of God Those A Likened To The Truth
Messengers Of The Seal God Given Proof

Job 38:6

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Then Tell Me Where Are The Foundations Of The World Fastened
For God Laid The Cornerstone Of The Foundations Thereof

For Millennia We The People Waited For Our Chosen Saviour
Who Would Live And Act In Loves Name Prophesizing And Passing Our Hope
And Belief To The Elders Of The Future Until Finely Jesus Was Born
Throwing That Era Of Prophecy To The Dust And The Wait Had Only Just Started
The Miracle Had Been Performed And The True Saviour Had Arrived On Earth
All Belief Had Been Accomplished And The People Were To Move On
In The Light Of Truth So The Dead Sea Scrolls Where Hidden All Prophecy Was Sealed
And The Religions Leading Up To That One Moment Were Now Accomplished With No Need
Of More Time But Only Jesus' Devine Word Of Truth Left Within There Godly Proof All
Was For The People Whom Knew Gods Presence On Earth And Followed Him Wile Excelling
In Truth And Awakening His People Jesus Is The Word God Spoke In The Beginning And
The Word No One Finds Fault In Present He Is The Truth That We Ignored Wile Flesh
And The Ghosts Truth We Cant Deny By Fate So He Is Our Brother And Representative
To Our Father Creator Of The Multiverse And Jesus Will Return In Abel Strong And Firm
As The Saviour Of Our World With The Creator Of All And The Holy Angels For Horus Has
Been And Was Seen And Is To Come As Osiris Who Is As Piste Of Today With Seth
As The Day Seth Killed Him So Jesus Will Get His Way By Will Of The Creator And You
You Have No Say Unless Your Saved And Finely Yours Truly Will Be Paid
So Our Universe Is In Place Realized And Always Spinning But What You Fail To Realize
Is Our Universe Is Spinning Around A Multiverse Of Universes That Could Not Have Been
Unless For The First Sound Of God Whom Came To Awaken Gods Fellow Creations By Way Of
His Mother Sirius Our Dog Star Mans Best Friend So To Say The Prophesied Virgin Mary Isis
Whom All Magi Scribes And Followers Of The One Channelled Truth And Had To Reassemble
And Update The Prophesy That Had Just Come To Be And The Messiah That All Had Waited
To See Had Spoke And All Of God Heeded And Came To Understand Gods Master Plan
Well Sad Wings Of Destiny And We Asked For It So We By Means Of God Will Get It
Renewal Of Life Discarding All Strife A New Day Under A New Sun The Second Sun Sirius
As Lord Of There By Jesus Shall Be Our Light And Truth Shall Hide No More For God Allah
Will Be By His Side And Jesus Will Be As Osiris Our Gods First Fruit Of Man Abel
The Creators Hand On Earth The Right Way Of God Our Jesus Gods First Word
That Was Uttered By Image Of The Spirit Amongst The Void Representing Our Capstone
Or The Great Pyramid's Which Is In Place And So In Front Of Your Face
Awaken Awake Gods Presence On Earth The Holy Spirit Ghost Comforter Cant Be Denied
So Awakenment Is Life Not Blinded By Satan's Eye Understand Why

Isaiah 19:19-20

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
On That Day Was Completed An Alter To The Lord In The Land Of Egypt And A Pillar
At The Border Thereof And It Is A Sign And A Witness Of The Lord Of Hosts On
The Land Called Egypt For Many Summoned The Lord Because Of Oppressors And
God Sent Them His Begotten Son And Elijah For God Did Save And Delivered Them

Gods First Good Son For In Abel All Was Lost Was Our Downfall Lies And Jealousy Prevailed
And Cain Was Left To Spread His Seed Thus Adam Eve And Daughters Plotted The Prophecy
In Stone For The Emergence Of Abel's Good Deeds In The Eyes Of God Back On Earth
So That Evil Ways Would Not Be Rife Forever And That Grace Would Fall On Abel's Kind

Well Lets Speak In Secret Reincarnation Well The Bible Is Full Of It
Not Only Baste Around Our Messiah Gods Representative To The People
Named After The Holy Oil That Ran Down Aarons Face Christ But It Is The Bible
The Ancients And All Have Longed Or Wondered Of Life After Death
Well You Are Waiting For Jesus And So Am I Otherwise You Wouldn't Still Be Reading
But On The Contrary John The Baptist's Reincarnated As Elijah As Told By Oil
Elijah Is Reincarnated And Moses Is Reincarnated As The 2 Witnesses As Told By Oil
And What About Judas Iscariot Well Most Say The Antichrist
Well The Antichrist Works For God Just As Satan's Controlled By The Most High
So All Part Of The Master Plan The Creators Stand
So Know Of Jesus Like This He Is Not The Sun In The Sky He Is Not The Moon Or The Stars
But What They Represent Truth The Word Sirius The Star Of Truth Jesus The Lord Of Sirius
Gods Truth On Earth Awake Jesus Is Not Gods Only Son Jesus Is Our Oldest Brother
The True Big Good No Evil Brother And If You Are The Image Of Eve Well Like Oil
You Can Be His Mother Mary Wont Mind Jesus Stated It For All Time
And Well You Couldn't Take On The Strength That Is The Deliverer Of Truth
Way Being Mary Would Make Any Woman Seem Spiritually Week
But She Would Take Time To Give Sirius The Our Lord Gods Truth
To That Week Being As She Has Done For God And If You Know Jesus
Then You Would Know She Would Do It For Any Spiritually Week Being Still
And Not Deny Them Of Her Motherly Love

So Jesus Created All For God Then Sacrificed Himself Because We Fucked Up
Pathetic Us Well The Vine Dresser Shall Return And Most Will Burn
But The Chosen Will Survive And All UnWilling Evil
Will Spare The Pain Of The Willing But In All Will Be Tamed
*Awaken Love Is Jesus But Jesus Is Just Truth And Freedom Under The Creator
And That Is To Come Because Its Certainly Not Here
After Alls Raped By School And Force Feed A Fool
When Just Truth Freedom And Love Is Present Unconditionally
Then The Bride Is Present On Earth But Humans Are Demonic Agree With Me
Or Explain War I Think You Will Agree Ignorance No More

Matthew 2:15

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Joseph Was In Egypt Until The Death Of Herod So Was Fulfilled
What Was Written By The Prophets Of The Lord Of Hosts
Saying Out Of Egypt I Have Called My Pharaoh

Jesus Completed His Fate And Fulfilled Gods Grace Leaving Behind Accurate Faith
Not Shrouded With Control And Left His Father In The Hearts Of All
To Return In Time And Complete What Must Be Completed At The End Of The Age
As Peace And Prosperity Is Heralded In Through Truth
And The Death Of Corruption Is Celebrated
Wile Truth Stables The Living And Lies Rest In Hades

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AMen Aaron' Men


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