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Rev. Adolph Chlumsky
  Rev. Adolph Chlumsky, pastor at Velka Lhota, Moravia, would have had reason to visit Rev.
Jan Benes, Church Superintendent of Moravia, in Vanovice from time to time.  It is here, that
Rev. Adolph Chlumsky would have met Julie Rosa Kun, daughter of Karolina Opocensky
Kun Benes, and stepdaughter of Rev. Jan Benes.
  Rev. Adolph Chlumsky and Julie Rosa Kun were married at Vanovice, Moravia, served by her stepfather, Rev. Jan Benes.   Rev. Jan Chlumsky, father of Adolph performed the service. (Copy of marriage certificate.)
Rev. Adolph Chlumsky
abt. 1868
Julie Rosa Kun
abt. 1868
Vanovice, Moravia, abt 25 miles north of
Brno, Moravia, where Adolph and Julie were married.
  Rev. Adolph Chlumsky served at Velka Lhota until June 1872, then moved his family to
Krabcice, Bohemia, about 20 miles north of Prague, near Roudnice.  He served as
superintendent of a girls school near Krabcice.
Rev. Adolph Chlumsky
at Krabcice, Bohemia
The girls school at Krabcice, Bohemia.  Daughters, Libuse
and Julie attended this school.
  Rev. Josef Opocensky immigrated to Texas and organized a church in Wesley in 1864.  The
first church was built in 1866 in Wesley.  Rev. Josef Opocensky died July 17th, 1870.  There is
a family connection between Rev. Josef Opocensky and Rev. Adolph Chlumsky.  Rev. Josef
Opocensky was the maternal uncle of Julie Kun Chlumsky, the wife of Rev. Adolph Chlumsky.
Julie was the daughter of Karolina Opocensky Kun Benes, sister of Rev. Josef Opocensky.

   Another family member in Texas, was Marie Opocensky Schurerer, member of the Wesley
church.  She was the niece of Rev. Josef Opocensky, and daughter of Rev. Karel Opocensky,
brother of Josef.  Julie Chlumsky, wife of Rev. Adolph Chlumsky, spent much time with her
uncle Karel Opocensky as a teenager, this, good friends of first cousin Marie Opocensky

   After the death of Rev. Josef Opocensky, Rev. Adolph Chlumsky was asked to come to Texas.
He could not, at that time, and asked his brother,
Rev. Ludvik Jaroslav Chlumsky to go to
Texas.  Rev. Ludvik served for a while, and married Yohana/Johanna Chupik April 6th, 1875
(Wahington Co. marriage records)  He and his family returned to Bohemia in 1881.

   In September, 1889, Rev. Adolph Chlumsky, wife Julie Rosa Kun Chlumsky, and children,
Libuse (La bush a), Jan, Julie and Hermina, immigrated to Brenham, Texas.  At his farm, he
planted a vineyard and made wine, often used in the church services in the early days.  His
grandson, John Chlumsky said that he enjoyed his wine!
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Map of Bohemia and Moravia
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