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The Space Fleet's Elite Forces Constitution provides for a fleet of ships, with the imagination and determination to seek out new life forms and new civilizations. Starfleet is perhaps the greatest monument, a symbol of the UFP's strength and ideals. Our Academy trains its personnel not only to execute their exacting duties under the most adverse conditions, but also to serve as examples for the rest of the citizenry and to use that role responsibly. Are you ready to take on the role of a Starfleet Officer in Space Fleet's Elite Forces....A different experience, with awesome people,
"To boldly go where no fleet has gone before".
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COT, XOT, Manual and History Updated (New Promotion Points System)-01/29/03
COC Updated (New COS-AOL & E-mail Division)-01/15/03
Members Award's 2002 Added-01/18/03
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COC Updated (New SO of the AOL Division Announced)-11/20/02
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Ships Page Update (USS Intrepid-B)
-Launched 10/18/02-10/16/02
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Ships Page Update (Constitution Time Change)-05/12/02
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Awards Page Updated (TOS Awards)-04/28/02
Maps Page Updated-04/21/02
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Ship Page Update (USS Marine's)-03/25/02
Maps page Added - 3/23/02
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Ship Page Updated (USS Oberon-Coming Soon)
-Launched 04/14/02 -03/18/02
Ship Page Update (USS Thessaloniki)
-Launched 03/17/02 -03/08/02
Chain of Command Update (New President) - 02/28/02
Added Guestbook- 02/25/02
Bi-Laws-Amemdement #24 Added-01/28/02
History Page Updated-03/16/02
Bi-Laws-Member's Council Addition Updated-01/22/02
Bi-Laws-High Council Address (Admiral Sparks ELOA)-01/21/01
Medical Sim Site Updated-01/18/02
Allies Page Updated - 01/13/02
Bi-Laws-High Council Address Updated-12/12/01
Chain of Command Update -12/19/01
Ship Updates-10/26/01

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