"A wedding is like an easy bar mitzvah, but all u have to remember is 'i do'"-Jake
"I didn't know i was asleep until i woke up"- Shif
"That was so cool how he was here and that was him" -Shif
"Who needs cable when u live on earth?" -Me
"It cost me a left nut to call jerzey!" -Brady
"Jerkass!" -Pit
"Zis vay my dahlings, my deefense" -Gabriella
"That's what she said" -Jake
"I don't care because Barak's taking me to prom, right Barak?" -Wendy
"Today i'm a man, monday i go back to 8th grade."-cousin sam at his bar
"Jeese Barak, we came out here for nothing. We look like idiots! Now
          we have to point this way and walk."  -Jeff
"He wasn't a bad kid.....it's just that he was curious" -Dad
"My neck hurts every time I open my mouth!" -Anonymous
more to come...
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