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S_PrescottBroc1940s01.jpg (13884 bytes) This one surprised me when I first saw it. There are more docks, ships and warehouses along the waterfront than I ever remember. The picture appeared in a 1940's brochure promoting Prescott  as an ideal spot for industrial location. This was during the time when Lee McKnight was mayor.

I suspect the photo dates from the early 1920s--there's no clock tower on the Town Hall!

The large block in the upper right is the Prescott Elevator, built in 1895. There's nothing left of it in the 1929 Air Photos.

S_Prescott1960s.jpg (10186 bytes) This photo is from the mid-1960s (probably 1964 or 1965). It shows the oil storage tank and the coal docks. In the detailed picture, you can see many of the homes and businesses. This was taken from "The Pictorial History of the Thousand Islands" by Adrian G. Ten Cate and Mary Beacock Fryer (published by Besancourt Publishers, Brockville, Ontario).
S_PRESCOTT1970S.JPG (10061 bytes) This is Prescott in the early 1970s. I don't know the exact year. The water tower, Community Centre, Prescott Place, Stan Ward's silo and Rehau Plastics are already there.

It was taken from a post card published by the Peterborough Post Card Co. Ltd. in (where else?) Peterborough, Ontario. The photo was taken by H. R. Oakman.


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