National Society of Arts and Letters is a member organization that is dedicated to assisting young Americans aspiring a career in one of the five visual, performing arts. The 2004 competition is in Musical Theater for $4000 age range limited to 17 to 27 years old, applicant must be citizen of the USA.  The winner of the $4000 Award, will be entered in the National competition 2003 in May for a top award of $10,000. Washington Chapter awards are for young citizens of the United States living in or attending schools Washington, DC; Maryland; Delaware and Northern Virginia.  You may find another chapter in your area of the United States holding similar competitions at the National web site . In 2004 the National Competition will be in Musical Theatre.

Recnt competition winners Poetry 2003, piano-2002 , dance, music, literaryart  

Through contributions, fund raising and other methods, members arrange competitions for any young Americans meeting the annual specified requirements to win cash grants to continue in their chosen profession. We welcome inquiries send e-mail to nsal-dc.

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Special information on former winner achievements

Christopher Atzinger, winner of $4000 piano competition 2002 will perform at Carnegie Hall in December 2002 and at Monticello in Spring 2003 sponsored by La Gesse Foundation.
Elizabeth Ayers teaches writing worldwide and holds on-line learning at Her latest book WRITING THE WAVE:  INSPIRED RIDES FOR ASPIRING WRITERS is now available at your local bookstore. See details of her writer's workshops at or e-mail: [email protected] phone: (800) 510-1049.
ThomasLocker's booksare available in all stores carrying Children's books and at ask for new book The Man who Paints Nature, a biography, and In Blue Mountains.
Alice M. Plaster creates prize winning oil paintings and prints.
Former winner in dance Courtney Conner -Gardini new information.

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