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Rev. Adolph Chlumsky
  Rev. Adolph Chlumsky helped organize numerous congregations, traveling by train in Texas,
and into the Oklahoma Territory.  One family story is that when he was expected to arrive
home in Brenham after a trip, he would put a light in the train window, and then if seen, the
family would respond and pick him up at the station.

   From the book "Unity of the Brethren in Texas", the following churches were organized by
Rev. Adolph Chlumsky:

                           First service
1891  Snook         1886
1892  Granger       abt 1880
1892  West           1888
1892  Ocher         1885
1892  Vsetin          No longer affiliated with the Unity of the Brethren.
1893  New Tabor  1888
1900  Elgin           1892
1904  Rowena       merged with Wall
1904  Dime Box    1893
1905  Ennis          1896
1907  Buckholts    1894

Preaching stations, not existing today:
First service
1905  Prague, Oklahoma Territory
1906  Clyde, Oklahoma Territory
1906  Marekville (Port Lavaca)
1907  Medford, Oklahoma
1907  Criesman (merged into Dime Box and Caldwell congregations)
1909  Seymour
1909 Holliday
  Rev. Adolph Chlumsky saw a need for a Czech
Christian publication, and was the founding editor
of the Brethren Journal in 1902.  It was declared
the official publication of the Unity of the Brethren
in December, 1903.  He remained the editor
throught 1912. It was originally all Czech, but over
the years, slowly changed to english as the
generations changed. It was a private paper owned
by Rev. Adolph Chlumsky, and was donated to the
church in 1912.

   The Mutual Aid Society was organized in 1905.
One of the five member committee elected to work
out a plan, included Rev. Adolph Chlumsky.  When
the committee presented the plan in 1905, it was
unanimously accepted, and twelve expressed the
desire to become members even before the bylaws
were read.  One of the twelve was Rev. Adolph
Chlumsky, although he was technically ineligible,
being over 50 years of age.  He was a  charter
member, along with his daughter, Hermina Chlumsky.
His wife, Julie was over 50 and ineligible.  Rev.
Adolph Chlumsky served as one of the first officers,
serving as general secretary.  In 1911, he asked that
he not be reelected due to advancing age and health.
Feb., 1919 Memorial Issue
Varous pictures of Rev. Adolph Chlumsky, the fourth photo is  the sign of a travelling man.
  The farmhouse of the Chlumsky family was the forerunner of the present Hus School.Soon after arriving in Texas in 1889, Rev. Adolph Chlumsky made attempts to train young ladies in bible study and music.  Mrs. Chlumsky and daughters were well trainedin Bohemia in music and voice and gave instructions to these young ladies.

   Rev. Adolph Chlumsky died February 1st, 1919 in Brenham, and was buried in Granger, Texas.
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