Dr.Nilratan Sen Memorial
Dr.Sen was born in 1925 to Sachindranath Sen and Pramila Sen in Mulghar village in Bagerhat sub division of  Khulna district of what is now,Bangladesh. He matriculated from Mulghar Kharoria English High School in 1941.He joined Ashutosh College in Calcutta but shifted subsequently to Daulatpur College from where he graduated in 1945.Dr.Sen did his Masters in Bengali in 1947 from Calcutta University.

Dr.Sen started his long and illustrious career in teaching from Daulatpur College and moved subsequently to Prabhatkumar College in Contai and thereafter to Vidyasagar College in Siuri.He completed his Ph.D from Calcutta University and joined the MIL Department of  Delhi University as a lecturer in Bengali. He was selected as a fellow in the prestigious Indian Institute of Advanced Studies,Simla. It was during this period that he carried out his outstanding work on the Bengali carya versification.

In the early seventies he shifted his base from Delhi to Bengal to join the fledgling Bengali Department of Kalyani University as the Head of the Department. It was during this period that some of his best works were produced and the Bengali Department of Kalyani University came to be recognised as one of the best in the state.                    

He will be remembered for his pioneering research work in the field of Bengali prosody.His specilazation was  Bengali Prosody studies in particular and meter studies in general.However,his interest in early Bengali literature encompasses not only Caryagiti,but also Srikrishnakirtan,and certainly  Vaisnava literature.
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