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Prescott Links

I'll try to add some new ones directly on this page. Please suggest new ones in the Guestbook.

bulletFraser (Captain Kodak) Carr St. Paul's United Church site was officially opened in January 2004.
bulletAnn Carr (Fraser's wife) is webmaster the site for the local branch of the United Empire Loyalists. The site has extensive details of the regions history and recent photos of historical homes.
bulletIt had to happen. Prescott is becoming a Smart Community (which is a lot better than it used to be). See the new full-service web site at www.prescott.ca.
bullet Calamity Jim's World by Jim Robinson - A great perspective of life in Prescott in the 1950s and 1960s. Jim has a fine list of high school nicknames, early photos and family stories.
bulletMACVICAR-CRITCHLEY GENEALOGY PAGE by Bob McVicar - Bob's research on family ancestry.
bulletThe Bordt-al - Michael Bordt's hopefully "always there for you" domain name (www.bordt.com). It leads not only to this site but to his work on Indonesian Language Resources, Chunder Synonyms and other family sites.
bullet Ogdensburg, New York, A Photo History by Ted Como - The 'burg is such an integral part of growing up in Prescott (who doesn't have some stories?), I found Ted's work fascinating. Ted and I are discussing the possibility of doing a feature on 'Burg Bars of the 60s and 70s (that is, "Oscars, Chappel's Hotel, Murray's, Bob's Tavern, Doc's Hideaway, formerly the Flamingo, John's Spaghetti house were you could get a beer on a Social Security card" not to mention Pat & Jerry's, and Cozy Corners). Please contribute stories and photos.

At one time, in the history of this page, I was an editor of the Open Directory Project and managed several directories. Things got out of hand when the überlibrarians took over and started organizing everything. There may still be some Prescott links there. Check it out.

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