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This is one of the major works of Dr.Nilratan Sen and was published in 1973 during his tenure with the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies in Simla.It is a comprehensive study of the Bengali carya versification which happens to be the earliest specimen of Eastern Neo Indo-Aryan metre. In the study of the development of the eastern NIA versification,i.e.,the metre of Bengali,Oriya,Assamese and Maithili,this book is indispensable.Dr. Sen has traced distinctly the heritage of carya versification in Sanskrit,Prakrit and Apabhramsa and,on the other side,the posteriority in Bengali and other eastern NIA versifications.A significant addition to the Indian periodical literature,this book is listed under the publications of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies.


Published by Indian Council for Cultural Relations in 1973,this is a monogram to introduce Bengali language to non Bengali readers.


Published by the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies in 1977,this is a facsimile edition of the earliest manuscript available in the Eastern Neo Indo-Aryan languages.The caryagitis are mystic poems by Bengali Buddhist poets,composed possibly as far back as the 7th century A.D. according to certain schools of thought.These are the earliest identifiable form of Bengali poetry and also of Eastern Neo Indo - Aryan literature.A number of editions of these carya songs has been published earlier but none of the editions had attempted to bring out a facsimile edition of this rare manuscript.Dr.Sen took initiative in tracing the original manuscript,untraced for over half a century,in the National Archives of Nepal under a new title Caryyacaryyatika scribed in modern Nagri.     

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