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Stunt guide

NiGHTS has a repertoire of thirty stunts (Claris and Elliot can perform the same stunts on the Twin Seeds level). Here is a more-or-less complete guide to the key combinations:

           6         4

   8                        2

10        NiGHTS        1

   9                        3

           7         5

In the tables below, Move is the move to be performed, Direction is the direction as indicated above, and Button is the trigger to be pressed to execute the move.


Move Direction Button Move Direction Button
Twister 1 R Mixer    1 L
Parasol     2 R Dance 2 L
Roulette R 3 R Roulette L 3 L
Arrow     4 R   L-Wing  4 L
Screw     5 R Basket 5 L
Tornado     6 R Ballet 6 L
V-Fall     7 R T-Fall 7 L
Ax R 8 R     Ax L 8 L
Typhoon 9 R Drill 9 L     
Wind 10 R Space 10 L   
Swing 1 R + L
Moon      2 R + L
Cross 3 R + L
Rock 'n' Roll 4 R + L
Triangle 5 R + L
Boomerang 6 R + L
Spin 7 R + L
Sling 8 R + L
Sonic 9 R + L
Scorpion 10 R + L

Note: be careful when pressing R+L. One mistake and the yellow ribbon will be terminated!

Other moves:

Move Direction Button

Any  paraloop D-Pad circle

Giant loop:

There are specific points in the levels which allow giant loops; specifically, the places where you rotate around a column, like the needle rock in Spring Valley. Just go fast enough to touch the rear of the ribbon. For stunt purposes, it's useless, unless you can perform stunts along the way at immense speed, but it is good for getting items inside of the loop.

Terminate Just press L+R. NiGHTS will come to a stop.

Extra move

Not so much a move as a stunt. Just grab a minion and when you are circling it, hold A, B or C (don't let go!). When the minion has been defeated, you fly away as normal but with the added bonus of dash speed.

Alternate music (NiGHTS)

If you beat the game with straight A's, adults will sing the theme song instead of children.

Bonus images

For some nice screen shots and wallpaper, place the NiGHTS CD in your computer and look in the "Extras" folder. The same goes for Christmas NiGHTS, and the good thing is - the pictures are different for both CDs!

Note: these pictures are here on my web site. Just have a look at the NiGHTS Museum.

Disable the alarm egg

It is possible to knock the Alarm Egg down by jumping at it. If you manage to knock it into the purple 'sea' surrounding each level, then leg it up the nearest hill, the Alarm Egg should go away for at least two minutes!

Note: On some early versions of NiGHTS, if you knock the Egg too far the game crashes with the error "Object ALARMEGG escaping off edge of map."

Extra move while performing stunts

If you start doing a stunt or loop just before you enter the 'power loop' you still get credit for it when you complete it. You have the advantage of having slightly more time to perform your stunt attack.

Fairy Train (NiGHTS)

In Frozen Bell, when not playing as NiGHTS, take Elliot to look for a train stop with a lot of fairies around it. Stay there for a while until a train comes and picks up fairies. If you get in, it will take you to the Ideya Palace.

Fly backwards

When you are walking towards the NIGHTS shrine and the little creatures steal your Ideya, you can keep walking towards the shrine. If you can make it to the shrine before the cut scene where the nightmaren creates the Ideya Capture finishes, you'll start off flying feet first. Just make sure that you're pointing the right way before you are attacked, or know where to turn the pad, and keep holding upwards or thereabouts to get this to work. The added bonus is that you start the first lap two or three seconds before you would normally do, thus increasing the time bonus. For example, I get 10,600 points for the time bonus on Lap 1 of Spring Valley, and I used to get 10,300.

Hide from the alarm egg

The Alarm Egg cannot get you if you stand on a platform which is above another area. (e.g. platforms near the tree in Spring Valley and the tower in Stick Canyon.)

Hyper jump

Jump then hit Jump before landing. While in the air from your Bounce Jump, hit Jump again as you're about to land. You should hear the sound that you hear when the Nightmaren take your Ideyas. Repeat this and you can reach goodies that NiGHTS can not! You can even cut across the dreamscape in 10 seconds flat.

Link tip

To get a link so big it is only limited by how fast you can do it, go into Elliot's first snow level. Become NiGHTS and get 20 gems to the Capture Chamber as quickly as possible. Then loop or speed through whatever linkable items you can find, and if you do it absolutely perfectly, you can wrap the level and connect your links to the next lap around. You may have over 100 seconds in which to get as high a link as possible.

Using this trick I have gotten a link of 250, but it is possible to get more, around three hundred. Using this can propel your Pia score way above 300,000 also. Try it on the first lap of Stick Canyon too, though it is much harder to keep up.

Open Puffy's doors (NiGHTS)

When defeating Puffy, if you do it without getting hit once and before the timer reaches 90, the green doors at the end of the stage will open up to reveal some kind of pillar. I'm not quite sure what effect this has on the game.

Stun the alarm egg

To stun the egg timer, jump into him (don't touch the beam!) If you hit it right, the egg will fall to the ground for about 10 seconds.

Special Dates (Christmas NiGHTS)

Date Effect
25/12 Santa Claus flies through sky
01/01 Happy New Year message until 10/1
11/01 Winter NiGHTS; ends 28/2 (0r 29/2, depending on year)
14/02 Valentine hearts - I think
01/04 Play as Reala but you must play a level on that day first. You can then select Reala whenever from the presents.
01/03 Limited Edition; ends 31/10.
01/11 Christmas NiGHTS; ends 31/12

Rumours - 31/12/2099 is supposed to show radioactive (purple?) snow...

Special Times (Christmas NiGHTS)

These work when the game is operating as Christmas NiGHTS, not Winter, New Year or Limited Edition.

Time Effect
3 am Lunar eclipse
6 am Northern Lights
7 am Bright sun
9 am Crescent moons fall from sky
12 pm Rainbows, clouds, and confetti falls from sky
3 pm Sweeties fall from sky!
6 pm Strange stars fall from sky, moon
9 pm Bright stars fall from sky
12 am Hearts fall from sky


Pro Action Replay / GameShark Codes - NiGHTS


American Codes

B6062800 0000
Infinite Time * 160FFC12 EA30
Infinite Speed Thrusts 160FFE56 0064
Infinite Blue Orbs 160FFE58 63FF
1 Orb needed to finish level 160FFEC2 0000

* Please note that the unlimited time code may cause your Saturn to crash.


European Codes

B6062800 0000
Infinite Time 16OFFC12 1C00
Infinite Speed Thrusts 160FFE56 0064
Always have 99 Blue Orbs* 160FFE58 6362
1 Orb needed to finish level 160FFEC2 0000

* Make sure when you first step into the Ideya Capture that you dash out immediately. Otherwise, you will complete levels 2, 3, and 4 in a matter of seconds from just sitting there.


Japanese Codes

B6002800 0000
Infinite Time 160FFC12 EA30
Infinite Speed Thrust 160FFE56 0064
Infinite Blue Orbs 160FFE58 6362
One orb needed to finish level 160FFEC2 0000


GameShark Codes - Christmas NiGHTS


Master Code F6000914 C30A
B6030040 0000
Infinite Time 160FFB12 5FFF
Infinite Blue Orbs 360FFD58 0063
Infinite Present Guesses 160CF4D2 0038
Level Modifier * 160FFB14 0?00

* Replace ? with 0 (Stage 1), 1 (Boss 1) or 2 (Boss 2)

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