Map of Bohemia and Moravia
with Towns of Interest

The following lists the towns, their location in Bohemia (west side) and Moravia (east
side) and the relationship to Chlumsky's, Opocensky's and Kun families:

Cermna - 65km/41mi east at ~97 degrees from Pardubice (which is 60mi. east of Prague).
Rev. Jiri Opocensky was pastor 1807-1811 (father of Rev. Josef, Rev. Karel, Rev. Benj.
Opocensky, Karolina Opocensky Kun Benes, and Kristine, wife of Rev. Krcal.

Chlum - 57km/36mi NNE at ~13 degrees from Prague.  Believed to the the town or area
of the Bohemian knight and barron, lord John of Chlum.

Chvaletic -30km/19mi west at ~280 degrees.  Birthplace of Elizabeth Hrubes Chlumsky,
wife of Rev. Jiri Opocensky.

Dacice - 87km/54mi west at abt. 262 degrees from Brno.  A town near Velka Lhota, that
MIGHT be on a map.

Dvakacovice - 10km/6mi SSE at abt. 150 degrees from Pardubice, which is 60 mi E. of
Prague.  Rev. Jan Chlumsky was pastor 1840-1846.  Birthplace of Rev. Adolph Chlumsky
and Rev. Jaroslav Ludvik Chlumsky.

Jimramov - 58km/36mi NNW at abt. 230 degrees from Brno, Moravia.  Rev. Jiri
Opocensky was pastor 1829-1842.  Died and buried there.

Klaster - 30km/19mi NE at abt.  37 degrees from Pardubice.  Rev. Jiri Opocensky was
pastor 1811-1829.  Grandson, Rev. Oskar Opocensky (son of Rev. Karel Op.) was pastor

Krabcice - 41km/27mi NNW at abt. 344 degrees from Prague.  Rev. Adolph Chlumsky was
pastor 1872-1889.

Liptal - abt. 100km/62mi east at abt. 70 degrees.  Birthplace of Karolina Sara Florka
Opocensky, wife of Rev. Jiri Opocensky, and mother of Rev. Joseph Op., Rev. Benj. Op.,
Rev. Karel Op., Kristine, wife of Rev. Krcal, and Karolina Op. Kun Benes.

Nemecke (changed to Snezne) - 20km/39mi. NW at abt 324 degrees from Brno,
Moravia.  Rev. Jan Chlumsky was pastor 1846-1880.  He and his wife died there.

Nosislav - Important, because it was one of the first protestant church after the Edict of
Toleration in 1781.  Since there were no native protestant pastors, they had to come from
other countries.  One of those was Rev. Alexander Kun, who was pastor 1785-1792, and
1808-1817, and his son, Rev. Vilem Kun was pastor abt 1839-to abt 1847.  Birthplace of his
three children, Rev. Vilem Kun, Josef Kun, and Julie Rosa Kun (Chlumsky).

Opocno - 35km/22mi. NE at abt 40 degrees from Pardubice.  Believed to be the origin of
the Opocensky family.

Pardubice - 95km/59mi. east at abt 93 degrees from Prague.  A larger town to find on
the map for a reference point.

Perimov - 93km/58mi. NE at abt 55 degrees from Prague.  Birthplace of Rev. Jiri

Semtes - 20km/13mi. WSW at abt 248 degrees from Pardubice.  The town is where
Joseph Chlumsky taught (father of Rev. Jan Chlumsky, and g.father of Rev. Adolph Ch.

Vanovice - The church served by the Superintendent of the church in Moravia.  Rev.
Jiri Opocensky was pastor 1829-1842 and Rev. Jan Benes 1862-1883.

Velka Lhota - 94km/59mi. WSW or abt 266 degrees from Brno, Moravia.  Rev. Adolph
Chlumsky was the first pastor 1866-1872.

Vsetin - abt 110km/69mi. east at abt 71 degrees from Brno, Moravia.  Rev. Karel
Opocensky was pastor 1839-1899.

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