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Hi, and welcome to NiGHTopia! You'll find a lot of info and media here about NiGHTS into dreams..., the classic Sonic Team game, plus the excellent supplementary disc Christmas NiGHTS, such as character profiles, a review, and probably the biggest NiGHTS image gallery anywhere. Why not also check out the other areas of the site, such as the download section where you can grab music and video files and even fan games, the high score section where all my personal times, links and scores are on display for you to compare yours to, and the guestbook that allows you to leave your comments should you wish to. If you prefer, you can e-mail me what you think about the site. I welcome all comments and, if there are suggestions on how to make this site better, I'm all ears :)

LATEST: unless anything actually happens in the world of NiGHTS, barring silly mobile phone games and cameos in other games, I won't update the site. Yes, that means I'm going to update only if we get info on an actual game coming out!!! Sorry about that... but if you're disappointed, just go and look at the images, review, high scores and everything else this site offers, which should be more than virtually any other NiGHTS fan site out there.

Oh alright, I broke my word... read the last few updates below :)


24 Mar 04 Another mail from "Hugo". I've edited some links so they work but kept the mail body intact ...
Dear Stephan Dolby,
I found online another Claris Sinclair and three Elliot Edwards, two real life and another one who is a movie character. Claris Sinclair seems to be a girl from "The Claris Project" who meets various beings of the underworld. More Nights inspiration? I send them a message on this one! Also I looked at and their attempt to stop the Sammy takeover. Very brave!
Hugo Lowenstein

14 Mar 04 A big treat for you all - over 100 new images from the Christmas NiGHTS Presents section, courtesy of my Saturn, and my TV-In :) I've not bothered with naming them individually, it'd take far too long, but they're all grouped according to the image sections that they can be found in on the completed Presents screen. I've had to host them elsewhere but it does mean that the traffic is offloaded somewhere else without a bandwidth limit. As a result, I've had to add them all to a brand new page 5 of the NiGHTS Museum section (click the top link on the left), but it's also prompted me to edit the layout and navigation method for the Museum as a whole, so now it's better looking, and easier to use. What's more, all images now open in a new window, so no more clicking of that back button :) CTRL-W or clicking the X at the top right of the window will close it for you. As a reminder to myself as well as to you, I was taking screenshots of the nice images you get when you clear a present screen, but I didn't set things up right, and I missed the third image (the one of NiGHTS), but got the Congratulations image afterwards, so I've put an image placeholder on Museum Page 5 for it, and will attempt to get it ASAP. The images (all 5MBs of them) are all 720x576 screen captures, so they may look a little blurry, and for a couple of moving shots, you'll see they might be a combination of two frames (that's interlace for you), but they're excellent detail. I plan on adding a few more in-game images soon... especially from NiGHTS itself.

I've paid for the webspace on which the NiGHTS intro and outro videos are hosted, but it's still not back up. I'm not the only person paying for it though, so I guess it depends on when the site owner can afford his share too. I will keep you informed.

15 Feb 04 A couple of download links are currently offline because the containing webspace required paying for. I'll let you know when it's back up.

24 Jan 04 I don't intend to keep the site as static as this for as long as I have, so I do apologise for the lack of updates. I was sent a curious e-mail about NiGHTS and religious references by a person called "Hugo". I'll keep his contact details under wraps, but here's the mail body:

Dear Stephan,
I found some strange things about Nights. It has secret religious references! First, the title of Nights and Reala is "Nightmaren," which comes from "Nightmare," meaning :female demon." Second, the main characters Claris and Elliot have symbolic names. Claris is "Bright" and Elliot is "The Lord is My God." Third, I noticed that "Wiseman the WIcked" reminds me of "Wise Man the WIcked," or wicked homo sapiens. In other words, two true beleivers are attacked by wicked humanity and sent into the underworld. Note the alternate name is "Ragnagard." It resembles a combination of "Ragna" (a baby name page says it means "goddess") and "Gard" which alternatively means "yard," "enclosing." Finally, Nights, Super Monkeyball, and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg came out in the same order as the Chinese Zodiac characters of the Ram, the Monkey, and the Rooster/cockerel. Seems Naka-san truly found some interesting inspiration here!
Nightmarenishly yours,
Hugo Lowenstein
P.S. The font used in Nights apparently is a modified Ondine/Formalscript 421 font. Look! I wonder what part from Jung's writing Sonic Team took from? Another Nights page says this psychologist inspired them! Nights is attracted to the idea of /she a coward? Coming up next in Reala: Reverie! Nights and Reala save ideas from the corporate bubblegum machine!
Many links! I am sure dreaming! (This is a lot of detail, talking about Norse myth, but the part I want you to look is the definition of "midgard.") (The ram is also the goat and the sheep! Confusing!) (Nights also may be related to Aries!) (Nights sure fit Aries, doesn't it?)
Other things: look at Harlequin, Jester and Kachina, I think they also are related, especially about the Indonesian "divine jesters." How divine are Night and Reala? Punch says: "Huzzah, Huzzah, the Devil's dead!" (from Kobbe's opera guide on Birtqristle's Punch and Judy.) The "Punchiness" of Nights!

Gets you thinking, doesn't it? I'll have more updates soon.

05 Oct 2003 I've messed with the site coding so that it fits higher-res screens and still works fine on smaller ones. I should have done it beforehand, sorry!!! (at least you're getting updates now though ;)) In addition, I've tidied the Downloads page up, and I also removed the What If..? link, as it really doesn't seem to be attracting any attention whatsoever, and I've not updated it for 4 years anyway.

04 Oct 2003 Even LONGER time since the last edit!!! I realised that I had the ability to upload videos on a different webspace which has a load of space left, so I have... the Intro and Outro to NiGHTS, just for you :) And if you're good, I might even upload the Christmas NiGHTS intro and outro as well, AND other items. Go check the downloads section!

06 Mar 2003 Long time since the last edit (that was in mid-2002 by the way - Ed, 05 Oct 03) !!! Stated my intention to leave the site as it is until an actual NiGHTS game or even a sequel is announced. Mobile phones games and cameos in other titles interest me not.


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