Send baked-goods and other tasty confections.
it saddens us so. .
a gold star for each time you take off your pants!
"Tribute to Pantlessness" sign
come take your pants off and have fun
Pantless Movie Night Song
Everything you wanted to know about us:
it's bigger than yours
Our whiteboard
Love? Hate? We're still trying to figure it out.
Tom & Luke's Relationship
He rocks.
Joe, our friend and RA
Because we're too good for a normal television
The Projector
Jim, Luke, Colin, and Tom.
Sometimes we don't realize what we're saying
Quotes by us
Behold the turbo-awesome inhabitants of the hyper-sweet room 436. You may be wondering why we're all holding cards; we might as well tell you.

It was a chilly night in 436, and the wee hours of the weekday morning were treating us well. It was chilly because we have central air conditioning, and it's pretty much always chilly in here. It was Thursday and none of us was wearing pants (which makes it especially chilly), due to the institution of "
Pantless Thursdays", in which boxers of all sorts are welcome (briefs are not appreciated, and we'd prefer you wait in the hall if you insist on them). Maybe that was more than you wanted to know. Anyways, we had just decided to rearrange the room to ensure maximum comfort for the upcoming semester at UIUC. Unfortunately the new arrangements involved some sacrifices by certain roommates, and so we left it up to God to see who got first choice: we drew cards.

Maybe you noticed that Luke looks quite pleased with himself. That's because he drew the ace successfully seizing the best sub-room in the Quad. Way to go, Luke. We're all happy for you. Or just downright jealous. One of the two. You'd better watch your step, Luke. We know where you sleep.

The Room is ever undergoing transformation; by its very nature, it becomes cooler with every passing moment. Even in a state of disarray, the Room is cool and the inhabitants are even cooler; pants fear us, girls love us, and other dorm room dwellers are jealous of us. We encourage all those near and far to come behold the prodigious Room in all its glory.
fo shizzle
Happy Birthday!
A veritable host of heavenly angels
Room 436 Sweethearts
Pantless Thursday Movie Nights
The boys learn the joys of party-throwing
1st Annual Tacky Sweater Christmas Party
In?  Out?  Twirly-twirly?
INs and OUTs of Fall 2004
What happens when we try to get journalistic
Articles, 436-style
Stick Rock
We're with the Band
ROCK 101
Even Silly Putty likes us
Coming out of the armoire
mmmm... we love baked goods
Baked goods thank yous
Jim lays blame for life's problems
The Blame Game
people think the inhabitants
More pictures for your entertainment, with explanation
of Room 436 are the coolest people on the face of the planet.
No Evil
The wicked awesome picture that you need to see
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Man cannot live on classes and homework alone, but on every party that comes from the room of 436.
A Party by 436
a rough night for colin
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