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High School (SGDHS 1973 Graduating year and concert band)

This is a list of the names (and photos, if you click on the name) of the Grade 13 class of 1973 at South Grenville District High School. I just came back from my 25th reunion (in 1998) and everybody said how nice it would be if we kept in touch. Since then, I have received e-mail from a few of the graduates.

I have also included some low-resolution photos of my graduating class and concert band of 1971 and 1973.


Last known location Married Name Contacted/
John Appleby Ottawa   Yes [email protected]
Kevin Barber Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Fargerbarger Yes [email protected]
Bev Baugh Ottawa Appleby Yes [email protected]
Alvin Bennet Brockville      
Michael Bordt Ottawa   Yes [email protected]

James Borret

Donna Brennan        
Brent Davy        
Mary Lou Devine     Yes  
Connie Dicky deceased      
Rick Emmons        
Bonnie Farmer        
Greg Fisher        
Peter Fortier Prescott, Ontario   Yes [email protected]
Bill Fox        
Margo Gannon   Ferguson Yes  
JoAnne Gillespie        
Dan Girard Maitland, Ontario   Yes  
Bradley Gladstone        
Steven Glover        
Gail Hanna        
Debbie Healy        
Bill Hendriks        
Eric Henry        
Gerard Hogervorst Peterborough   Yes  
Sharon Irvine     Yes  
Susan Irving Ottawa   Yes [email protected]
Karen Jennings        

Debbie Jozefowicz

Tom Kaemmer Kingston, Ontario      
Emma Kamphuis        
Debbie Kerr     Yes  
Cheryl King        
John Kingston Prescott, Ontario   Yes [email protected]
Debbie Lawrence        
Neil Lawrence deceased      
Debbie Locke Edmonton, Alberta Devine Yes  
Sherry Lodge        
Stephen Madden        
David Malcomson        
James McCutcheon        
Brant McDougall        
Mike McMahon        
Beth Millard        
Donna Miller        
Judy Miller        
Mike Milliken        
Kerry Moore     Yes  
Mary Clare Morris        
Wayne Moug Dartmouth, NS   Yes [email protected]
Rose Neild        
Kim Peters        
Bob Reddick        
Lee Robertson        
Debra Rose        
Ursula Selonke        
Debbi Sisty        
Debrah Smith        
Karen Sommerville        
Lynn Steiner Prescott   Yes  
Jim Talajko        
Robert Thompson        
Joan Throop Prescott, Ontario Fortier Yes [email protected]
Alan Trewartha     Yes  
Mark Valcour Ottawa, Ontario   Yes  
Rick Valkenier        
Mary Vanderzyde Ajax, Ontario Cunningham Yes [email protected]
Gerald Vankeeken Calgary, Alta   Yes [email protected]
Roger Warren Toronto, Ontario   Yes [email protected]
Dave Watson        
Kim Weberg        
Diane Weldon        
John Westrate        
Pamela Woodland   Malcomson    
Edward Wynands        

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