Rev. Jaroslav Ludvik Chlumsky

  Rev. J. L. Chlumsky was the younger
brother of Rev. Adolph Chlumsky.

   He was born January 23, 1846.  When
Rev. Josef Opocensky asked Rev. Adolph
Chlumsky to immigrate to Texas,  Adolph
declined at that time, and asked his brother
Jaroslav Ludvik to go to Texas.

   Rev. J. L. Chlumsky immigrated to Texas
and served 1874-1881. He served at Wesley
and organized a church at Industry.   He met
Johanna Chupik and they were married
April 6, 1875.

   In 1881, the family returned to the Czech
homeland, and he was pastor at Svratouch.
He died in Svratouch on May 18, 1901.

   The photo at the right was probably taken
in Texas.  The older girl is Johanna Hermina.
The boy is Jaroslav Ludvik.

  The photo at the right is of Rev.
Jaroslav Ludvik Chlumsky, his wife
Johanna (Chupik) and children:
1.  Johanna Hermine b. Feb. 10, 1876
2.  Jaroslav Ludvik   b. Aug. 22, 1877
3.  Anastasie   b. Dec. 30, 1879
4.  Otakar? Jan   b. July 4, 1882
5.  Vladamir   b. April 7, 1884

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