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Here are a number of downloads, including a desktop theme, music files, and even some fan games. If your link isn't too fast you may wish to download music instead of playing it direct. Hope you enjoy the files - if you want more or have any to contribute, please let me know! By the way, NiGHTS Adventure doesn't work on my PC, so I've included two files, which it asks for, inside the zipped file. If it doesn't work for you, look for different versions of knpg.dll and knps.dll. I do not know when these files were made or their versions so I can't help any more than that. Sorry... :-(

The MIDI tunes available to download come in two formats, normal MID files, and QuickTime MOV files. From my experience, the QuickTime versions, usable with QuickTime 3 and above, sound better, but as people have varying sound cards, their Windows MIDI performance will produce different results. For example, nice as it is, the Yamaha SoftSynth doesn't sound right despite having more instruments available, but the Aureal 3.0 synth, being close to the QuickTime synth in many respects, is much more appropriate. Experiment and you might come up with better results.

The most interesting files here are the VQF sound files and the VQF plug-in for Winamp version 2.0x and higher. These VQF files are recorded straight from the game. They require you to download the plug-in for Winamp first so you can use them, but it's well worth it. The question is... what's DSS? Remember when you pressed Pause then L+R+Y to get the DSS Info on NiGHTS (part of A-Life)? The music was determined by the sequence of 0s, 1s, 2s and 3s. Paternal Horn, Growing Wings and The Amazing Water (new!) are the result of recording the tunes as they sound by default (i.e. all segments are 0). The newest additions are The Amazing Water DSS 0 tune, and the A Sonic and NiGHTS Adventure, and SoNiGHTS fan games. I hope you like them. If people request more, I will try to upload more tunes for you, but webspace on GeoCities is limited so I cannot add more to this site, but I can add more to another account or remove files such as the Christmas NiGHTS festive tunes as I have already done (sorry, but 15MB is not a lot of space to play with :-().

Video Clips
NiGHTS Intro VIdeo, 14,925Kb,
NEW NiGHTS Outro VIdeo, 38,461Kb, nights_outro.avi CURRENTLY OFFLINE
Music Files
Paternal Horn DSS 0, VQF format
, zipped, 1,512Kb,

Growing Wings, VQF format, zipped, 1,483Kb,
The Amazing Water DSS 0, VQF format, zipped, 1,717Kb,
VQF plug-in for Winamp version 2.0x and higher, 374Kb,
8 MIDI tunes, including some remix tunes, 262Kb,
NiGHTS, 940Kb, nights.mp3
NiGHTS Introduction, 857Kb, nights_introduction.mp3
Fan Games
NiGHTS Adventure, 912Kb,
NiGHTS End, 1,121Kb,
NiGHTS Return, 752Kb,

A Sonic and NiGHTS Adventure , 159Kb,
SoNiGHTS , 398Kb,
cncs32.dll file for use with NiGHTS End, NiGHTS Return and SoNiGHTS, 88Kb,

Desktop Theme for Windows 95/98/NT, 240Kb,

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