Band Trip 2002 Brady, Melissa, Zoe, Ellis, Phil
-Hey guys remember? *waves finger* and then to the old guy *waves finger* then to the old bags *waves finger* hey jackie *waves finger* that was so funny *waves finger*
-take that >
-the mind is boggled. its like playin a scrabble game and the only letters u have are Q, W, A, and Z. i mean c'mon, wut is that? ZWAQ?!
- it cost me a left nut to call jerzey!
-*rub* ugh *rub* ugh *rub* ugh *rub* ugh
-Wanna job?
-Erotica, press 1.....
-Ride my barest
-Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee put out, we'll court ur daughter...
-Zoe, dino will pick u up at 7
-Brady, we'll get viagra to keep u up.
-'kh' we have a visual. copy that. over. 'kh'
-I pulled a Pawlo!
-uh oh *tug ear* *hit neck * *tug ear* *hit neck *tug ear* *hit neck* *slide finger down body.
-So u can fit 5 people in a tea cup.
-So wut if it itches? scratch it!
-Alf got his!
Pat: big feet...big socks
Brady: *static* *jetsons mobile* "China"
Ashleigh: Dolphin 4eva. ummmmm lol
Zoe: who needs weed when u've got advil?
Juanna: qkwa. get me that calculator?
Pat and Brady: Milk does NOT do a body good.
Pete: we may be stupid, but we look good...damn good.
Chris: Like your shirt, are u wearing two today?
Jeanette: starbursts pants haha. it's not a contest on how fast u can eat an apple
Jason: Men can have bathroom talks too.
Dan: Squirrelz! Ma Nuts!  Shaft!
Andrew: DANCE! too much booty in da pants!
Steve:  wanna borrow my house keys?
Juann...a: Aside from breaking up, she's a great girlfriend.
Tell me if i'm missing anything.
More jokes to come, my life aint over yet.....
Prague Trip 2002 Jake, Shabby, God, Shif, Jen, Jarrod, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Sandy, Dan, Gabriella
-Debreeden my deefense
-ehem, ehem.....roar!
-mafia anyone?
-abby and nancy watch the cars.
-The missing link!
-no thanx, i got my own 2
-That's wut she said
-what good is shitting alone in ur room? come to the caberette.
-goutenhaben, Ich ana aba fleimen ferver.
-warning, grape juice can be deadly when mixed with favorite pants.
- wanna lick?
-reices peices butter cup, mess with me i'll kick ur butt, bang bang choo choo train, watch shabby do her thing. i can't. y not? cause i just can't. y not? cause my back hurts my bra's too tight mu bootie's shakin to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right, to the left, right left right uh oh! don't mess, don't mess, don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess. don't fool, don't fool, don't fool with the kool cause the kool don't fool. b-e-a-t beat 'em, b-u-s-t bust 'em. beat 'em bust 'em that's our custum. go! fight! win! WHOO!
-jake i will beat magma land
-we never did ANYTHING illegal on this trip, we're nice jewish kids.
-gambling problem
- rummy 500? again?
-Nancy? ->? Nancy? <-?
-dan got picked up again?
-up or down?! up or down?!
-shif, next time don't order the fish
-jake, it has too be illegal. this is impossble.
-i refuse to beleive sumone can
GO like that
-sumone stole my sprite! AGAIN!
-36-24-36...only if she's 5'3!
-damn my camera.
-no shabby that's just u
-so i can't handle czech food, big deal
-blair witch, in progue
-i could swear we're in downtown san fransisco
-i did not make that outline on the ground
-oo oo icy shoulder ouch, melt it.
-in the words of nancy, "shifra shake your butt!"
-Oh my god he's talkin in his sleep! AHhh!
-cancer! cancer! cancer!
-oh paula!
Band Trip 2003  Andrew, Antny, Herman, Beccy, ellis, wayne, joe
-Mo Cash! A cheap dime bag's at least 20!
-Drew owes beccy 10 bucks
-Bag bitch
-he did
what? to a WHAT?!?
- *clap* *clap* up urs *clap* *clap* cracker
-i just had 1 1/2 frappachinos, i'm hyper! hyper!! hyper!!!
-Dan, did i get a hair cut?
-those definitely are excstacy pills
-everybody's laughing at him. lol
-I dunno bout u but i woulda takin the lucky dead frog
-For the last time, they won't have ur name!
-c'mon barak eat the apple, u'll feel happy inside
-the system is down, the system is down
-Suck ur ____? Wanna beer?
-So that would explain it, i was like, "damn he uses alot of toothpaste!"
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