GoOd BuDs
This is Pat. I've known him since elementary school. We call him Gonzo now due to an experience with the air force. Not to much else to say bout him, besides that you can't really find a better freind. He's my longest best friend. We are also in a band together.
Yeah irish man!
(Girls, sorry, christine's got this one)
This is James. I met him freshman year at a freinds party, but we became better freinds sophmore year. He is the III of his kind. We all call him Brady though, because we know too many James' and its just confusing. He is a cool dude. Me and him are also in a band together. We've had such awesome times that we won't forget.
More pics and info to come....
Zolile is another one of my good freinds. We call her Zoe for short. I'm so sad she moved. I've known her since middle school but we became better friends in high school. She has a very good sense of humor that always makes us laugh, sometimes she doesn't even try to make us laugh, but don't worry zoe we're not laughing at u. Also, when i need her she's there for me. It's fun to hang out with her, it's even more fun to fool her little brothers. lol. We'll miss you zoe!
College: University of Pittsburg
'Want any more advil?'
(Guys, she's available)
Another good female friend of mine is Juanna. And you can't forget the "A" at the end. She doesn't get mad, but hey, it's there, use it. She hated me in middle school...why? I dunno. But she's gotta be a good freind if she can withstand all my perverted jokes, right? And you definitely can't hate sumone if they give u free fries. lol
College: Kean Univerity
(She's got sunshine...any day she wants)
And yet another good female friend is Christine, or as I call her, Christinanina. She was in my homeroom in high school since freshman year. We became closer in sophmore yr though because she was in my french class. (Hey i needed sumone to cheat off of.) Plus she's the only one i've ever flashed. But i've got nothing to worry about, right?
College: The College of New Jersey
"It's not a jawbreaker, just a stale gumball"
(She's taken by my best of all buds)
Last and not least, there's Steph. Or as she's more well known, Stephieee! This is one crazy girl. She also one of the few that met ME first and not shifra. We had some very kool trips along the way some which has made me her hero and made her my hero. This is the type of girl that knows when to laugh and when not to be quiet.
"*poke* hahahaha"
(open and goin to college at Hartford.)
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