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This Page Belongs to Cody!
Hi! My name is Cody James Wyatt. I was named after Bill Cody, Jesse James and Wyatt Earp who were  Outlaws cause i was born in Texas.  (My mom had a sense of humor at the time ..LOL) I am 10 Years old and live in North Carolina. I am in the 5th grade and i really like my teachers. I have one brother named Dustyn and i hope i dont have any more siblings. I try and convince my mom that more wouldnt be good for me but i dont know if she will listen..LOL
My birthday is September 21, 1990
(Get me HO Scale Trains!!)
I like to play baseball and go fishing. I love to watch movies and eat tons and tons of candy when i can get it. My favorite food is pizza and i absoutely love green ketchup. We have a fort built in the back yard with a pole that my brother Dustyn and i like to play on. I also like to ride my skateboard and bike!
My all time favorite cartoon is Pokemon. We have all their movies!
Well i dont like to read much but i really liked Chicken Soup for Kids. My mom would read it to us!
My favorite books are Pokemon Guides.
Right now my favorite color is green.
I love my mom, brother, grammy, azzie, maw maw, uncle sonny, aunt jane.  My best friend is Lil Katie, she's lots of fun. I also love my dogs, Patches and Noah even if they are not people. They do lots of tricks and they love playing frisbee.
Im not quite sure what i want to be when i grow up, but im sure it will be something great!

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