Julie Rosa Kun Chlumsky
wife of Rev. Adolph Chlumsky

Additional photos of her, her mother, and her siblings.

Stepfather, Rev. Jan Benes

The children of Julie Rosa Kun Chlumsky

Map of Bohemia and Moravia

  Julie Rosa Kun was born April 10th, 1847, daughter
of Karolina Opocensky and Rev. Vilem Kun, in
Nosislav, Moravia south of Brno.  Her father died
when she was two, and she was taken in by her aunt
and uncle, Rev. Benjamin Opocensky and his wife
in Zadverice.

   Julie's aunt, Mrs Opocensky, was a very well
educated woman, a good mother to Julie, and
valuable in her upbringing.  Julie stayed at the
Opocensky's until she was 18.  When she was young,
she stayed in various places attending schools and

   It was for this purpose that she stayed at Rev. Karel Opocensky's in Vsetin.  Later on
during her youth, she stayed at the Surun?? Institute in Vienna and an institute in Brno.
She received her musical education along with valuable literary education in Vienna.
Her Uncle Kun from Vienna was a well to do manufacturer of raw silk and paid all of
her expenses.  The raw silk came from Italy and was made into fabrics in his factory.

   Julie's mother, Karolina Opocensky Kun, remarried two years after the death of
Rev. Vilem Kun, to Rev. Jan Benes.  He was pastor at Nosislav, then Vanovice, when
he became Superintendent of the Church in Moravia., where he was awarded a cross
for services rendered, by Kaiser Frantz Joseph.

    Around the age of 18, Julie Kun returned to her mother and stepfather in Vanovice,
and after a brief stay at home, married Rev. Adolph Chlumsky.  They were married in
Vanovice, and the services performed by Rev. Jan Chlumsky, the father of Rev. Adolph

   Julie had two brothers, a stepbrother and stepsister.  Her brother Vilem Kun became a
pastor in Liptal, and Joseph became a doctor of medicine, composer and director in Brno
who composed church music, as well as classical music.

   From the Benes side, her half sister married Rev. Bohumil Mares, writer of spiritual
compositions, and he died in Vysokem Myte.  Julie's half brother Karl died as a company
major in the army in  Olomouc (in east Moravia).

   Julie's cousin Frank Kun immigrated to Ely, Iowa (USA) and was a professor of
classical languages in college in Iowa. 

    Julie and Rev. Adolph Chlumsky lived in Velka Lhota until 1872, then moved to
Krabcice, Bohemia, just north of Prague.  They immigrated to America, arriving on
September 5th, 1889, and obtained a farm in Brenham, Texas, north of Houston.

   She became a widow in February, 1919, and lived with her daughter, Hermina, who
never married.  She suffered from shortness of breath, hardening of the arteries, a
weak heart, and finally an attack of paralyses (stroke?).  She died August 7, 1924
and is buried alongside her husband, Rev. Adolph Chlumsky, in Granger, Texas.
The birthdate of the headstone is wrong (says 1848 instead of 1847), and is a common
error found on headstones.

   Her grandfather, Rev. Alexander Kun was one of the first protestant pastors in
Moravia, after the Edict of Toleration in 1781.  He came from Keckemet, Hungary, as
their were no native protestant pastors at that time.

1. - Birth certificate
2. - Marriage certificate
3. - "Life History of Julie Kun Chlumsky" by daughter Hermina Chlumsky.
4. - Family Records, primarily by daughter Libuse Chlumsky Koehler.
5. - Church records.

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