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Prescott People - Lee McKnight - Some Prescott Nicknames by Lee McKnight

(Note: Although the list of names was compiled in the 1970s and 1980s, it's evident that they were most likely used in the 1940s and 1950s.)

Tinhorn Appleton
Crooked Mouth Barton
Hairpin (Harpln) Beaumont
Squirt (Carl) Bingham
Stoner (George) Boyle
Nig (Leo) Boivin
Grudge (Grudgeon) Bowers
Stub (Cecil) Brown
Tracey (Dick) Delaney
Sarah Dishaw
Dag Dubrule
Pedge Dubrule
Porky Dubrule
Panty (Eleanor) Durant
Ham Durant
Packy Durant
Lover, Blind Eyes, Trooptown Jew (Joseph) Doyle
Doylie (Mary) Doyle
Coogan (Jackie) Doyle
Sugar (Gerard) Donovan
Snook Easter
Iodine (Gerald) Eagan
Squirrel (Gerald) Ferguson
Nut (Grover) Fisher
Duke Fisher
Toots (Eunice) Fleming
Fisheye Frattura
Dixie (Doreen) Gallinger
Judy (John) Garland
Chesty Hall
Fleet Foot Henry (amputee)
Squint Hymes
Slew Foot Hymes
Shitheels Hymes
Bub (Garfield) Hutton
Monk Jeffries
Pud Johnson
Snowball King
Peanuts King
Bull King
Butch King
Pooner King
ltchy King
Kinky Kingston
Moon Lavery
Dud Mason
TD (Tone Deaf) MacDonald
Hink (Melvyn) McIntyre
Crow Merritt
Shadew Mills (cop)
Petticoat, Midnight 2359 Millar
Battler McGinley
Zeke (John) McAskin
Quarter (Elmer) Moore
Dinty (Mansell) Moore
Edgy Moore
Teabone Moore
Teahole Moore
Tiger Mullen
Moon Mullen
Cow Murdock
Tits (Marion) Moxmon
Polly Parrott
Bunny Patterson
Shotgun Pettem (Canon)
Sid (Thelma) Phillips
Miss Place (Pete)
Bits Prophet
Pink Eye Preston
Biddy Quinn
Dee Dee Quinn
Toughie Reid
Faw (Ralph) Robinson
Hash Hollins
Flossie Ryan
Hod (Earl) Simzer
Pinhead (John) Sled
Fly Smith
Windy (Wendell) St Louis
Nela Typhair
Cob Webb
Waddie (Wallace) Wyles
Bud (John) Wiser
Shorty (Gerald) Wormington


Bing (Byron) Gill
Fagan (John) MacDonald
Dodey (Joseph) Kirky
Chick Kirkby
Slick (Guy) Shaver
Boney Gilson
Nernie Bruce
Hinky Bruce
Cack O'Connell
Wiggie Bell
Nook Smith
Killer Greer
Queenie Bowers

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