This is a page all about my grandma!
Let me tell you about my grandmother, Emily Lois Naomi Orgel. She is 85 years old and a wonderful spirit. She was born October 13, 1915 in Washington DC.

In 2000, she graduated from High School, getting her GED from Bladen Community College in Dublin, North Carolina. She is the oldest graduate in our county and we are all so very proud of her.

This fall, she will be starting college and major in History. History is her favorite subject. Algebra her least favorite. She also speaks out to groups of elderly people who are trying to get their GED's or are thinking of doing it. She is an advocate for Older learning.

My grandmother quit High School in 1931 a  seriously long time ago. She dropped out in Senior year to get married and have a family. Since then she has raised 4 children and a ton of grand, great grand, great grand and even great great grandchildren. Their are way way to many of us to count. But if it was not for her, none of us would be here.

She is an inspiration to everyone she knows and everyone loves her so very much. She inspires the world to be the best they can be and to let them know that even when they are old and cannot move much anymore, that they still have something to look forward to!

To Dream is to Dare to believe in yourself and your abilites..so Dare to Dream Every single day!
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