Pacific Beaches


There will be always reasons to return or visit to Nicaragua.

        The Nicaraguan Pacific beaches are extended along the 305 km if coast from the Fonseca Gulf in the Honduras border to the Costa Rica border in the south. If you like surfing, "Poneloya" beach is the best option for you. Only 20 km from Leon, Poneloya is famous for its waves and restaurants. If you pleasure is bird watching, we recommend you take a canoe trip along "Isla San Juan Venado". Local guides, ready to assist you, are available for hire. Pochomil is only a hour drive from Managua, is one of the favorite and most popular vacation spots. It has a beautiful bay and many small inexpensive restaurants and bars.

       La Boquita is a wonderful beach with its own Tourist Center. It is a small popular beach resort and a great place to spend days, have a good meal, and enjoy the waves and the sun. Casares is a place you will usually find filled with small fishing boats. It is a incredible opportunity to interact with the locals and go fishing with them. 

       Montelimar near Pochomil, is located 59 Km from Managua. It is a private all-inclusive beach resort owned by the Barcelo group. It is a very convenient for someone looking for a high quality, worry-free vacation.

San Juan del Sur

         San Juan del Sur has a beautiful bay with many small restaurants and bars. It is a cruise port and a favorite vacation spot. Modern lodges and small hotels provide many options for travelers. Its waters abound in blue marlins, swordfish and many other species. It the ideal place for the deep sea fishing fanatic. Near San Juan del Sur are La Flor and Chacocente beaches. These are two wildlife refuges and one of the very few places around the world where the Sea Turtles arrive to lay their eggs. 

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