Nilratan Sen-Bengali Works
The majority of Dr.Sen's writings are in Bengali.

His first published work was Bangla Sahitya Prasanga,published in 1956 by Asia Publishing,Calcutta.Rabindrabiksha was his next major work,brought out by the same publisher in 1961.Vaisnab Padavali Parichay Nava Paryay was brought out by Sahityalok,Calcutta in 1968,during Dr.Sen's tenure with Delhi University.

The most productive period of Dr.Sen's writing was during his period with Kalyani University.Caryagitir Chandoparicay (1974),Bangla Vidya Charcha(1974) and Bangla Prabandha Samkalan(1976)were all published by Kalyani University.Caryagitikos came out in 1978.Adhunik Bangla Chhanda (2 parts) and Bangla Chhanda Vivartaner Dhara were all published by Dey's Publishing,Calcutta.The last of these can be purchased on the net from the Parabaas bookstore,which can be accessed through the link provided on this page.Bangla Chhanda Parichay,an elementary grammar and history of Bengali poetry,was published from Puthipotro in 1984.Bangla Sahitya Prasanga:Pratham Parba,Prasanga:Siksha-Bhasa-Lipi,Prasanga:Bangla Chandasilpa o Chandachinta and Prasanga:Adhunik Bangla Sahitya were all published in the 80s.

Unfortunately,Dr.Sen did not live to see the publication of his last two works - Prabodhchandra Sen,a tribute to Dr.Sen's mentor and Srikrishnakirtan,brought out in 2002 from Sahityalok.
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