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 In August of 2001 the Cultural Affiars Office of the United States Embassy in Managua asked us, the Nicaraguan Northamerican Cultural Center (CCNN), for information about our country to share with American citizens. The following is the efforts of over 500 students and staff of CCNN.  Welcome to Nicaragua: The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.


    Nicaragua is a word  from Nahualt, an Aztec Language. It was used to call the land occupied by the isthmus between the Pacific ocean and the Nicaragua lake. It was taken from the chief "Nicarao" who ruled that land when the first Spaniards arrived. The name was then used for all whom inhabited the territory "the Nicaraguas" or "Niquiranos".

Accepted Etymologies:

Nic-atl-nahuac, "aqui junto al lago" which means "here near the water".

Nic Anahuac, "aqui el Anahuac" o el Anahuac de aqui" which means "here the Anahuac" or "The Anahuac from here".

Nicaraos came from Mexican lands after the Teotihuacan fell. Following their priest's (Alfaquies) advice and according to their traditions, they had to go southwards and never stop until they found a lake with two volcanoes emerging from the water (Ometepe Island).


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