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  John 14:26
But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name,
he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance,
whatsoever I have said unto you.



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Offal's Of Christ

Innards Of The Body We Call Christ

First Angel Brother Christ

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Jesus Is Gods First Angel Whom Spoke To The Prophets Face To Face
He Is Gods Commander Of The Hosts Of Heaven And The Sons Of Adam
Our Messiah Christ Lord Of Gods Creations Until Salvation
Don't Worship Jesus As God Worship Jesus As A Mentor As Gods
Right Hand Man Our True Idol Of Gods Command Sealed Pharaoh
The Creators Stand Our True Awakenment Of Satan's Plan


Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Prepare To Die Because That's Your Destiny If You Are Not One Of The 144000
Your Remanence Of Earths Cancer Which Must Be Cleansed By Fire Illuminati Is The
Peoples Prophetic End For They Will Illuminate By Fire And Die As There Ancestors
Did Heaven Is Coming And A Lot Will See Her But Few Will Be Chosen And The Rest
Discarded For Judgement Here After Your Churches White Lie Has Turned Black And Now
Its Out Of Its Sack For Judgement Here After Of The Devils Ones Is The Majority
Not Minority Gods Chosen Will Be Saved All 1728000 And That's It The Rest
Will Wait In Awe On Their Side Of The Great Divide

Creation Evolution

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Simple God Completed On The Seventh Day Man Was Placed In Eden On The Sixth
The First Five Days Represent Evolution Up Until The Sixth Day The Neanderthals
Who We Destroyed By There Awe Of Us Out Of The Garden Were Beasts Of The Sixth Day
Whom Never Received The Breath Of Life But Received The Cancer That Came With
Knowledge In Vain Attempts Of Understanding It Homosapien Himself States (Darwin)
The Eye Is The Same To Day As The Day It Was Created So He Agrees With The Word
Why Don't You

Illuminari Hue Man

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
The Difference Between Illuminati And Illuminari Is The Illuminari Got It Right
Abraham Stuck His Neck Out And Said Worship Who Created It Not The Entity Its Self
IE Worship Who Created The Sun And The Moon Not The Sun And Moon It's Self So
Was The Beginning Of The Truth Abraham's Forefathers Worshiped The Moon There
Rivals Worshiped The Sun They Were As Ignorant As Each Other Abraham Was Chosen To
Smite Them With Gods Truth And Awaken Them To Realize There Fault Why Worship
Objects Worship Who Created Everything Wonder Why God Chose Abraham?
Well In Jesus You Will Find Rest Something That Comes With The Moon
And In Evil You Will Find Unrest And Burn Like The Sun By Omega
Now That's But One Symbolic Truth

Christ's Love Law

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
The One Law Is Love Jesus' Devine State We The People Are Unworthy And Irrelevant
Since The Christ & John The Baptist For Angels Wept In Heaven The Day Of Our Creation
Heaven Is Trodden Down By Old Prophets But Morel Truths Still Remain And The Kingdom
Will Repent Those Of Old But Sacrifice There Claims So Yes The Commandments Still Stand
But A Fool Thinks They Have Accomplished Them A Fool That Doesn't Know Jesus The Christ

Image Of Christ The Baptist

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
The Image You Know And Worship As Christ Is Actually Our Idol And Saviour
John So Next Time Someone States That's Christ Jesus You'll Know Its Actually
John The Baptist Elijah To Come Our Key To The Messiah Cousin Of Jesus Reveller
Of The Son Greatest Man And Prophet That Was Is And Always Will Be After The Ends Begun
So Thank The Baptist A Brother In Christ And Repent Your Sins To Save Your Life

Vulgar Goium

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
The Only Vulgar Goium In This World Is Mystery Societies Unjust Secret Keepers
Workers Of The Devil Oath Takers Earth Keepers Or The Prince Of This Earth
Feeders Who In All Will Repent Of Such Babylonian Ways And Feel The Truth In
It's Grace. For Who Judges Will Be Judged But Judged In Riotousness And Who
Seeks Truth Outside Themselves Will Be Blinded And See Not The Kingdom Of
Heaven Within And Gain Not The Promise Of Her Coming He Who Seeks Knowledge
Before Truth Is Corrupted He Who Seeks Truth Is Given Wisdom Over Knowledge


Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
So Called Weed The Herb Yielding Seed Incense For Creed
Can You Believe Herb For The Service Of Man
That's Right Persecutors Of Gods Creation Shame Shame Shame In The Fathers Name

Riotous And The Wicked

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
John The Baptist The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Was The Riotous And
The Then Thought Wicked Priest Was Jesus The Christ Know The Tables Turn
Elijah Will Now Take Position As The Wicked In The Eyes Of The People Turning
Their Hearts From God To There Families In Fear With The True Gospel Of Christ
For Preparation Of Coming Trials And Yes Jesus Will Take On His Position As The
Riotous As The People Repent Their Ways Once Risen From There Graves

