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Dr. Laxmidhar Rout

UGC-Assistant Professor

Berhampur University-Odisha

Visiting faculty: IISER Berhampur

Deputy Director-CIC

M. Sc                                2003  Utkal University   Awards  Publication Vidwan profile 115653
PhD                                  2008 IIT Guwahati  Humboldt-AvH, FPGG Teaching
Orchid profile 0000-0002-1432-2559
Postdoctorate             2008-2010 Univ. of Minnesotta, USA  Education details  Research  Scopous  10041579400
Postdoctorate             2010-2011 Univ. Sanantonio, Texas, USA  Collaboration  Project
Postdoctorate             2011-2013 TUM, Munich, Germany  Research Group Invited talk  Google scholar qe6nq4QAAAAJ&hl
Postdoctorate             2013-2014  Institute of Curie, France  News room Student corner

 Web of Science Researcher Id : M-1808-2015



   Advertisement of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) in CSIR /02/0393/EMR-II,   Last date 19/07/2021








Gram Scale Synthesis of Cotarnine,Video

Certificate of Reliable Chemistry

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Gram Scale C-C Coupling Video

Certificate of Reproducibility

Visit at http://ldrout.in/



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  1. Dated 21/06/2022, Congratulation to Mdhab Maity  for being selected for  for IIT Bhubaneswar
  2. Dated  10/06/2022, Congratulation to Asutosh Patra for being selected for PhD in IIT Tirupathi
  3. Dated 27/03/2022, Congratulation to Papita Behera for Best Poster Prize ACS Omega award in CSRI-NSC-28 at IIT Guwahati
  4. Dated  10-01-2022; Congratulation to Pradyota Kumar Behera joined as PhD student
  5. Dated  18-12-2021; Congratulation to Santosh Kumar Sahoo for geting ACS Omega Best Poster Prize award in International conference MTM-2021, SVNIT
  6. Dated 09-12-2021; Congratulation to Santosh K Sahoo for being nominated to JNOST-2022
  7. Dated 13/11/2021; Santosh paper accepted in  New J Chemistry,  RSc; Congratulation to team member for hard work
  8. Dated 13/11/2021; Santosh paper accepted in  Reserach Journal of Berhampur University, RJBU; Congratulation
  9. Dated 11/08/2021; Pragati Rout moved to University of Connecticut, USA for PhD programme, Congratulation  and best of Luck
  10. Dated 01/08/2021, Amlan Swain joined the group as CSIR project JRF.
  11. Dated  26/07/2021, Papita Behera Joined as PhD student, 
  12. Dated  03/07/2021, Advertisement of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) in CSIR /02/0393/EMR-II,   Last date 19/07/2021
  13. Dated 31/05/2021, Santosh paper accepted in New J Chemistry, Congratulations to Pradyota, Prabhupada and Madhusudan
  14. Dated 23/03/ 2021, CSIR  New Delhi has funded a project 02(1151)/20, Thanks to Council of Scientiific and Industrial Research
  15. Dated 19/03/2021;  Pradyata, Paper accepted in A JOC, Congratulation to   Prabhupada, Rasmiranjan  and Santosh
  16. Dated  11/03/2021;Prabhupada, Paper accepted in NJC, Congratulation to   Pradyata, Tanmayee, Smruti, Rasmiranjan and Santosh
  17. Dated 02/03/2021; Awarded as Outstanding Reviewer, NJC, Royal Soceity of Chemistry
  18. Dated 26/10/2020; One of the Collaborative Paper accepted in Seminars in Cancer Biology !!!!  (Impact factor 15.09)
  19. Dated 23/10/2020; Our Paper accepted in Coordination Chemistry Review !!!  (Impact factor 22.0)
  20. Dated 07/10/2020; Santosh's paper accepted in Tetrahedron; Congratulations !!!
  21. Dated 24/09/2020; Santosh's paper is accepted in  ChemistrySelect;  Congratulation !!!
  22. Dated 07/09/2020; Reba Panigrahi   Defended PhD Thesis  (External Prof. A. K. Verma, Delhi University) Congratulation !!
  23. Dated 18/02/2020; Pragati Rout got PhD offer from University of Connecticut, USA, Congratulation
  24. Dtaed 13/02/2020;  Subhalaxmi Paper accepted in  New J Chemistry
  25. Dated 13/01/2020;  Reba Panigrahi  paper accepted in   Chem-A. Eu. J 
  26. Dated 22/12/2020;  Reba Panigrahi  paper accepted in New J Chemistry
  27. Dated 20/09/2029;  Stanford University Professor, Prof. R. N. Zhare presented a talk ; Hosted by our research Group
  28. Dated 16/02/2019;  Mr Santosh Kumar Chowdhury  Defended PhD thesis  (External Prof. A. K. Sahoo, University of Hydarabad) Congratulation!!
  29. Dated 18/11/2020, “OrgSyn Certificate" award by Borad of Editor, Organic Synthesis
  30. Dated 19/11/2018, Paper  accepted  in Org. Syn, 2018, 95, 455.  (Unique achievement in reproduceble results from our laboratory)
  31. Dated 05/05/2018, Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Current Organocatalysis  
  32. Dated 14/03/2018:  Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Journal of Medicines Development Sciences 
  33. Dated 21/09/2017; Santosh paper accepted  in  Eur JOC 2017,  35, 5275-5292
  34. Dated 24/05/2017:  Dr. Rout Accepted the Editorial Member   of  Cancer Biology and Therapeutic Oncology. 
  35. Dated 30/08/2016; Santosh paper accepted  in  Chem. - A Europ. J. 2016,  22, 14812-14815





Methodology Based Total Synthesis, C-H, C-X bond activation,C(Sp2-X) X=B, P, C, N, S,O, Se, Te bond formation, New drug discovery, Asymmetric Synthesis, Catalysis, diazocarbonyl ylide based natural product]"

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