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Ok This Concerns The Last Supper Leonardo's Master Piece And Opinion In Paint
And Well As Dan Brown Assures His Work Is Fact So To I Do But The Difference Being
All My Facts Come From One Source And If Your Wise That Source Will Be On Your Book Shelf
Hopefully Un Corrupted And Pure If Not Find Another Version And Through Your Heart Endure

The Da Vinci Con

Leonardo's Real Hidden Message
Of The One Whom Jesus Loved

I Have Heard Enough About The Da Vinci Code And Holy Blood Holy Grail
To Simply Piss Me Off All They Do Is Blind The Reader With Light
And Corrupt Minds With Enlightenment That Simply Is Satan's
And Has Nothing To Do With God So Hear This But Follow Your Heart
And Correct Me If You Can But Know All I Expose Hear Has Been Revealed
And Channelled To Me By The Father Gods Presence On Earth
In The Name Of Our Pharaoh And Life Jesus Awake

Dan Brown States
This Is My Body This Is My Blood

Sqorpio1980 Knows
It Is He Whom Eats The Piece Of Breed Once Dipped
Sqorpio1980 Leonardo Reprint
(right click and download image for closer inspection)
Our Key Is The Fact Jesus Is Already Pointing To The Bread There For Peter Is
Retreating From Motioning Whom Jesus Loved And The Loved One Is Retreating
From Asking Jesus Two Apostles Are Concerned Its Themselves And The Rest Intrigued
And Thinking Vainly Of What He Had Said

Jude Or James The Less Just The Same It Could Be Also Thomas The Twin
But It Doesn't Change Da Vinci's Message Being Its Not John So The Gospel Goes

Matthew_26:20 - 23 Mark_14:18 - 20 Luke_22:21 - 23 John_13:21 - 26

Leonardo Da Vinci World Con Revealed
By The Spirit With Commonsense To Sqorpio1980

True Awakenment Awake

Da Vinci Conclusion:
Lets Start With The Loved One In Leonardo's Painting
Its Definitely Not John And Heres Why
Most Like Mr Brown Expect You To Believe The Painting Is Set
At The Time Of Jesus Explaining This Is My Body And This Is My Blood
But On The Contrary It Is Actually As Jesus Is Explaining
Whom Will Betray Him
This Is Why James The Greater And Jude Is Asking If It Is Themselves
And James The Less Is Retreating From Asking Jesus Whom It Is
There For Whom Is The Loved One?
You Guessed It James The Less So That Sorts That View Out

Next Concerning John Or As Brown States Mary
Well Browns A Lost Soul And Heres Why
John Is John And You Don't Need Me To Tell You That
You Can Just Study Leonardo But I Will Tell You This
John Got What He Wanted A Seat Next To Jesus
And He Can Thank Leonardo For That
Well Matt 20:20 - 28 That Explains It All
And John As Polite As He Was
Is Graciously Moving Out The Way Of Peter


So To Peter Peter Is Retreating Signalling The Loved One
James The Less To Ask Jesus Whom He Is Speaking Of Thus
This Is Why John Has Moved Out The Way For Him
And Peter Is Finding His Place Falling Back In His Seat
So Where Led To The Betrayer

Judas Well Judas Betrayed No One He Simply Did As He Was Told
And Followed His Heart As A Child Does In The Eyes Of God
This Is Why He Is Depicted With A Knife At His Back
For He Had No Choice And Was Actually The Greatest Apostle
And The One Whom Made It So Doing His Job For God And Following Jesus' Word
I Wont Go Into This Here But You Can Find Out Why In Awakened Truth's 2
By Going To The Main Menu


Leonardo Clearly Represents Another
As The One Whom Jesus Loved
Yes John Still Looks Like A Woman
But Always Did Look Young So What
The Church Just Wants The People Not To Realize
Da Vinci Disagrees With Them
Saying John Is Whom Jesus Loved
So He Hid His Message In The Last Supper
Knowing Any One With Scripture Will Decipher Another
As That Other Disciple


The Fact Leonardo Stood Up For Judas And Stuck A Knife At His Back Represents
Judas Had No Choice And The Fact The Apostles Didn't Understand Jesus' Parables
Before And After He Testified
No Wonder Satan Watches Amidst One Of His Fortress's


Conclusion Cont:

Da Vinci Believed The Loved One Was James The Less
By His Interpretation Of Scripture Jude Was Constantly Confused With Iscariot
So They Seem Like Twins In His Work
James And James Stand By One Another To Confuse The Seer Even More
But Through Resemblance One Can Make Out Who's The Brother Of John
And Father/Brother Of Jude
Awaken From The Hysteria And Come To Grips With The Fact
Mary Is No Way Part Of The Picture For Below Is The Zodiac
And John Represents A Virgin
Would Mary If She Were Part Of The Picture?
Which Leads Us To Mary Magdalene And Holy Blood Holy Grail
Or Should We Say San Ragiel
Well This Is One Fact That Is Half Right See Spiritology
Many People Refer To Lazarus As The One Whom Jesus Loved And Fare Enough
Jesus Loved Him Mary And Martha And Cried The Hour He Herd Of His Death
But There's Many A Problem That Don't Add Up
And Its The Same Case For John & Mary
But There For Your Own Time And Another Of My Pages
This Is For Leonardo Da Vinci
And His Opinion In Paint


Many Artist's Represent John With Female Qualities
And Many Place The Loved One On The Left Side Of Jesus
Just L00K For Yourselves And Thank Da Vinci


Sqorpio1980 Leonardo Original
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra *Scorpio* Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
(right click and download image for closer inspection)


The Spirits Awakenment Da Vinci's Opinion In Stone
Awake Awaken Awakenment
Leonardo's Message Revealed


If Leonardo Had Of Preached Anyone Other Than John Was Jesus' Beloved And Judas Was Simply
Doing His Job For God Do You Think He Would Of Been Asked To Paint The Last Supper
That Is Now The Churches Worst Enemy Which They Illuminate With Dark Clouds Of Confusion
No Wonder Da Vinci Was Debunked And Accused Of Buggery So Leonardo Sodomized
The Church Continually Which Led To Suppression By Necromancy

I Will Leave You With This Awakenment
As Myself Leonardo Dedicated His Work To God
The Virgin Mary And All The Saints And Angels Of Heaven
Knowing Jesus Himself Was An Angel
Amen Aaron's Men Love And Life All



thanks for visiting sqorpio1980 The Da Vinci Con
Revealed Through The Spirit To Sqorpio1980 With Common Sense




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