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           I am Nightskies_Dreamer
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About Me:
Hi there! Im 28, divorced and the mother of two awsome boys. Cody age 10 and Dustyn age 6.

They are my two all time favorite people in the world.
Hobbies & Intrests
My hobbies and intrests include: Playing with my children, writting, watching sunsets over the lake, making candles and other things with stuff ive found from nature. I enjoy fishing and dancing, movies, rocky road ice cream and traveling. I love long walks on the beach, camping, making new friends all over the place and chatting here on the net. Maybe we can chat someday!
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I live with my mom and dad, my grandma, my two boys, my three dogs and two cats. I have  two uncles and two aunts that live here in NC, i also have an aunt and uncle in maryland along with numerous cousins all over the United States.
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