Regarding Elijah's (Coming Elias)

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Unless Admittance Of Their Former Self Is Documented With Proof Of Ancient Truths
Unknown To Present Tense One Can Say Nay Unless Openly Expressed They Are Risen
And Formally The Riotous They Are Speakers Of Lies His Work Will Not Be Glorified
As His Own But Rather Him A Messenger Renewing His Message For God The Renewal Of Earth

Ode Oath To Satan

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
All Oaths Reflect Satan's Nature Onto Ourselves For We Can Not Swear Oaths As Satan
Could Not And In The End Mirror Back On To Ourselves Unworthiness We Must Speak And
Rebuke As If Speaking In front Of God Anything Else Is Speaking Like The Evil One(Lies)
And As For An Affer David Affirm Nothing On David For Was King David Our Lord Jesus
No But Jesus Was David's Lord Whom The Lord Chosen So Listen To Christ Our Lord
And Let Your Yes Be Yes And Your No No Anything Else Is Of The Serpent

Serpent Fiend Of The Garden

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Well There's Many A Serpent Tale From Eden Our World But One From The Garden There Of
One That's Persona Is That Of The Rainbow One That's Knowledge Controls Man One That's
Power Is Over Bearing Devouring All Unprotected Clans And He Aint Gone Anywhere But
Wonders Every Where Returning To His Home Tempting All Wherever He Roams Promising
Material Wealths Of Sight Of His World For Mans Delight And Destroying All Who Un Obeys
This Serpents Home Is Australia Sorry To Say For The Rest That Are Out Of Measure

Considering Iscariot A Thief

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Consider This One Person Says So And No One Even Knows Who That Person Is
Matt Blames The Apostles Mark Blames Some Of The Apostles Luke Blames Simon The
Leper And The Loved One Blames Judas Iscariot I Take The Word Of God For When There
Is Two Or Three Agreeing In The Name Of The Christ Our Lord Christ
Is With Them In Truth Matt And Mark Blame The Apostles So Then The Apostles Are
All Thief's Thieves Of Jesus' Mind Our Lord Told Judas To Take Mammon In His Name
For Our Gain As A Messenger Of Gods Fame

Almighty GOD Of Body And Flesh

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
God's Spirit Is Our Likeness And Spirit's Our Image Or Our Un Corrupted Selves
But We Are Corrupted Flesh Our Lord Was Of Flesh And Body Gods Representative
Jesus Christ And Our Prince Is To Be Our Lord King And Saviour And Medium
Before The Father's Throne God Is To Powerful For Us To Even Glance Let Alone Touch
And Is Omnipresent There For Having No Body But Pure Angelic Energy Consisting In The
Nothing Felt All Around Us Mortals Hail Our Flesh And Blood Lord Christ
The Omnipotent Fathers Representative To The People's Word

Spirit God Father Creator

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
The Spirit Created Hovering Over The Waters The Spirit Communes With Prophets
The Spirit Conceived The Messiah The Spirit Possessed The Christ The Spirit
Remained After Jesus The Spirit Comes Proclaiming His Word Spoken By His Son Jesus
Hence The Testimony Of Jesus Is The Spirit Of Prophecy Three Of A Perfect Pair
Not One Trinity Jesus Is The Word Creator Is The Spirit The Spirit Judges By The Word

John The Baptist Priest Hood The Christ

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
The Priest Hood Remains With John And Jesus Our Idols Nothings Changed
Until One Or The Other Is Returned Proving Otherwise We Are To Obey John The
Baptist And Follow Suit After Jesus The True King High Priest And Successor
Of The People Any Body Who Says Otherwise Speaks For The Devil And His Minions
On Earth Do Not Be Fooled By Givers Of Filth

Jesus Seal Of The Prophets Christ

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Jesus Is The Brightest Star Or Morning Star Sirius Rising The Purest Source
Of The Knowledge Of God Whom God The Spirit Of Prophecy Reveals To Our Hearts
Reminding Us Of Our Host Of Heaven Who Was Gods Word At The Beginning And Is
A Brother Of The Flesh And Is To Come And Redeem Our Souls To Life Everlasting
Muhammad And Paul Are Messengers Of God Gods Servants Worthy Of Life But Lacking
Of Love & As Jesus And Us All In Awe Of God They Both Were Aware Of The Land Of
The Great Divide Reincarnation Of A Spiritual Form Before We Are Reborn

Worshipful Creator

Sqorpio1980 Opinion Revered
Worship Who Created Every Thing Will Be The Same Massage At The End Of The Age
For Jesus Himself Will Be Proclaiming It From His Throne An Ora Of The Brightest
Before The Transformed Who Have Finely Seen The Father In front Of The Glory Of
His Angels Brightest Of Them All Them All No Longer Flesh But Pure And Free
Of Corruption That Is Their Of AMen Aaron's Men


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