Introduction-Dr.Nilratan Sen
Born in 1925, Dr.Sen will be remembered for his invaluable contribution to Bengali prosody.Gifted with an inquisitive mind and a  sharp intellect  Dr.Sen went about his research work with unflinching dedication which eventually culminated in  outstanding works like Caryagitikosa and Bangla Chhanda Vivartaner Dhara.

By profession,Dr.Sen was a teacher.He taught in his alma-mater Daulatpur College,Contai College,Siuri College and Delhi University before finally moving to Kalyani University.It was during his tenure as the Head of the Department that the Department of Bengali of
Kalyani University came to be recognised as one of the best in the state.  

An avid reader and bibliophile,Dr.Sen had a large collection of books in his personal library,much of which were given away to various libraries after his sudden death on the last day of 2000.

During his illustrious career,Dr.Sen was associated with luminaries such as Dr.Suniti Chatterjee, Prof.Nihar Ranjan Ray,Dr.Prabodhchandra Sen,Dilip Kumar Roy and Prof.Abu Sayed Ayub among others.                

He will be remembered for his pioneering research work in the field of Bengali prosody and especially for his work on Caryagitikosa.The caryagitis are mystic poems by Bengali Buddhist poets,and are the earliest identifiable form of Bengali poetry and also of Eastern Neo Indo - Aryan literature

The links provided on this page would lead to the following pages,which briefly outline his life and major works:

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Links to the major institutions where Dr.Sen has served during his illustrious career,such as Delhi University and the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies,Simla,are also available on the subsequent pages.The website of Kalyani University,where Dr.Sen spent the most prolific period of his career,is provided on this page.
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Nilratan Memorial
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