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This Page Belongs to Dustyn!
Hi! My name is Dustyn Elton Aubrey. I am 8 years old and in  the second grade I have one brother named Cody. He's 12. I live in North Carolina and i was born here.  I get to play SOCCER this year!!. I played baseball this past season but i didnt like it as much as soccer!!  We took a vacation to my azzie (grandpa's) family reunion in Tenessee this year it was Great and we had tons of Fun! I got a real modle airplane that flys, for my birthday this year, it is soooooooooo neat!!
I am so excited to have my own web page. My mommy is helping me to make it. I hope you like it too!.
My birthday is August 5, 1994
             . (Get me toys!)
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I like to ride my bike, play on the nintendo 64. I love to play the pokemon games mostly but zelda has caught my eye. My favorite color is purple and i love to eat fish sticks, bacon and french fries. Im a really picky eater so i dont like any vegetables or fruit.  I like to color and draw and play with all my toys. But the things i like most planes and trains!
My favorite Cartoon is Pokemon.
My favorite books are the books that you can paint in.
and all of the Arthur Series!
Purple, Purple, Purple!
I love my mom and brother Cody and my grammy and azzie and my maw maw. I got three neat dogs named patches, noah and susie and two cats named shiloh and highway.
I dont know what i want to be when i grow up yet but i like soccer so maybe ill be a soccer player.
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