Snuff Wars - Chapter Summary

Snuff Wars - The sci-fi snuff series

Title: Snuff Wars
Author: Honda-Matic
Revision: 3.4

Note: The original publication of this series was titled "To Another Galaxy". It has been changed to "Snuff Wars", but the first series is still titled "To Another Galaxy".

The following is the summary of the individual chapters and series that make up the snuff wars saga. Each chapter is provided with a short summary of what happens. Also, extracts from each chapter have been posted as stand alone scenes for those who are only interested in some of the scenes and do not want to read the whole story. Following the chapter summaries is a list of standalone scenes that exist for each particular chapter.

Snuff Wars - To Another Galaxy

Chapter 1: The Toast

Admiral Tabero makes a toast to the rediscovery of space technology. Janice is beheaded, her blood serves as the drink. Introducing the DrinkMasterTM

Chapter 2: Celebrations

Festivities for the announcement follow. There are many activities and shows for the celebrations. We can watch Vanessa getting fucked by a dog called Oscar and also watch Nicole fucked to death by a bull called Rambo - AmourFataleTM>. The highlight is Lin Lee performing the sensational and exclusive SkinStripTM licensed from Ms Misato’s College of Performing Arts. Off stage we see Admiral Tabero enjoying himself at the Shooting gallery where girls walk across the gallery to be shot for his entertainment.

Chapter 3: Dinner Party

A Private Dinner party for the hard-working scientists is organised with a special menu consisting of spit roasted Julie, oven baked Alice and the special, pregnant Lucy in Boiled Suckling Steam BoatTM. For dessert they have brain pudding. The entertainment during the dinner features Claudette who gets whipped to death by Klaus Grausam. Admiral Tabero also enjoys the toilet service provided by Anita. After dinner the door prize winner gets to electrocute Ms Yuki.

Chapter 4: To Another Galaxy (The Inauguration)

Cynthia is hanged to inaugurate the new spaceship, the Dolcett II

Chapter 5: Meat Supplies

Admiral Tabero and Captain Fraser inspect the butcher plant where their supplies are being prepared. The head butcher gives them a tour and they see some of the meat processing and preparation in progress. They witness the meat slicers, the making of meatballs and sausages through a grinder, making of canned food, sun dried pork meat and lots more.

Chapter 6: Training

Captain Fraser inspects the training facilities and watches John practising using Cindy as his punching bag and also watches Paul doing his target practice shooting Alice. She also visits the special Female Warrior Training followed with the inspection of a top school on Onixia for girl education where the science lessons are very interesting. The students witness the effect of electrocution, gas poisoning and also see a live dissection.

Chapter 7: Private Time

Admiral Tabero and Captain Fraser enjoy each other’s company and together enjoy various pleasures their civilisation has to offer them before going on a long journey into space. They visit the bowling club and also try out golf. Afterwards they go fishing and hunting. Finally Tabero buys Fraser a new jacket made from the skin of a woman.

Chapter 8: Farewell

Finally the Dolcett II takes off. To celebrate that, many women are used as decorations and entertainment in forms of crucifixions, gutting, hanging and beheading. The climax of the celebration is the display of fireworks with the special effect of exploding girls.

Snuff Wars II – A New World

Chapter 9: The Journey

The journey through space starts. On board Cerda is roasted as the celebrity roast. Then Fraser conducts a snuff competition where the aim is to snuff the subject using special effect provided by vacuum and the absence of gravity. The crew of the Dolcett II also sacrifice a girl and then try out many space jumps. They find a planet full of minerals and try to mine as much as they can using very innovative methods.

Chapter 10: The Crash

The Dolcett II emerges in an asteroid belt after using the fold system. The ship is damaged and forced to crash land. Luckily there is a M-class planet close by. The Dolcett II crash lands on the unknown planet. The survivors try to salvage and process anything that is left and also try to repair their communications array so they can send for help.

Chapter 11: Making Friends

The brave crew of the Dolcett II try to make the best of their grim situation and survive the hostile environment. They find some uncivilized native inhabitants and to their surprise managed to make friends with them. The inhabitants of the planet were rather primitive but they were more than adequate to ensure survival for the Onixians. The Kanipu were tribal hunters. They lived in big hordes in the valleys. They also were cannibals, so they didn't mind sharing and butchering some of their surplus women. The natives boil one of their woman as a celebration and invite the Onixians to feast on her. In return the Onixians spit roast one of theirs and share her with the natives. Following that, the Onixians teach the Kanipus how to spit roast women and the natives happily and enthusiastically learn how to spit roast their wives and daughters who are happy to be amongst the first to try out the new way of being turned into food. Then Tabero discovers that the Kanipus have many transsexuals, women with dicks and can't resist to fuck one of them and soon all Onixians try out fucking them. Finally, the Onixians butcher a dozen of the she-males in various ways.

Chapter 12: Local Customs

The Onixians discover another native civilization and befriend them as well while they try to discover the pleasures that these people have to offer. The natives believe that the Onixians are gods and make sacrifices to them. Their women also perform ritual suicide to entertain the Onixians as well as being fed to hungry lions. The natives are mainly farmers with unusual farming methods and crops. Admiral Tabero witnesses how they care for their honey bees and pigs. He also watches the feeding of the carnivorous plants and worms.

Chapter 13: The Conflict

After the Onixians have settled in and made friends with the local natives, they all suddenly get attacked by another group of natives that want to dominate the world and exterminate everyone else. Fraser leads a counter offensive and defeats them which results in the massacre and enslavement of the defeated natives.

Chapter 14: The Kingdom of Snuffania

After the conflict, the captured girls are trained to become obedient and sluttish sex slaves. In addition, the Onixians discover that they have a common sport with the natives called Snuff Ball and they play together. Meanwhile prince Gakidou and princess Leia fall in love with each other get married Onixian style.

Chapter 15: The Rescue

Finally the Dolcett III arrives to rescue the stranded Onixians. Captain Inanna hands over the Dolcett III to captain Fraser and takes over as the queen of the Gods. The natives recognise her to be one of their long lost goddesses and worship her with many sacrifices. Meanwhile the rest of the Onixians prepare to leave the planet and continue with their mission. They load the ship with fresh supplies and erect a living monument to honour Nina. Then finally they leave.

Chapter 16: Alien Encounter

The Dolcett III encounters an alien life form that is at the brink of extinction unless they are fed some willing female humanoids. The crew of the Dolcett III is happy to save a dying race from extinction. The alien show their gratitude by sharing their advanced cloaking technology and a star map of the Milky Way galaxy. The new series of Dolcett class spaceships were able to cloak the entire ship requiring huge amounts of energy, but the new alien technology consisted of portable cloaking devices that allowed cloaking of individual warriors. The Onixians help the aliens to bread, offering some of their females as incubators. Also, the Onixians help the aliens eliminate their excessive females.

Snuff Wars III – Terra, Paradise Lost

Chapter 17: The Discovery

Chapter 18: Secret Society Chapter 19: Cannibal Island Chapter 20: Infiltration Chapter 21: The Accident Chapter 22: Message to the Masses Chapter 23: The Awakening Chapter 24:  The Future

Snuff Wars IV - Return To Onixia

Chapter 25: The Censorians Strike Back

Chapter 26: Return To Onixia Chapter 27: A New Meat Chapter 28: Viva Cannibals To be continued…
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