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Prescott People - More Nicknames

This section has two parts so far:
bulletMichael's recollections (April 17, 1999)
bulletJim Robinson's early sixties high school nicknames. Jim came through, as promised, with a huge list with more than 120 names. (Added June 12, 1999)

The objective here is to embarrass at least 10% of the Prescott population of the 1960s. We're at about 25% of our goal.

Michael's Recollections

I always thought it was wonderfully naughty to refer to our public school principal, Gordon Halliday, as Goog. It turns out that we didn't make that one up--he had had that name for at least 20 years before.

Other names for teachers were just as unkind: there was Fat Jack Johnson, Earl Squirrel Armstrong, Susie Schultz Taylor. We were never sure if Fraser Captain Kodak Carr minded the moniker.

There always seemed to be somebody from Cardinal called Stoney Reid. A strange habit formed from Cardinal boys calling people by their fathers' names (John Percy Pankhurst).

Even during the 1960s, there was always somebody in our neighbourhood called Frenchie. This is surprising when you consider the Census statistics that show that about 15% of the population of Prescott claimed French heritage.

During the late 1960s, people were usually known only by their nicknames. Steve Lumpy Donaldson was one exception. Bert Balogh is still known (and still insists on being known as Benny). I never knew the real names of Bo, JT, or Slick.

Dan Beak Girard was a great one for handing out alternative names. He coined Crabs for Don Gibson, Bunny for Debbie Buckland and tried a few for me that didn't stick. He was the one that first called Susie Taylor Schultz.

Some kids during the 1960s were known only by their nicknames. It was never clear whether they had real names: Chuckie McCaw, Chuckie Lamaire, Rusty Ruston, Buckey Mallon, Butch Typhair and Tiger Isaacs.  Catherine McKinnon was known only as Tootsie. A few adults, such as Smokey Gobeil and Dodie Kirkey also fit into this category.

After missing the ball a few times while playing baseball, Steve Salmon was hung with the inspired Hawkeye (Get it? Rhymes with Sockeye or was it Cockeye, Bob?)

The following is a note from Jim Herm Robinson:

Saw your list of Lee McKnight's nicknames and recognize some. Faw Ralph Robinson was my father. What would you like to know about him. His wife, my mother, still lives in Prescott as well as my sister, Sandi, who married Dunk (Duncan) MacKay and have seven sons.

My nickname in the sixties in high school was Herm.

I hate to admit this but until I was about 14, nobody called me anything but Mickey. My family and old friends still call me that and it doesn't bother me at all. What really gets me is when I call a friend on the phone and have to say "Hi Mrs...this is Mickey Bordt. Is John home?" (A word of advice to current friends: Don't try it!)

Here's yours, Mom. My mother Susie Locke has rarely ever been called by her real given name (Elfriede).

Help me with this. What was it that Mike Adams insisted on being called during the 1960s?

Jim Robinson's early sixties high school nicknames

Nicknames at South Grenville District High School, Prescott, Ontario

From the 60,63,65 ANNUALS - I have not included some of the more common nicknames such as "Bob" for Robert and "Annie" for Ann.

Louis "Tweetie" Anderson
Shirley "Elfego" Annable
Ann "Little Lulu" Armstrong
Gary "Hank" Armstrong
Paul "Bull" Ashby
Dennis "Blinker" Ashford
Barbara "Nick" Baldwin
Ross "Roses" Barton
Mary "Jingle Bell" Ellen Bell
Terry "Tinker Bell" Bell
Wayne "Dwaynie" Bellinger
Earl "Benny" Bennett
Thomas "Ticker" Bennett
Pete "Pierre" Bevan
Brian "Skip" Blad
Brian "Beaver" Bovaird
Glen "Chief " Bradley
Joyce "J.G." Bradley
Ruth "Sunshine" Brown
Edward "Yogi" Bruce
Clare "Clarabelle" Byrne
Bevely "Chic" Callan
Cheryl "Chewing Gun" Casaubon (gum?)
June "Red" Chega
Wayne "Meatball" Chellew
Lucie "La Belle Jeune Fille" Cote
Bill "Willie Be" Devereaux
James "Professor" Dickey
Joan "Mutt" Dillon (She disliked being called it)
Carl "Skeets" Dishaw
John "Bun" Donovan
Hugh "Inch" Durning
Maureen "Mo" Durning
Colleen "Red" During (Durning?)
Ted "Bear" Emmons
William "Bill" Fowler
Pat "Charlie" Fraser
Kent "The Big Hanker" Gilder
Dale "Charlie" Gilmour
Ron "Goober" Good
Darlene "Rocky" Grimes
Bonnie "Proxy" Hall
Doug "Bunny" Hare
Ronald "Harriskins" Harrison
Alice "Ally" Henry (Disliked being called it)
Donna "Porky" Henry
Susan "Poke-a-hontus" Hignett
Grahan "Fats" Hodge
Corstiaan (Kookie) Hogervorst
John "Meathied" Jodoin (?)
Brian "Speedy" Kirkby
Sandra "Granny" King
Richard "Dicky" Kingston
Wieslaw "Abdul" Kuran
Glenn "Irish" Linnen
Alan "Tick" Locke
Allen "Anchor" Lumsden
Maureen "Thuthie" Lumsden
Richie "Auger-Bit" Lumsden
Darlene "Dart" MacDonald
Edward "Mr. Ed" Macdonald
Marg "Bear" Marin
Harry "Jig" McCallum
Donald "Dip Stick" McDonald
Terry "Kinner" McLean
Mary "Fairy Mary" Miller - Dislked being called it
Maureen "Tarzan" Milliken
Bob "Board" Mouton
Sterling "Murph" Murphy
Yvonne "Phylis" (last name?)- Disliked being called it
David "Henck" Myers
Larry "Isaac" Patterson
Sophia "Tex" Pawelski
Miriam "Moose" Peet - Disliked being called it
Carol "Pertie" Peters
Art "Perk" Poore
James "Moose" Potvin
John "Stretch" Potvin
Judy "Jud" Pratt
Russell "Pusie" Pratt
Gary "Stubby" Preston
Judith "Punch" Anne Price
Don "Jock" Procyk
Whit "Bruno" Prophet
Thomas "Tippy" Putman
John "Rioney" Raney
Elizabeth "Lib" Reade
Robert "Filstrup" Reade
Bonnie "Slylock" Reilly
Bruce "Rile" Reilly
Sandra "Ringo" Robinson (my late sister and an obvious fan of ??????)
John "Rosco" Ross
Helen "Little Helen" Ryan
Junior "Sea Biscuit" Rylands
Peter "Scoop" Salmon
Harold "Tar Baby" Sayeau
Rene "Shoey" Schoemaker (Disliked being called it)
Donald "Coiner" Shaw
Harold "Diz" Shaw
Pat "Shot Gun" Shahan
Marjorie "Maggie" Smith (Disliked being called it)
Doug "Star" Standen
Carole "Blondie" Strader
Bill "Clinker" Tennant
Richard "Take Back" Tomae
Dianne "Gordie" Turnbull
Bruce "Twinkle Toes" Van Allen
Gerard "Atlas" Van Andel
Margaret "Willy" Van Dort - (dislikes nickname)
Brian "Casanova" Wells
Faye "Daisy" Whitehorn
Paul "Spud" Wilson
Linda "Blondy" Winsor
Gord "Whimp" Wright

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