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These are the public access files for the Unpaid Mushrooms email group. It is intended for those who do not have Yahoo! IDs, so they can download relevant files.


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Official files to do with the Administration process

They charge what??? (Hourly rates for Deloitte) HrRates.pdf 20kb


Information from government departments and ministers

(From David Letcher) Copy of email from ATO, briefly describing how to claim compensation for the (almost two year) delay in crediting our super payments to our accounts. Compensation_ ATO_Howto.txt [New] 2kb
(from David Letcher) Brochure from ATO giving more detail about understanding compensation, ATO policy, and the claim procedure. Claiming_ compensation.doc [New] 66kb
(from David Letcher) Form for claiming compensation from the ATO. Compensation application.pdf [New] 173kb
Superannuation info - letter to Paul Davis about the procedure followed by the ATO for a Deed of Company Arrangement ATO_Super.pdf 84kb
Corporations Act
(containing word files act_start_to_282.doc and act_601EA-1119.doc) 1102kb
(containing word files act_283AA-601DJ.doc and act_1120_to_end.doc) 1400kb
PDF file from the ASIC web site, describing the administration process admin.pdf 104kb
Nick Bishop's submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee [insolvency law] sub036.doc 72kb
Supplementary submission by Nick Bishop to the Parliamentary Joint Committee [insolvency law] sub036a.doc 21kb
List of recommendations from the Parliamentary Joint Committee [insolvency law] CorpLawStocktake.pdf 1395kb
Use this form to lodge a complaint with ASIC ASIC_Complaints _form.pdf 56kb


Stories in the Media

SMH: Blemishes found in Voluntary Administration rules - 12 Sept 2003 SMH_story20030912.txt 2kb
AFR: Ruling boosts insolvency law - 29 Aug 2003 Receivers_and_ employees.pdf 112kb
Age: Ansett superannuation deed unfair, says QC - 13 Nov 2003 AgeStory20031113.pdf 190kb
Media Release: Insolvency laws 'morally bankrupt' Media20041019.htm 5kb
... inside a zip file 3kb


UNOFFICIAL or humorous files to do with the Administration process

Humour: Can't pay your mortgage? An alternative to consider. Busstop.jpg 40kb
Humour: Some share price inflation trickery why_didnt_we_think_ of_this.jpg 45kb
Deed Proposal for National Express deed_proposal_NX.pdf 19kb
Explanation of how Deeds work, from a law firm deed_company _arrangement.pdf 70kb
Issues for creditors and employees theissues.htm 19kb
Copy of leaflet, as handed out, Word format Leaflet2.doc 34kb
... inside a zip file 5kb

Help and Ettiquite

Get the most out of Unpaid Mushrooms

How to connect a Yahoo ID to an existing (non-Yahoo) email address YahooID_with_non_Yahoo email.txt 5kb
Ettiquite: guidelines for participation otm_ettiquite.txt 2kb
Frequently Asked Questions (self-help, subscription difficulties, features) (to be constructed) (later)
Joining instructions (to be constructed) (later)

Open Telecommunications

Files specific to Open Telecommunications

OFFICIAL: ASIC historical extract for OpenTel, shows secured creditors (Zipped) 15kb
OFFICIAL: The Fifth Report to creditors, with proposed DoCA report5.pdf 261kb
OFFICIAL: October 2003: They found some investor funding: ASX announcement 9 Oct 2003 Equity Capital raising 20031009ASX.pdf 45kb
OFFICIAL: ASX announcement 21 Oct 2003 Notice of meeting for 21 Nov 2003 to issue shares and options (one BILLION shares!) 20031021ASX.pdf 369kb
OFFICIAL: ASX announcement 27 Oct 2003 Equity Capital raising update 20031027ASX.pdf 730kb
OFFICIAL: ASX announcement 21 Nov 2003 Results of meeting approving issue of shares and options 20031121ASX.pdf 19kb
OFFICIAL: Notice of meeting for 10 Dec 2003 to consider a Deed variation for early termination OpenTel_DeedVar _fromDTT.pdf 760kb
GOVT: Letter from DEWR on current status of OT GEERS claim GEERS_Update _6-1-2003.jpg 36kb
GOVT: Letter from ASIC explaining why Deloitte were allowed to send the Creditors Report shamefully late ASIC_letter.pdf 57kb
GOVT: Court ruling re postponment of creditors' meeting Supreme_Court_Ruling.doc 29kb
GOVT: (From Paul Davis) This advice from the Tax Office comes as no great surprise OTSuper2.jpg 49kb
SMH: OpenTel staff left in limbo for year - 19 June 2003 SMH_story20030619.txt 1kb
Age Picture: JOE ARMAO. Former OpenTel project manager Paul Davis and former software engineer Nick Bishop say a deed of arrangement cuts across the Government's employee entitlements scheme. Now a JPG file AgePic.jpg 19kb
Age: OpenTel staff on hold for their entitlements - 19 June 2003 AgeStory20030619.txt 3kb
Age: The waiting game continues - 19 June 2003 AgeStoryB20030619.txt 2kb
UNOFFICIAL: from Theo M: GEERS - Deed vs Liquidation GEERS.doc 26kb
UNOFFICIAL: Tom Northey's fax to Deloitte regarding Fifth Report delivered late Issues.doc 29kb

Deleted files

These files, specific to Open Telecommunications, have been deleted for lack of space, or lack of relevency. If you want these, email otmushrooms-owner [at] I also have a medium-term plan to set up a server at home, running 24 hours a day, where these files will be made available.

OFFICIAL: Statement of Claim for the purpose of Voting at Meeting of Creditors Claim1.pdf 33kb
OFFICIAL: A notice saying the Deed is available for inspection at OT Box Hill, OT North Sydney, and Deloittes Sydney. Not the actual Deed, unfortunately. Deed509E.doc 24kb
OFFICIAL: Shareholders cannot trade (from Administrators) OTshare.pdf 65kb
OFFICIAL: A letter from Wayne Passlow OpenLetter 31Oct02.pdf 119kb
OFFICIAL: Administrators' report to creditors - 31 July 2002 Report1.pdf 921kb
OFFICIAL: Clarifying information for employees - 1 Aug 2002 Report1a.pdf 123kb
OFFICIAL: The Open Telecommunications Deed of Company Arrangement 1024kb 1524kb 1535kb
OFFICIAL: Annual Report for the 2002 year, as obtained from the Open Telecommunications web site 276kb
GOVT: Copy of a letter from Anna Burke to Tony Abbott 210kb
GOVT: The reply from Tony Abbott to Anna Burke. No new info, but it gets a little political 244kb
GOVT: A written response from Simon Crean Letter-Simon_Crean _17-Dec-2002.jpg 104kb
GOVT: Reply to Tony Robinson MP by Rob Hulls MP (Vic State Parliament) 119kb
GOVT: Reply from Tony Abbott Tony_Abbott_DEWR.jpg 25kb
GOVT: Reply from DEWR in response to letter to Tony Abbott tja200208665.pdf 84kb
UNOFFICIAL: Steve Gerlach's Statement of Personal Entitlement template for redundant staff RdndnLtr.doc 20kb
UNOFFICIAL: From Richard Watson - Photo 16 from farewell party for Oburn held 11 Nov 2002 at La Porchetta Box Hill oburn016.jpg 48kb
Photo 17 from farewell party for Oburn oburn017.jpg 42kb
Photo 18 from farewell party for Oburn oburn018.jpg 44kb
UNOFFICIAL: Voice Message from Morgan Kelly at Deloitte - 29 Aug 2003 VoiceMessage.wav 194kb
Text version of voice message VoiceMessage.txt 1kb
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