A Tribute to Nilratan from Nabendu
This is a Tribute to the literary genius of Dr.Nilratan Sen from his brother,Dr.Nabendu Sen,who himself is an eminent scholar in his own right

Nilratan Sen ( 1925-2000 ) : A LITERARY SCULPTOR

by Dr.Nabendu Sen

It is difficult  for me in penning down about a person whom I have been knowing from so close quarter ( since my birth :now I am 64+ )., particularly as my real brother , as a teacher in the College and University and as a colleague in a University who had given me the best upbringing  possible within the limitations we had during that time.

I found him to be extremely methodical , devoid of unnecessary emotionally charged  expression but of sculptural articulation as his characteristic logic in written and spoken level. His clarity of thought and precisive expression in scathing analysis of Chariyageeti , the ancient form of Bengali Text of 10- 11th century has been widely read and accepted as the most authoritative work by the literary world which was followed by his creditable works on prosody : in fact his was the most successful scientific explorer of the subject.Eventually, he proved his caliber as the the first disciple of eminent prosodist , Prabodhchandra Sen, professor in the University of Viswabharti Shanti-Niketan . Side by side he ushered in a path of proper study of Shrikrisna ´┐ŻKirtan , another early Bengali text and proved his ability in cultivating the early Bengali literary period with same profound knowledge of Vaisanava ´┐Żliterature followed by his comparative studies in Oriya , Assamese and Bengali versification.

One of the most successful teachers of Bengali language and literature, Nilratan  has proved his wide range of knowledge and wisdom in writing hundreds of thought provoking articles on different branches of Bengali Literature.

Apart from these he was a man of rare humor and subtle wit with a heart of loving husband and wonderful father and of course affectionate brother and envious icon of humanity and to me an undying force and spirit in every walk of my life.

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