These are the only serious pictures I have of Nick.  He was always being goofy and making everyone laugh, so it was rare to catch him at a serious moment.
Here's a pic of Nick asleep on my living room floor.  Rare to see him sleeping, too!
Nick and I used to chat online all the time.  There wasn't much point to it since we talked on the phone all the time too, but when we talked we sent pics back and forth.  Here's a couple that I saved.  He was pretending he had his lip pierced. He used a piece of metal and shaped it to be a giant lip ring.  We had a lot of laughs about these pics.  After Nick passed away, I was at his house looking at his computer with Rick, and all the pictures I had ever sent him online were saved in a file.  It made me feel good.
Here's a pic I sent him a couple years ago.  It tripped me out when I found it, because I found it about a month after he was gone.
Something kinda freaky - If you have AIM, add funtracker to your buddy list.  It was Nick's screenname.  He had AIM on his cell phone, and even though his cell phone has since been shut off, he's still logged on. 
Just a little sign he'll always be here I guess.
I STILL love you, Nick!
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