In loving memory
Nicholas Todd Crispino
4-5-1987 - 9-11-2005
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This site is in the process of being built.  Please send pics and stories about Nick to the email address below so they can be added.
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Nick's Obituary
Pics from Nick's Memorial:
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If you want copies of any of the pictures on this site, email me, and I'll send a larger copy of it to you.
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A Message to Nick's Family
Site built: December 23, 2005
Email me: [email protected]
I mainly only have pics of me and Nick.  If you have any pictures of him, his friends, his truck etc., please email them to me, and I'll put them on the site.
I love you Nick, and I miss you.
We'll be together again one day.
I love you,
Baby Girl
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